Wrapping Up the Smutketeers Smutty ABC’s with R.G. Alexander/Rachel Grace

The last day-can we do it? Can we smut up U through Z? As a Smutketeer, I accept your challenge and offer one of my own. If you can think of another smutty word that goes with my part of the alphabet, post it here along with your comments and be entered to win a little bit of everything: $10 gift card to Amazon, $10 gift card to Barnes and Noble, and a $10 gift card to Sephora. I will announce the lucky winner, along with everyone else, tonight. So make sure you get your posts in, and stop by and see what books I have available at www.rgalexander.com

You can find my erotic paranormal, contemporary and post-apocalyptic romance on my R.G. Alexander website, and I’ll be launching my Rachel Grace site soon, where you’ll be able to find my upcoming steampunk novel GEARED FOR PLEASURE: An Elemental Steam Romance, so stay tuned to the Smutkeers blog for more info and the first peek at my amazing cover!

U is for Underwear, which is not the sexiest sounding word, so characters should wear them as little as possible. A whole book could be written without anyone wearing them at all. Characters or authors. Just sayin’…..Also Cookie is rather fond of the “Uhhh” noise. (Uhh, Ahh, Oh baby…wait I’m losing my train of thought).

V is for Vagina. Yet another word that needs to be sexified. How about Vajayjay, hooha, or quim? (see letter Q for details).

W is for Wet. Now that can be a good word! A necessary word. A word without which we wouldn’t have Cookie’s “Uhhh, Ahhh, Oh baby…” Wet is what every heroine should be for all the hanky-panky. (If not, see letter L for Karen’s take on how to solve this issue).

X is for X-rated, which is what every truly smutty book should be. In fact, it encapsulates every other word in our smutty alphabet: Anal, Blow Job, Cock, Dildo, Crystal’s Embrace The Night, Fisting (Crystal’s specialty), G-strings, Hair Pulling, Ice used in sexy places, Juicy, Kitty Kelly (our fabulous Smutkassistant), Lube, Menage, Karen’s Notorious, Orgasm, Power Play, Quim, Rimming, Spanking, and Eden’s The Turning Kiss…which brings us back to Undies, or lack thereof.

Y is for Yes. A word heroes and heroines alike should feel free to shout, scream, or moan during a sex scene. Over and over again. Don’t be shy. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Z is for Zen, which is the feeling you get when someone spanks you with Eden/Eve’s book, PLEASURE’S EDGE, which my hero Cam uses to spank Bailey with in in my book THREE SINFUL WISHES (see Eden/Eve’s S for more details on Spanking and my excerpt on the joys of using your bff’s dirty book in new and interesting ways during “research”).


R.G. Alexander

Cameron lifted his lips with a groan. “I can hear you thinking, Bailey. There is no thinking allowed while I’m kissing you. It’s a rule.”

Davide’s laughter was raspy, and startling to her. How had she forgotten they weren’t alone in the room? “You’ve done it now, Bailey. Broken rules come with consequences.”

A delicious shiver raced up her spine. She tilted her chin defiantly. “I can take whatever you dish out.”

Cameron closed his eyes for several heartbeats. When he opened them again they were nearly black. “We’ll find out, won’t we?”

He lifted her up, his hands beneath her arms and walked her toward the closest wall of books. “Davide, your belt if you please.”

Belt? “Wait a second. If you think you’re going to swat me with a—”

I won’t do anything you don’t want, Bailey. All you have to do is tell me to stop.”

He turned her so she was facing one of the decorative ladders, lifting her arms to a higher rung, one she had to stretch to reach. Davide was on the other side of the ladder, his back against the shelves, his belt in hand. He wrapped it around her wrists and the bar, tightening the strap until it was snug.

“Oh.” Oh, there was something wrong with her. Looking into Davide’s beautiful features as he secured her, feeling Cameron behind her, impatient and commanding, was . . . electrifyingly potent.

Cameron nipped her shoulder again. “Yes, oh. I wouldn’t use that. Not this first time, anyway.”

