I know I mentioned in one of these posts that I started writing.  No, I don’t have any exciting news to report on that front.  It’s in the hands of the submissions editor. Hopefully soon I’ll  have some good news.

I did want to ask those aspiring writers, what is your process?  Do you plot everything all out? Do you write in sequence? Or do you jump all over the place? That’s is what’s called a plotter vs. a pantser. Like “fly by the seat of your pants writing”.

I fall into the pantser category.  I also discovered that I write everything out of sequence.  A scene will come to me, more than likely something random, and I try to write it down. Then once I have all these random scenes written, I have to tie them all together.  It’s like a quilt.  You get all the squares ready, then you need to sew them so the quilt has a pattern.  Not that I ever make quilts, but you get the idea. 🙂

And that causes me more problems sometimes because I end up deleting a bunch of good stuff (yes, I save it elsewhere) and re-writing.

This is such a new path for me, that I just wondered what other newbie writers did…

And for some inspiration, because who doesn’t like a couple of hot guys, right? OK, maybe they’re just for me.  😀







3 Responses to “Writing”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Hi Val— I also have dreams of becoming a writer. I’m working on a few things now. I definitely am a plotter. I’ve learned to think of my writing in terms of scenes. It helps me to get where I want to go. Usually the beginning and the end comes to me quickly. Then I have to work out the middle. Good luck on your writing. —Vanessa

  2. Cathy Keevill Says:

    I’ve been fiddling with writing off and on for ten years. Somehow, I can’t not write. Does that make sense? I am compelled to put things on paper (okay into the computer) and have magpie sydrome when it comes to writing. My mind is distracted by other ideas and I find myself jumping from place to place, story to story. I begin with a premise, progress to a plot and carry on. Other ideas for the story jump in and I write down bits of them to keep them from vanishing. I have an idea file and a whole directory of misc. scenes.

    I work in a number of genres and work on whatever story moves me that day. Mornings seem to inspire romance while evening definately call for something hotter.

    You guys are an inspiration. Thanks

  3. Actually Valerie, the first time I started writing, I wrote a sex scene and sent it to some people to see what they thought. Turns out, I can’t write erotica and that my scene is PG-13/R. You wouldn’t believe how much that helped me write. I know weird, but then I’m a little weird. LOL!

    Also, I’m more of a plotter because of it.

    Good luck!

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