What is that?

About twenty years ago, my nephew, who was then about four and visiting from the USA, picked up the phone in my parents’ house to make a call, looked at the phone in a daze, and asked how to use it. Now, my nephew has always been one smart kid. So it’s not as if he’d never used a phone before. But what baffled him was how he could dial on a phone that didn’t have any buttons.

That was my first introduction to the concept of every day items going out of date. Today I had two more startling reminders about my age and the things I assume are a part of everyday life.

Recognize this?

Yep, it’s Betamax video tape. Something I always used to shove in the video machine when I wanted to watch a TV program I’d recorded. A friend said she’d been asking some colleagues in her office (office!!! Which means her colleagues are well out of school and all adults) if they knew what it was, and not one of them did! GASP. Which reminded me of the time Mr 10 described that rectangular thing with two holes in the middle which we used to listen to music on. He had no idea what it was called:

Now perhaps this wouldn’t all be playing on my mind now, if I hadn’t walked into the brand new Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney today, and been confronted with a whole lot of Rolling Stones paraphernalia. When I pointed them out to Mr 10, he simply said to me, “What are the Rolling Stones?” Shocking, right? But that’s not the worst part of it. When I told him they were one of the greatest rock bands of all times, he just stared at me blankly. So this is how I had to describe them to him. I said, “You know that song by Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera called, Moves like Jagger? Well, Jagger is Mick Jagger and Mick Jagger is the lead singer of the Rolling Stones.”

And that he understood.

(Ok, yeah, i didn’t need to add the pic of Adam Levine from Maroon 5, but he’s such a hottie I couldn’t resist.)

(And I don’t want any comments like, “but Jess, you’re old enough to be his mother.” Got it?)

Remember the World Books? Heck, I never did a school project without consulting these babies.

I saved my thesis on a floppy disc! Seriously, it wasn’t that long ago.

Oh, and I wrote that same thesis on a word processor called Word Star.

LOL, remember this? Anything urgent happened, and we’d receive a telegram!

Man, it was always a big deal when we received a telegram.

Go on. Admit it. You still think of these people as the your favorite Soapie characters.


Okay, so here’s my question to you.

What do you remember/think of as being an essential part of your life, that today is almost unheard of?


14 Responses to “What is that?”

  1. Wow… I must be older than you because I remember ALL of those. And Word Star!!! That brings back lots of memories.

    Do you remember the 8″ floppy disk? That’s what we used on the first IBM computers I ever used. Waaay back in the ’80s. lol

    And I remember when you had to get up to change the channel on the TV.


  2. LOVE IT! I go through this ALL the time with my 12 and 10 year old kids!!!!! Ah yes, I remember typing my term papers on a typewriter or actually having to write them out by hand (*shaking my head at the thought of how bad my handwriting is/was and wondering how I didn’t get expelled from school for it). One thing that is dying is mailboxes…drove to the post office with my 12 yo daughter, asked her to put the letter in the box and she COULDN’T FIGURE IT OUT! I kid you not. I had to get out of the car and show her the flap to pull down to insert the letter. *shaking head again* Crazy! Oh and (here we go) when I was growing up, we had 3 (yes 3) TV channels, an antenna on the roof AND NO REMOTE CONTROL!!!!
    BTW, I SERIOUSLY crush on Adam Levine too. Got one for it: Cougar!!!!! ROFL

  3. Jess Dee Says:

    LOL, yeah V, you must be older than me! Whew. Thank god someone is.

  4. Jess Dee Says:

    Oh, lord, Kim, it’s so funny you talk about antennae on rooves, because mr 6 is flummoxed by them. He can’t understand what they are for.
    And LOL at your daughter and the mailbox. That is crazy!

  5. Jess Dee Says:

    Oh, yeah, and Kim?
    I’d so go cougar for Adam Levin.

  6. Gotta remember Atari & Pong. Loved General Hospital when Luke & Laura were the main couple. How can you beat a couple who had Liz Taylor at their wedding. I also clearly remember the cable box where you actually had to get up out of your seat to change the channel. The fact that there was more than four channels was a miracle.

  7. Jess Dee Says:

    Lisa, OMG I played space invaders and PAC man last week… At a freaking museum!

  8. Mary Preston Says:

    My record player & I’m not THAT old. Or maybe I am.

  9. We used to play records all the time. My parents had hundreds of them.

  10. Records. Yep, we also had thousands of them.
    Lila’s FB took us into a huge music store when we were in LA (I’ve forgotten the name) and I was stunned to see row upon row of vinyl records for sale. Never knew they were made anymore, let alone sold.

  11. Hey guess what Dallas is coming back in 2012 Bobby and JR are still at odds and JR is older than dirt I believe the ad I saw said summer of 2012 so we still have a year to go 😦

    Things going out of style I felt really old when my son many years ago looked at an old album I had and asked how you played it on the CD player 😉 LMAO

    • T, my hubby told me about Dallas returning. I think that’s why I included it in the post. I will definitely be there to watch the first new episode…

  12. Albums and 45’s, my Walkman, I still have my laser disc player and with our rotary phone we also had a party line, so you could listen in on your neighbor…lol


    • OMG, Gigi, a Walkman is out of date? That’s tragic. It feels like we just got our Walkman a few months ago. (Er, more like 25 odd years ago.

      A rotary line? Never heard of it, but it sounds…er, interesting. LOL

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