Not this first time. The implication was titillating. “What now, guys?”

She was trying to be her usual jocular self, but it was getting harder to maintain. She was so turned on her arousal was dampening her thighs. The position she’d been put in had her breasts pressing together, spilling out over the top of her dress. Sensitive. Needy. She hated how needy she was.

Davide looked down and swore in Italian. “Usually I look forward to this part,” he whispered raggedly. “I love to watch women give themselves up to it, to learn to equate the sting with desire, the precious pain with pleasure.”

He pulled his shirt off impatiently, tearing a hole in the left shoulder in his haste. “Right now all I can think about, all Cameron can think about, is fucking you.”

Oh my God, it was really going to happen. Bailey let herself feel it for the first time. Both of them. They wanted her. They were going to take her, together. Her arms started to shake.

Cameron stroked her back in between undoing her laces. “Shh, baby. That’s right.Think about everything we’re going to do to you. Shall I tell you?” He didn’t wait for her response. “I’m going to spank your ass until it’s red, until you’re begging me to let you come. But you can’t. Not until Davide and I are both inside you, filling you. Then, I promise, you’ll have the most intense release you’ve ever imagined. And then we’ll start all over again.”

“Fuck.” Bailey leaned against the ladder, feeling the lower rung pressing right above her pubic bone.

The cool air of the library blew across her nipples and she realized that Cameron had pushed down the top of her dress to her waist, leaving her breasts bare to Davide’s avid stare.

“Slip off your shoes, Bailey.”

She did as Cameron asked, sliding them out of the way, feeling the tug against her arms, the tightening of the belt as she did it. Why did that feel so good?

“You can let go.” Davide licked his lips, his fingers coming up to trace her collarbone, lingering over the small butterfly tattoo beneath it. Over her heart. “You don’t have to be in control here. Give it to us. Just feel. Let us make you feel.

Temptation. The wicked snake. The delicious apple. She hadn’t known it, but those words were her “Open Sesame.” They were magical words that sent a flood of emotion through her. Overwhelming her with its intensity.

“She’s ready.”

Cameron grunted at Davide. “I can see that.” He pushed the dress down over her hips until it landed, a black and pink cloud at her feet.

A pained growl rumbled in his chest. “Bad girl. You bad, beautiful girl.”

Bailey managed a shaky smile. No Superman Underoos this time. No anything. “Surprise.”


Cameron leaned against her back, his shirt open, his jaw tightening at the lightning jolt of pleasure he got from the contact of her skin against his. That was all. Just the scrape of his nipples against her creamy flesh. Just holding her. He could only imagine what she’d do to him once he got inside.

He needed to maintain long enough to deliver on his promise, but she was making it damned difficult. She’d managed to get under his skin better than anyone he’d ever met.

He barely knew her. Yet he felt he knew her like the back of his hand. And with an intensity that floored him, he wanted her. He reached past her and over Davide’s shoulder, grabbing the

first soft-covered book he saw.

“What is that for?”

Bailey’s voice was quavering, wanting. Good. He wanted her to wonder. Wanted to surprise her. To throw her off the way she did every time she opened her mouth. Every time she breathed.

He kissed her temple. “Guess.”

She made a choking sound. A strange noise that sounded shockingly similar to . . .

“Laughing? Are you laughing?” The adrenaline spike, the excitement, must explain her reaction. Some women cried, he knew. Though usually not before the actual act. “Why?”

“Did you look at it? What you picked up?”

Cam glanced down at the cover for a long moment. A naked couple embraced on the cover, their faces hidden from view, their intent clear. A turquoise slash of color across the lower half framed the title, and he had to smile.

He ran his fingers across the pages then held it up to show Davide over her shoulder. “Fitting, yes?”

Davide shook his head, joining Bailey’s breathless laughter. “Perfect.”

Cam gripped Bailey’s curving hip firmly in one hand. “Pleasure’s Edge. Don’t you think that title is perfect, baby?”

