Books, books, books and more books.

I might be an author but I am first and foremost a book lover. When we moved to Singapore in 2007 I was forced to give away about 4,000 books. *sob* I sent about 1,000 to storage and took about 500 with me. Yeah, I know, it’s a sickness. *grin* During our three years in Singapore I added more books to the 500 but I also discovered ebooks. And damn aren’t those great for hiding from hubby? LOL Anyway, when we moved back home to Sydney and I was going to be able to have an office ‘area’ the first thing I thought of was where would I put my bookcases. Here’s what I ended up with…

That of course does not include the kids bookcase that’s on the wall to the left of my butterfly cupboard. Or the ‘keeper’ shelf I have on my desk for all my favorite signed books.

Of course that’s only half of the shelf. *grin* And then there’s what came in the mail a couple of days ago.


And you’re probably curious by now about where my desk fits into all of this…

Yeah, I know, it’s a mess. I clean it up every now and then and I always promise myself I’ll keep it tidy but…*hangs head* I never seem to be able to stop the chaos taking over. *looks around* Umm, yeah, complete chaos. LOL

And speaking of my books, I’m chatting with the lovely Dawn over at Day Dreaming, CLICK HERE to come visit with us and you could win your choice of a download of one of my backlist.


8 Responses to “Books, books, books and more books.”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    You can never has too many books. I always think it fits into the never too thin (I will never have to worry about this one) or too rich category (or this one).

  2. I recognize those books 🙂 n one of my favorite sayings is – there is order to my. Chaos. Looks like it describes the office pretty well too. Xoxox

  3. I love it!!!! Your books are some what organized so life is good. At some point, which was suppose to be last year, I get the big bedroom downstair to be my library. I have lots of bookcases and a couple of comfortable chairs and hundreds of books so I’m all ready to move in. I just have to get my husband to lay the floor! It flooded down there two Novembers ago and he still hasn’t finished putting in the new floor. But I love your office!!!!!

  4. […] Yep, I’m blogging over at International Heat today. I’m showing off my book collection and my messy office. CLICK HERE! […]

  5. I wish I had room for more bookcases like I see you have in picture.
    I had go let go some of my books too since bookcase was cluttered
    and had no space when I purchased print books from favorite authors.
    Luckily, I discovered ebooks and love that I can store & read all in a

  6. I love it – looks so comfortable and lived in! I just can’t even imagine 4000 books though….must have been an amazing collection.

  7. That looks fabulous, Rhian! We are talking about adding bookcases to the house, and all I can say is MORE. Right now most of my stuff is in boxes scattered all over the house and random piles. It would be fantastic to be putting at least my keepers on real shelves! 😉

  8. I love all your books, I bought my house because it had wall to wall, floor to ceiling bookcases in 3 rooms. Do you know where my books are? …on the floor, on the bed, or in boxes. What is wrong with this picture?

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