The End.

Those two words are a favorite of mine because if I’ve typed those or even thought them, then I know the story is told. It’s a thrill to get to the end in any story and as a pantser it’s more so because I don’t know the ending until I run into it. *grin* I tried plotting once, ended up with an outline of a great story but couldn’t actually write it because for me it was done. The journey was over. Although I have hit a snag with the Coyote Hunger series. Those are being plotted AFTER the stories are written because there world building that has to be kept straight through all the books and we’re talking about a whole town of people that I have to keep track of. I still pants the stories but I’m constantly flicking back through my ‘bible’ to check some detail or other.

Coyote Whispers is so close to those magical words that my tummy keeps dropping every time I finish a scene. I’m excited about Steve and Doc finally getting their story told but I’ve got reservations too. This pair has history, most of it not good, and while they’ve both struggled to get to where they are it’s not over when they’re finally give in to the attraction between them. I’d like to think their continued struggle as they build the foundation of a relationship is engaging enough but I’m just not sure. And until I get the yay or nay from my CP’s and beta reader I can’t think about it too much or I’ll be tempted to delete the whole thing. LOL

And because may of you have asked about Steve and Doc here’s an unedited snippet.


He lowered her to her feet, her skin sliding along his sent sparks of desire shooting through her. His arms loosened and she turned in his embrace to reach for the soap. Gordie lathered her hands before dropping the bar back in the holder and spinning back to run her soapy fingers all over Steve’s chest. She left no area untouched. Took extra care to be sure she cleaned every inch of his broad torso. Her insides swirled with desire, touching his muscular physique ramped up her arousal with each stroke of a finger. She moved on to his shoulders.

The wide expanse reminded her of just how big he was. At six feet six inches Steve was easily the tallest man she’d ever met. It made her feel small and delicate—feminine. She wasn’t small for woman, a little over average at five feet six but he was a full foot taller than her and yet they fit together so well. Gordie stretched to rake her hands up and around his neck. He bent forward, giving her better access and she curled her fingertips into his muscles, used gentle pressure to work out the knots.

“Man that feels good.”

“You’re all tense.”

Steve chuckled. “I’m in the shower naked with you. Believe when I say the tension you’re feeling is the good kind.

“Oh.” Gordie stood on her toes and ran her fingers up over his scalp. Her body brushed against his, her breasts pressed into his chest and her nipples pebbled as his coarse hair abraded them. She shivered.

“Gordie.” Her name was a whispered breath seconds before his head lowered and his mouth took hers.

He thrust his tongue between her lips, probed inside with bold strokes and carnal demands. Heat swirled deep in her belly, her pussy weeping with a demand of its own. She moan into his mouth, drove her tongue forward to tangle with his. Her fingernails dug into his scalp as she held him to her and took as much as she surrendered.

The kiss was a challenge, a dual. A meshing of mouths designed to bring each of them to their knees. Only it made them stronger. Fueled their desire until the flames threatened to consume them both. His hands cupped her ass, pulled her tighter to him and brought their pelvises together in a lock as old as time. Gordie lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips. They both moaned when her pussy robbed against his cock.

He tore his mouth from hers. “Put me inside you,” he growled.

“Yes.” She reached between them as Steve used his grip on her behind to lift her away from his body. Her fingers encircled his length and held him in place as he pulled her back against him. Slick folds open, welcomed him with grasping contractions as she sank down his length. Each ripple firing nerve endings like a match to a fuse. Gordie buried her face in his neck and moaned.

Steve’s grip on her ass tightened and he worked his fingers closer to where his body joined hers, teasing sensitive flesh with skill. He knew just where to touch, when to touch, to drive her crazy. She rocked her hips, tried to get him to move inside her but he continued to tease her while holding her snug against him. Desperate for more, she tangled her fingers in his hair and pulled.

“Move, dammit.”

“No.” His breath puffed in her ear and he nipped at her lobe with his teeth. “Want. To. Last.”

Gordie could hear his teeth grind as he clenched his jaw in an obvious effort for control. But she wanted none of that. She wanted hot and wild. Needed it with razor sharp edges. With a growl, she sank her teeth into his shoulder. He jerked, his cock sliding over her swollen walls.



So? What do you reckon?


5 Responses to “The End.”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    It must be VERY satisfying to reach THE END.

  2. I haven’t read this series yet but I was on your site all night last night checking it out, looks great!I know it has to be sad for an author to say goodbye or it’s over to a series and characters it is also for a reader. I however like when there is an actual ending. Looking forward to reading this series.

  3. So looking forward to reading this book. Love this series 🙂

  4. Milinda Says:

    I’m so glad that I’m not the only one waiting for Steve & Gordie’s story. And waiting. . . . 🙂

    It’s a wonderful world and I am very happy that you are continuing the Coyotes’ story.

  5. I reckon that I have another book to buy.

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