First Peek at Pleasure Bound

How about a glimpse at Pleasure Bound? This is the next book in my Hard to Get series published with Kensington Aphrodisia, which releases on October 25th. If you’ve read So Sensitive then you’ve met Jonas Phoenix and Deanna Harrison. Pleasure Bound is their story. Below is part of the scene (going back five years) where Deanna meets Jonas for the first time.

My inspiration for Jonas Phoenix:


When Desire Burns This Hot…

With his sexy smile and rock-hard body, P.I. Jonas Phoenix is used to having women flock to his bed. But these days there’s only one woman Jonas wants–and she won’t give him the time of day.

The Only Choice…

Deanna Harrison knows she can’t fight her attraction to Jonas forever, but she’s looking for more than a fling. So Jonas issues Deanna a challenge:  give him one weekend at his Miami beach house to win her over. No strings attached. No limitations.

Is Surrender…

Once in Miami, the sexual tension erupts as Deanna finally lets go–and lets Jonas pleasure her in ways she’s only dreamed of. But while their bond grows stronger, danger lurks close by–and it could be deadly for them both…


Unedited Excerpt:

Deanna watched Jonas from the safety of the kitchen window. “Holy smokes, he’s hot,” she mumbled to herself.

From his shaggy, dark hair right on down to his lean, powerful frame. Everything about him appealed to her. She’d never experienced such a strong reaction to a man. It frightened her a little. There was just something in the way he’d looked at her. As if he’d wanted to devour her. Inch by inch. And Deanna knew deep down that she would’ve let him.

Then her brothers had come along and ruined the moment. Score another one for the Harrison men. Geez, what else was new? And her twin was the worst. Dean seemed to have a sixth sense where she was concerned. A guy couldn’t look at her twice without Dean sticking his big, crooked nose into the mix. When would he realize she wasn’t a little kid any longer?

Deanna moved away from the window—away from the appealing sight of Jonas Phoenix—and went to the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water, she glanced down at her swimsuit and cursed under her breath. She didn’t see anything wrong with wearing a one-piece. It’s not as if she were parading around in a bikini, for crying out loud. And it was a family picnic!

“Brothers are annoying,” she muttered.

“You’re glaring.”

The deep baritone so close to her ear made Deanna jump. Her water bottle sloshed around, and a little of it spilled onto her mother’s tile floor. “Dang it,” she grumbled.

“It was my fault.”

The sexy voice had her looking to her right. Jonas stood there, staring at her, his lips tilted sideways. “Oh, no,” she rushed to say. “I get lost in thought sometimes, that’s all.” So lost in her own angry musings that she hadn’t even heard the back door open and close.

He leaned around her and grabbed a couple of napkins sitting in a holder on the counter. Then he bent to clean up the mess. When he looked at her from his kneeling position, Deanna’s heart beat faster. He licked his lips. Deanna froze in place as his gaze roamed over her body. “I see you didn’t put on a cover-up,” he stated in a low voice.

“N-no. My brother can stuff it.”

His sinful smile turned her legs to rubber. “I’m glad. You shouldn’t let him tell you what to do.”

“It’s okay. I’ll get him back later. I’m thinking the water hose.”

He stood and went to the trash to toss out the wet napkins. Deanna couldn’t help but stare at his butt. It was a really great butt.

When he came back over to her, he said, “Well, I’m sorry I startled you.” He paired the apology with a delicious grin.

As he shoved his big hands into the front pockets of his jeans, Deanna felt goose bumps popping up all over her skin. Oh, yes, definitely yummy.

“Like I said, it’s not your fault,” she replied, hoping to sound unaffected by the six-foot-plus hottie. “We’ll blame Dean for this one.”

“I thought I heard you curse.” He frowned. “Is there something wrong?”

“Nothing a good beating can’t fix,” she grumbled, still perturbed at her siblings. “My twin can be annoying sometimes.”

He chuckled as he pulled a set of keys out of his front pocket. “Remind me never to piss you off.”

Deanna pointed to them. “You’re leaving already?” Her stomach sank at the thought, and she didn’t understand why. She’d only just met the guy.

“Yeah. I need to be at the other end of town for a meeting.” He looked at his watch. “I’m already running behind, I’m afraid.”

She wondered if the meeting was with a woman but quickly banished the thought. It’s none of my concern. “Will I see you again?”

Jonas stepped forward and cupped her chin in his palm. The bold move surprised her into remaining still, curious what he’d do next. “I hope so, Deanna,” he murmured.

“I hope so too,” she answered, feeling a little overheated all of a sudden. Would he kiss her? She really wanted him to kiss her.

He rubbed his thumb over her bottom lip and groaned. “Meeting you has easily been the highlight of my summer,” he whispered. Then, as if for her ears alone, Jonas leaned close and added, “I have a feeling I’m not going to forget you anytime soon either.”

 Before she could reply, Jonas dropped his hand and left the kitchen. Her heart thundered in her chest as she pondered his hushed words. Something about the way he’d spoken made Deanna feel rejected—even though she hadn’t actually done any asking. Not a pleasant thought.

Right about then, Dean came in the back door. “I thought you were going to put on a cover-up.”

Deanna cursed and went outside in search of the hose.  

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15 Responses to “First Peek at Pleasure Bound”

  1. You are so killing me here. Great excerpt and your inspiration is very inspirational. Glad that you are back. Still in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Anne Rainey Says:

      Thanks so much! As it turns out we need all your prayers because mom just found out she will be needing a blood transfusion, something she really didn’t want to have to deal with. Ugh. 😦

  2. Now it’s going to be even harder to wait until the end of October to read Pleasure Bound!!! Great excerpt that really makes you want to read the book!

  3. reginamayr Says:

    i wish October would hurry up and get here 🙂

  4. Maria D. Says:

    Loved the excerpt Anne! Welcome back

  5. Anne Rainey Says:

    Thanks, Maria! 😀

  6. So very excited to get both this and So Sensivite. Congrats on the releases they sound like you did it again, another amazing book!

  7. Mary Preston Says:

    I think I’m in love!!!

  8. HeatherinFL Says:

    I just finished So Sensitive… so glad to see the story coming for Jonas and Deanna!! Looks like it’ll be hot as usual. 🙂

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