The Smutketeers’ Smutty ABC’s Continue with Karen Erickson

It’s Day 2 of the blog exchange between the Smutketeers and International Heat and we are just warming things up. Oh yes, indeed…

Let’s continue with the ABCs of Smut. Today our lesson includes the letters I through N. If you have any other suggestions beyond the below list, please, we insist you leave them in comments. After all, a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t you agree?

All commenters will be entered into a drawing for a $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

Today we have Karen Erickson, who writes sexy, sizzling contemporaries, sensual historicals and a bit of paranormal, too. Yes, she has her fingers in everything, she can’t help herself (that sounds naughty now, doesn’t it?). You can find her online at her website

H is for Hair. As in pull it—Hard. Oooh, another H word. Hard. And it can be used in so many delightful ways (hard body, hard cock, hard nipples, fuck me hard—you get the gist of it).
I is for Ice. Have I ever used Ice as a part of foreplay in my books? I don’t think so (note to self: use Ice as part of foreplay in future book). Have I ever used it in real life? Hmm, a girl does not kiss and tell.
J is for Juicy. From the hero enjoying a big Juicy steak to the hero giving the heroine a big Juicy kiss, don’t we all enjoy the word Juicy?
K is for Kitty Kelly, our sweet Smutkedette and fellow purveyor of smut–I know she is also a huge fan of the International Heat authors so there is plenty of love for KK. We adore her! (Psst – K is also for Kiss, of course. Long, deep, wet Kisses…)
L is for Lube. As in, use plenty of it—see A and F above for reference.
M is for Ménage. What’s better than one man for every woman? How about two men? Oh, yeah…
N is for Notorious, my latest release with Samhain (and the fourth book in my Playing With Fire series). Trust that the hero, Eric, lives up to his notorious reputation.

Excerpt from Notorious

“Touch me, Eric.” She arched up the slightest bit. “Please.”

He attacked her. There was no other word for it. One moment he held himself above her as if afraid he might crush her and the next he was sprawled completely over her, his weight dipping her into the cushions of the couch. His mouth fused to hers, his hips rubbing insistently against her. Stealing her breath, evaporating her thoughts. Their tongues tangled and danced and his hands were everywhere, making her shiver as they cupped her breasts, thumbs brushing against her nipples. His erect cock strained against the front of his jeans, she felt him as he nudged her belly and she reached between them. Fingers fumbled with the button at his waistband until she decided screw it and her hand dove beneath the slight gape in the front of his jeans.

And she encountered nothing but crisp, tickling hairs and smooth, hard flesh.

“You’re not wearing underwear,” she gasped against his mouth and he smiled.

“I came prepared?” His brows lifted and the smile turned into a smirk.

Oh, he was a devil. A wicked, sexy devil who wanted what he wanted and nothing else much mattered. She quickly undid the button of his jeans, slid down the zipper. His hot, heavy cock fell into her hand and she squeezed him at the base with her fingers. Heard his strangled groan and she looked up at him, met his gaze. Saw all the heat and want sparkle in their light-brown depths.

He thrust against her hand and she loosened her grip, let him slide between her fingers, back and forth like they were teenagers in the back seat of his mom’s car. His eyes fluttered shut briefly, his jaw tensed and he shook his head once. “If we keep that up I’m going to come all over your fingers.”

Her entire body tingled at the image his words provoked. Could imagine herself stroking him into orgasm with a firm tight grip, watching breathlessly as he shot long white streams of semen all over her clutched hand.

Eric cupped her cheek, drawing her attention. “I’d much rather come inside you.”

Okay, that image was even better. Leaning up, she licked his neck, the taste of his salty masculine skin dissolving on her tongue. He shuddered, she felt it move through him and he reached for her shirt. Tugged on the hem, pulled it up over her breasts and she helped tear it off. Their hands were everywhere at once, removing clothing, bumping into each other and she laughed. He chuckled, the sound dying when he reached for the front clasp of her bra and flicked it undone. The cups fell away from her breasts, revealing her completely to him and his eyes widened as they met hers.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, and she wanted to smile. He made her feel beautiful. The way he looked at her reverently, as if he was enthralled. Carefully, with trembling fingers he helped her take off her black pants until she lay beneath him in her simple yellow cotton panties, her bra hanging off her arms.

He kissed her again, almost desperately and she felt as desperate as his kiss. Moving down her body, his lips traveled over her exposed skin. Her neck, her shoulders, her chest, wet, open-mouthed kisses all over her breasts before his lips closed over one nipple and sucked it into the warm wetness of his mouth. She held him close, opened her eyes and watched as his head bent over her. Smiled when he shot her a particularly wicked grin before his lips engulfed her other nipple.

The tug of his mouth tugged something deep within her. She closed her eyes and clutched his head to her, absorbed in the sensation of his lips, his tongue lashing at her turgid flesh. His mouth wandered south, trailing wet kisses all over her stomach, his tongue dipping into her navel. She twitched, a little squeal emitting from her and he laughed.

“Ticklish?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she murmured, another little jolt moving through her when his big hands rested on the inside of her thighs and spread her wide. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” He kissed her, his lips pressed dead center atop her damp panties and she released a shuddering breath. His index finger played with the elastic leg of her underwear, slipping beneath to touch her aching flesh. Her breath lodged in her throat as he teased her. His fingers tangled in the scant pubic hair that grew there before tracing the seam of her lower lips, dipping just between them to test her wetness and she knew she was soaked. Maybe she should be embarrassed, but she didn’t care.

