Sneak Peek Week Day Six

Today’s my last day to blog. Hope y’all enjoyed the sneak peeks! This last excerpt is from book one in a brand new series I just contracted to Ellora’s Cave called Cocktales! The stories center around four friends who own and operate a bookstore/bar (my dream business–LOL) in Portland, Oregon.

Each of the book titles is a cocktail drink (Party Naked, Screwdriver, Bachelor’s Bait, Screaming Orgasm) and will span a variety of genres–romantic comedy, menage, BDSM. Party Naked is currently in my editor’s hands and I’m hoping it will release in the early fall. Thought I’d share how my hero and heroine meet. Suffice to say…they get off to a rough start as both of them are in the midst of very bad days!

Excerpt from Party Naked (again, it’s an unedited one, so apologies for any typos.):

Jarod Nolan emerged from the barber shop and ran his hand through his short brown hair, enjoying the lighter, cooler feel of it. He’d considered letting it grow longer now that he was a detective in order to blend in with the lowlifes on the southeast side of the city, but after last night, he’d decided fuck it. It was time for a fresh start. He’d finally received his promotion to detective, a position he’d wanted since graduating from the police academy, and today was his first day in the new job.

He’d intended to celebrate his success last night with Cheryl, but that plan had backfired big time. Now he didn’t feel much like smiling about anything.

He let his brain replay Cheryl’s words as she’d dumped him after the special dinner he’d organized. “I can’t really explain it, Jarod,” she’d said. “Fact is you’re just too nice for me. You’re sort of boring.”

He rolled his eyes. Since when was being a cop synonymous with acting like a bad boy? Fucking television glamorized a job that at times felt like little more than grunt work. While Cheryl liked bragging to her girlfriends she was dating some super macho version of Dirty Harry, the truth was he typically sat on his ass patrolling the streets for long hours, ticketing speeders, and arresting drunks or abusive husbands. After hours of driving around in his patrol car, he preferred coming home at the end of shift and just chilling, watching movies or reading a book. Unfortunately, Cheryl would beg him for details about his day, hoping for some exciting drama she could relate to others. His real life never lived up to her romanticized idea of what it should be, and eventually he stopped talking about work completely.

“Boring,” he muttered, his temper spiking at the recollection. “Fucking nice.” A blonde woman walking some poor frou-frou dog with ridiculous purple ribbons around its ears gave him a quick sideways glance, and then hurried along.

He’d dated Cheryl for nearly six months and, while the break up wasn’t completely unwanted, he’d actually expected he’d be the one doing the dumping.

He walked down the sidewalk toward his car. As he approached, he realized he was blocked in by some asshole who’d decided to double park. What the fuck? He glanced at the time on his cell phone. He was exactly ten minutes away from being late to work—on his first day in a new division. Great.

He sucked in an annoyed breath and then an evil thought occurred to him. Pretty stupid to double park next to a cop. Maybe he should clock in early. He disengaged the locks on his car and reached toward the passenger seat where he had his ticket book. He was supposed to turn it in today. As a detective, that was one part of the job he was looking forward to leaving behind.

Looked like he was about to write his last parking ticket.

Cheryl’s voice rang in his ears, taunting him. Too nice, huh? Yeah, well, this person was going to see just how nice he wasn’t.

He stood behind the light blue convertible Bug and started writing down the tag numbers. If the owner didn’t show up in the next five minutes, he’d call for a tow truck. He did a mental tally of how much money this ill-advised decision was going to cost someone and let that figure soothe his anger.

He’d just finished filling in the information on the ticket when a pretty chestnut-haired woman walked out of the liquor store with a box full of bottles. She acknowledged his presence behind her car with a quick nod, then proceeded to place the box on the passenger side seat of her vehicle. Looked like she was having one hell of a party.

She was an extremely attractive woman. He ventured to guess she was in her late twenties. Her light suntan told him she was either a sun worshipper or no stranger to a tanning bed. She wasn’t thin, though he wouldn’t say she was overweight either. When she bent down, he was treated to a pretty nice view of her full, round ass. He forced himself to look away before he forgot his purpose.

When he didn’t move, she looked at him, her chocolate brown eyes capturing his as she shrugged. “Parking is brutal in town these days.”

He nodded. She had no reason to suspect he was a cop. He was dressed in street clothing and driving his own car. There wasn’t anything to clue her in to how screwed she was.

“Double parking is illegal.”

His comment stopped her for a second and she looked at his Camaro. “Oh my God, is that your car? I’m so sorry. I swear I circled the block twice looking for a spot. I knew I’d only be inside for a few minutes. You couldn’t have been waiting long, right?”