She’d stopped laughing. “I . . . I guess.”

“You guess? But you don’t know because you haven’t felt it. The dangerous edge that can make the pleasure that much sharper, that much more intense. But you will.”

He rubbed the cool, slick cover along one lush, round cheek and she jerked. He feathered open the book and let the pages caress her skin and she shivered. He tapped her lightly, ever so lightly, with the flat of the book and she pressed back against him.

Whether she knew it or not, she wanted more. She was made for this.

“Davide? Would you like to taste her?”

Cam had a harder time saying that than he thought he would. Maybe because it was their first time. It had been difficult for him to watch Bunny kiss her, because he hadn’t gotten to yet. Usually getting a woman to submit to his siren-like friend was a highlight of his night.

Not that the sight didn’t have his cock aching. But he found he was more possessive of Bailey than was usual for him. He would just have to console himself that Davide might be the first to suck those breasts into his mouth, to taste her sweetness, but Cam would be the

last. The last. He wouldn’t think about why those words gave him such satisfaction.

Davide’s response brought him back into the moment. “I was wondering when you were going to ask.”

He watched Davide kiss Bailey’s forehead. The master of seduction at work. Since boarding school, no woman had been able to resist him.

When Davide’s head bent to take one perfect, rosy nipple in his mouth, Bailey shuddered in pleasure, her knees buckling.

Cam held her firmly and spanked her right cheek with the back of the book.

She straightened with a shout of surprise and Cam smiled. That got her attention.

He watched her look over her shoulder and meet his gaze. “Did you actually spank me with a romance novel?”

He stared her down and lowered the book with a hearty smack on her left ass cheek. “What?”

She bit her lip, her eyes glistening, face warming right along with her edible ass. But her attention was on him, more than the man moaning against her breast. “I said did you—oh!”

He spanked her again. Then he gently caressed her with the pages, stroking her lower back with his knuckles. “In case you were confused, the only words I want to hear you saying are please, more and yes.”

Her stubborn chin came out. God, he wanted to bite it. He wanted to bend her over and fill her until neither of them could walk away.

Cam tapped the book with his hand and raised an eyebrow. “Do you like what he’s doing to you, Bailey?”

Her green eyes flared. “Yes.”

“Tell him you want more.”

She bit her lip, but after a moment of silence she said, “More.”

Davide immediately complied, taking her other nipple between his fingers and twisting until she moaned.

“Doesn’t that feel good, baby? Do you want to be spanked again?”

She glared at him, but she couldn’t hide the excitement in her eyes. Excitement that only increased his own.

“You know all you need to say.”


28 Responses to “Wrapping Up the Smutketeers Smutty ABC’s with R.G. Alexander/Rachel Grace”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Damn, we have run out of alphabet!!

  2. I’m going to take your challenge a step further RG….
    A- Areolas, B- Bottoming, C- Cunnilingus, D- Dominant, E- Exhibitionism, F- Flicking, G- G-Spot, H- Hummer, I- Insatiable, J- Juicy, K- Kegels, L- Licking, M- Masturbation, N- Nooners, O- Oral sex, P- Penetration, Q- Quick Thrusts, R- Reach around, S- Suck, T- Topping, U- Untie, V- Voyeurism, W- Whimper, X-X marks the spot, Y- Yoni, Z- Zelophilia Now I know my Smutty ABC’s next time won’t you play …oops sing with meeeeeeee 🙂

    Thanks for all the fun!!

  3. June M. Says:

    I liked Dawn’s idea so I did the same:

    A: aphrodisia, B: BDSM, C: Crop (to be used for B), D: Double penetration, E: Excited, F: Flogging, G: Going down, H: Hand Job, I: In flagrante delicto, J: Jacking/Jilling Off, K: Kinky, L: Leather, M: M/M, N: Naughty, O: Orgy, P: Penis, Q: Quicky, R: Rope, S: Safeword (need one for B), T: Tasty or Tickle, U: Undressed (which all the characters should spend alot of time as), V: Vibrator, W: Well-hung, X: Xenophile (sexually attracted to/aroused by strangers), Y: Yell/Yelling, Z: zipper dinner:To perform fellatio until ejaculation

    I hate to see this end 😦
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  4. Love the alphabet ladies 🙂

    For your part of the alphabet I am going with voyeurism.