She just wanted more.

He pushed the crotch of her panties aside and dipped his head, licking her. Ran his flat tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way to the top and she cried out at the sensation. She had one other boyfriend who’d always been enthusiastic about going down on her but Keith? Not even close. He’d done it not even a handful of times. Always avoided it like the plague though he never turned down a blow job.

This, though. Considering he hadn’t much experience with women, Eric certainly had a talented tongue. A tongue that made her lift her hips up in hopes of more.

And he gave her plenty more.

40 Responses to “The Smutketeers’ Smutty ABC’s Continue with Karen Erickson”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    The BIG O has to be next.

  2. Denise D Says:

    Now I know my ABCs, won’t you come and plaaaay with me 🙂 Lovin’ the ABCs, too much fun!

  3. N= naughty Loving this new version of ABC’s can’t wait to see more 🙂

  4. H= Hands and all the wonderful things that can be done with them, also for head


    L= Leather ( see above)

  5. Loved Notorious Karen. Eric is great! The ABC’s are just great.

  6. I’ve been wanting this one for a while, but have to wait until payday to get it. I have all of the other books in this series already.

  7. Aww 🙂 I feel so loved!!! I love y’all so much! When I think of K I think of Kinky and then Ive’s ass since that what her butt said on tutu day at RT 🙂 I hope I know was S stands for…


  8. Cathy Keevill Says:

    L is for lust, lady, lick …

    I’ve just discovered you guys and now I’m off to purchase some fabulous new reading. I might not leave the house again for weeks…

  9. Can’t wait for the rest of the alphabet!

  10. Loving the ABC’s and the excerpt.

  11. I’ve totally used Ice in my books before. It’s fun! And I’m needing it for that excerpt 😉

  12. Katherine Says:

    Loving this alphabet! This would make a great book…

    Karen – Notorious was great. I think Tangled is my favourite, followed by Forbidden. Really, the whole series is excellent.

  13. Hey everyone! I’m loving the alternate suggestions for our ABCs of Smut, keep them coming! Some I wish I’d thought of (like kinky, hands – OMG I love hands, LOL).

    And thanks for the kind words in regards to Notorious, etc. I enjoyed writing the Playing With Fire series. Sort of sad to end it. *sniff*

  14. Why, thank you for helping me freshing up my ABCs.
    L is for lick.
    M is for more.
    N is for need.
    As in I think I need to read Notorious 🙂

  15. J definitely is for JUICY when talking about Karen Erickson’s books. I love them and have this on my Nook anxiously awaiting to be read.

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction 🙂

  16. Wow, that was an alphabet full of smexiness 😉

  17. Wooot! Hooray for our very special K(ittyKelly)! I was thinking Kink(y) too! Great minds and all 😉 Thanks for adding to our very smutty alphabet, Karen!

  18. reginamayr Says:

    Great post 🙂

  19. More More More! Also, I have found that I love the ABC’s. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

  20. I wonder if I’d have learned to read earlier in life with your alphabet. (Probably not, they say that 16 moths is pretty early)

    I am loving the alphabet you have given us.

  21. Can’t wait to read “Notorious.” I really do love the word juicy.

  22. always making us wait for the big “O” …then it never comes…oh wait sorry thinking of something else…

    love the ABC’ as told by you

  23. hee hee hee hee…I love the new alphabet, certainly more than I love the new math!

  24. Maria D. Says:

    Well…for the letter H there are also handcuffs
    for the letter K there is also Kegel

  25. Ooh-kinky! Now that’s my cup of tea! Some kinky alphabet coming from me on tomorrow’s ABC’s of smut!
    Delicious excerpt, Karen!
    Eden/Eve 🙂

  26. Welcome to IH, ladies! Sorry I wasn’t around yesterday but I am LOVING the smutphabet. 😀

  27. I love my Sticky Bun! Nice naughty, Karen 😉

  28. Love it Karen and KK and her smutty self belongs in the smutty alpabet….lol


  29. elaing8 Says:

    I am loving this version of the alphabet 🙂
    And a hot excerpt.

  30. Yeah for the alphabet. So creative. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Christina Hay Says:

    loving these N-naughty ABC’s =)

  32. Great words.

  33. jennifer mathis Says:

    Kelly thinks of Ive’s butt when she thinks of Kinky lol. wow what was the conference really like ? I’d like to know .giggles

  34. lol Jenn I think of ?Ive’s sexy little ass because when we wore our tutus she had on underwear that said Kinky and I had on some that said Spank Me. 🙂 Needless to say I got spanked a lot that night!! 🙂


  35. Oh Wow, Kelly what a awesome addition to the Smutketeer Alphabet.

    You Smutketeers are always a hoot!

  36. Wow! I can’t wait to get the Play with Fire series!

  37. CrystalGB Says:

    Karen’s book sounds awesome. The ABC’s are great.

  38. Pam S (pams00) Says:

    Not sure if Nipples and Neck got named yet for “N” but both are great erognous zones… enjoyed your letters Karen :)!

  39. I have a winner! LISA J — please email me at karen.e.erickson @ (minus spaces) and I’ll get your $20 Barnes & Noble gift card to you! Congrats!!!

    And thanks to everyone who came out to play. Also, thank you to the lovely, lovely ladies of International Heat – it’s been fun!

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