He hadn’t been standing on the street much time at all, but that wasn’t the point. “Long enough,” he muttered. Ordinarily, he’d have shrugged off the offense and issued the woman a warning. Problem was he wasn’t in the mood to be generous. He was tired of being nice.

His cold response tweaked her temper. He could see a flare of anger in her dark eyes and he felt strangely pleased by it. He was itching for a fight.

“I wasn’t in the liquor store more than ten minutes.” Her voice had lost some of its conciliatory tone.

“Doesn’t really matter, does it? Whether you were double parked for ten minutes or ten hours, it’s still a violation.”

She narrowed her eyes, annoyed by his haughty tone. “What are you, a cop?”

He grinned at her question. “As a matter of fact…”

He handed her the ticket adding, “Detective Nolan.”

She muttered a softly spoken, but clearly enunciated “Fuck,” under her breath. “Listen Detective—”

He cut her off. He’d heard every excuse in the book during his years patrolling the street. One of the best parts about being undercover with the drug task force meant he wouldn’t be subjected to angry retorts, tearful pleas, or seductive come-ons as women tried to get out of tickets anymore. “Save it for the judge.”


“You clearly want to protest this injustice.” He was sure to imbue as much sarcasm into his comment as possible. “You can lodge your complaint in court, not to me. I’m late for work. So if you don’t mind—” He gestured to her car.

Her eyes narrowed. “You know you don’t have to be such a jerk about this. I wasn’t away from my car more than ten minutes.”

“And because your time is more valuable than mine, you felt justified in parking illegally, blocking me in and breaking the law.”

“Are you kidding me? Don’t you have any real crimes to solve, Detective? You have nothing better to do than harass a law-abiding citizen?”

He raised his eyebrow at her comment. “Do you need me to define illegal for you?”

She placed her hands on her hips and leaned forward slightly. “Oh wow. Hello, Mr. Power Trip. Didn’t your mother ever tell you it doesn’t cost anything to be nice?”

He released a bark of cold laughter. “What is it with you women? You want us to be nice when it suits you and bad boys when it doesn’t.”

The woman looked confused. “What the hell are you talking about?”

He shook his head. He was letting his anger at Cheryl carry over to the job. It was stupid and unreasonable. This woman didn’t deserve his abuse. However, before he could offer an apology or backtrack, the woman jammed the parking ticket into her jeans pockets. “Whatever. This sucks. You suck. Goodbye.”

She quickly walked to the driver’s side and climbed in. He regretted letting her leave the second she pulled away.

Shaking his head, he got into his own car, leaning his head against the headrest.

She was right.

He did suck.

Well, that’s the end of my week. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peeks.

I thought for fun, I’d finish up with a little contest. Winner will receive a signed copy of one of my print books (winner’s choice). So…all you have to do is tell me which of the books I previewed this week you’re looking forward to the most. I’ll announce the winner on my blog around noon on Sunday, July 3.

12 Responses to “Sneak Peek Week Day Six”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    WOW!! WOW! WOW!! The series title & the book titles & the tasty morsel you just delivered.

  2. Oh I think I’m gonna love this series as much as WIld Irish – I can feel it now!!!!! GREAT excerpt! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Party Naked sounds pretty good. Can’t wait til it comes out.

  4. I would have to say this has been a great week. I have really enjoyed reading about all that you are doing right now.

    I’m most looking forward to Cocktales.

  5. I cannot believe you are making me choose!! LMAO! I cannot wait to read them all! Seriously, I don’t think I can choose just one. BUT, since I have all ready preordered Southern Comfort, then I will say that one. Face it, you got me hooked. I’m getting them all!

  6. Yvonne R Says:

    All of them? No? Ok, ok umm Party Naked. I really enjoyed all the sneak peaks. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. I am new to your books. I have read Because of You. So, I would have to say Because You Love Me. I am looking forward to reading more of your books.

  8. elaing8 Says:

    I’ve enjoyed all the snippets this week.But I’m really looking forward to reading Northern Exposure.

  9. reginamayr Says:

    i cant wait to read Southern Comfort 🙂

  10. That’s hard…but I can’t wait to read Trey’s story (Slam Dunk)


  11. Susan Romito Says:

    Party Naked sounds great! As do all the others.
    My credit card is crying already!! LOL

  12. BTW – I really like this preview and I love Aaron. I must have a thing for cops. Maybe the hubby will consider a career change! 🙂

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