Sneak Peek Week Day Four

Jayne and I have *almost* finished Eastern Ambitions, which means it’s time to turn our attention to the last book in the series, Western Ties (Compass Brothers). I’m sort of dreading the writing of this book as much as I’m looking forward to it. There are some very emotional scenes planned.

Excerpt from Western Ties:

“Stop worrying, Julie. I’m a big girl and I know what I’m doing.” Leah Hollister looked around the crowded room and felt a shiver of anticipation, laced with equal parts of excitement and nervousness.

Her best friend, Julie, glanced toward the door for the thousandth time since they arrived at the private play party. She and Julie had been college roommates. After graduation, Leah had gone home toCompton Pass,Wyoming, to teach twenty-four unruly Kindergarteners, while Julie returned to her hometown ofLos Angeles.

A few months earlier, Julie had called to say she’d fallen in love. Leah had been shocked to learn that Julie’s new boyfriend was also a Dom who’d introduced her to his lifestyle.

“Bill will be here soon,” Leah said. “He’s the one who suggested we come early, remember? He wouldn’t send us into a dangerous situation. These people are his friends.”

Julie nodded. “I know we’re safe. I’d just feel better if he were here to make sure you, I mean we, don’t break some rule of the house or something.”

Leah laughed loudly. “You had it right the first time. You think I’m going to fuck this up.”

Julie sighed. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Leah rolled her eyes. “Oh my God. We’re not really gonna have this conversation again, are we?”

“I just want to know that you’re going to take this seriously. These parties aren’t games, Leah. They aren’t jokes. The host of the party has rules that he expects us to follow.”

Leah observed the partygoers as Julie spoke. She knew exactly what was expected of her. It was the reason she’d come, though she’d never admit the truth behind her desire to attend to Julie. The reason her friendship with the woman had lasted beyond their freshmen year was because Julie never delved too deeply into Leah’s past. Never pestered her for answers she’d never give.

“I know what’s expected of me, Julie. You don’t have to worry.”

Julie studied Leah’s attire and shook her head. “Have to admit I’m still surprised to see you dressed like that. When you called to say you were coming to visit and to ask if Bill and I would take you to these play parties, I sort of anticipated you’d swing the other way.”

Leah feigned hurt. “What? You don’t see me as a sweet little submissive girl?”

Julie snorted and a couple standing close to them glanced over. Leah wanted to tell them to mind their own damn business, but caught herself just in time. Maybe Julie was right to be concerned.

“I definitely didn’t see you choosing the sub role. It’s one of the reasons I’m so concerned about Bill not being here. If you talk to any of these men, the way you talk to—”

“Leah?” a familiar male voice behind her said.

Leah closed her eyes and prayed she’d imagined it. There was no way. No possible way—

“Leah Hollister?”

She sighed. Fuck. What were the chances?

Turning, she realized her night wasn’t going to turn out the way she’d planned. She should have saved her money. Should have stayed in CompassPass. She was screwed.

“Sawyer,” she said, not bothering with the pretense of being happy to see him. “What the hell are you doing here?”

8 Responses to “Sneak Peek Week Day Four”

  1. I really like this one. But I’m in love with Sawyer, too. This one is your’s to write, right? Can’t wait for it to come out. But alas, its next year…

  2. Susan C. Says:

    Oh yeah, Sawyer! I want this book so badly! It’s going to totally kick some butt. I just know it will be hot and sexy, but with that special Mari touch of sweetness that makes it perfect.

  3. Mary Preston Says:

    Looking forward to this!!!

  4. OMG – I NEED MORE!!!!!!!!! You and Jayne are making us wait until when for this???? 😦
    So far it’s fantastic!

  5. You are such a tease! LMAO! I am looking forward to all these stories. But it’s summer vacation! Sleep in!

  6. Margie Hager Says:

    Sounding good…really, really, really good! Can’r wait!

  7. Ok Mari get cracking! We need this now! Xoxox

  8. Yvonne R Says:

    Sounds awesome.

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