  5. The ABC’s have been awesome and thanks for coming over the IH blog. This has been a blast.

  6. I have to say that I’ve learned a thing or three from your ABCs of Smut…LOL

    Plus a few more books have been added to my TBR/TBB list.

  7. I wish the smutty alphabet wasn’t over 😦 I would say U is for Unfair. As in it’s unfair to make us wait for new books or tease with excerpts! lol 🙂

    Love y’all!

  8. I love this book! Also, W – whip and Z – zipper I can’t keep count the number of books I’ve read that go into detail about zippers. Zippers coming down or leaving imprints. It never fails to turn me on!

  9. Darn I was enjoying this alphabet and all the excerpts, it has been fun!

  10. reginamayr Says:

    love the excerpt 🙂

  11. CrystalGB Says:

    Loved the excerpt. Three Sinful Wishes sounds great. I have enjoyed all the ABC’s this week. 🙂

  12. The ABCs will never be the same again. Yay, we made it to the end!

  13. RG I am known to enjoy a spanking or two. *g*

    I adore Y-Yes because it’s not only your hero and heroines that scream it, its your readers as well.

    You just encouraged me to move “Three Sinful Wishes” up on my reading list.

    As always, I lust after you Smutketeer’s, you never leave me uncompleted.

  14. Deb-that’s our intention. 🙂
    I love that a few of you took on the challenge and did your own smutty ABC’s-awesome!
    Since zippers came up a few times..there’s also the Zipper in pain play, where you make a line of clothes pins on someone’s skin, run a bit of heavy string through holes drilled on the ends of the pins, then yank them all off at once-fun! (if you’re into the pleasure/pain dynamic, anyway…*G*). I’ve seen it done in pretty, intricate patterns…

  15. Aww…. that’s the end?! We’ve quite enjoyed your entire smutty alphabet! Thanks for such a hot week 😉

    And hmm… Y is for yield, not just in a D/s way, but in yielding to your desires and pleasure 🙂

    Thanks for helping us all see the alphabet in entirely new ways, you lovely Smutketeers!!

  16. jennifer mathis Says:

    Relearning my alphabet was so much fun 🙂

  17. Susan Romito Says:

    Great excerpt!! I am moving this book to the top of Mount TBR!

    Thanks for the fun alphabet this week. 🙂

  18. elaing8 Says:

    Love this new alphabet.Its been a fun week.
    great excerpt too.I want to read this book now 🙂

  19. Can’t believe we’ve come to the end already. I love the word zen.

  20. Yay! Love your list, RG. Love YOU. 😉

  21. Maria D. Says:

    Great excerpt RG – can’t think of any new alphabet things other than may be Veils for V for play

  22. Love the suggestions everyone! Thank you all for coming to visit me on my day! 🙂

  23. You all are so awesome! This was an absolutely wonderful idea! What on for tomorrow????? Numbers? positions?

  24. Christina Hay Says:

    ooh R.G very good words…
    I wanna go with W-whips….love it!

  25. Katherine Says:

    What a great end to the alphabet.

    My contribution is W is for Whipped cream. So much fun can be had decorating and tasting whipped cream from all sorts of places…

  26. Pam S (pams00) Says:

    Wow that was certainly an enlightening experience :). Will never think of the alphabet the same again lol Great job ladies :)!

    U – unsensored and W – wild

  27. My winner is….DEB!
    Please email me at r.g.alexander@hotmail.com for your prize
    And thank you IH for having the Smutketeers! 😉

    • RG, Oh Thank you! I so love the Smutketeers.

      I have to omit I kept this alphabet. It will make great fun at my next passion party.


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