Three Reasons Why

Three Reasons Why is available today at Ellora’s Cave. It is the very long overdue sequel to my first EC book, Kiss Me, Kate.

Wes wants Jill Harper in every possible way a man can want a woman. But she’s resisting. Hard. When he learns she needs a handyman for her diner, he decides fate is smiling upon him—until Jill offers three reasons why they can’t be together. Always up for a challenge, Wes decides to prove her ridiculous reasons unsound, one by one.

Jill knows her reasons are total bull, but she’s sticking by them, come hell or high water. Unfortunately, Wes Robson is extremely persuasive. Especially in bed. If the sex gets any hotter they’ll likely burn down the town. Before long, Jill’s reasons begin falling away as fast as her clothing whenever Wes is around.

But Jill knows exactly what Wes wants for his future, and she’s just prolonging the inevitable heartbreak. The real reason she can’t give herself to Wes, can’t allow herself to love him, can only lead to pain—the kind from which neither may ever recover.


“What are you doing?”

“Getting an advance on my pay.” Wes leaned toward her and didn’t stop until his lips were a mere breath from hers.

Jill wanted to shove him back, tell him to get the hell away from her, but she’d dreamed of his lips since Christmas. Yesterday’s kisses had only whetted her appetite for more. Just one more taste, she thought. One taste.

“Just one taste,” he murmured against her mouth, and she realized she’d uttered her thoughts aloud. Slowly, seductively, he dragged his lips against hers, teasing her by withholding the true kiss she desired.

Her libido was in overdrive and crushing out all other emotions with its desire to pull Wes toward her and eat him alive. His bulging pecs were well-defined through his tight T-shirt and, though she refused to glance down, his denim-clad erection pressed against her stomach.

“Kiss me or get out,” she demanded when he continued his torturous teasing, his warm breath and soft lips barely brushing hers. She resisted the urge to move forward and capture his lips. Struggled against the desire to take what she wanted.

“You’re going to fall in love with me,” he said, and she tried to deny the truth of his words.

“Nope. Not interested.”

Wes turned his face slightly and his grin tickled her skin. His next words brushed against her cheek. “You want me, Jill Harper.”

“Shut up.” Her words and her body were at war as she reached up to grip his hair tightly in her fists. “Shut up and kiss me.”

His hot breath caressed her overheated skin as she pulled his lips to hers. She’d wanted his kisses for so long, and now that his lips were on hers once again, she wondered why she’d resisted. He allowed her to control the kiss for several minutes, but soon his alpha instincts reappeared and—as she’d experienced at the holiday—he took possession of her body. His tongue didn’t merely explore her mouth, it laid a relentless siege, capturing everything it touched and burning a path wider thanSherman’s March to the Sea.

When she feared she’d suffocate, she broke away with a cry, but he refused to be pushed away. He grasped her head firmly in his hands and pressed his forehead against hers. “Why are you fighting this? You must see how good we are together.”

She wanted to shove him away, call him an arrogant, cocky man and laugh in his face, but her body was screaming for more. Her hands tangled in his shirt, stretching the soft cotton, and it took all her remaining strength not to rip it from his body.

“It’s sex. Lust. That’s all.” She was annoyed at the breathless quality of her voice. God, please let that be all. Surely she could scratch the itch and send him packing.

Wes pulled farther away, and she wanted to cry out at the loss of his body next to hers. He grinned and she struggled to respond, to chastise him for the cocky grin, but words failed her.

“I’ll take the lust…for now. I’ve waited years for you. I’m not waiting any longer. You and me and a bed, pixie. It’s going to happen sooner than later, so you may as well get yourself ready for it.”

2 Responses to “Three Reasons Why”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    ‘Three Reasons Why’ looks wonderful. Love hard to get stories.

  2. Congrats on new release! Got my copy & looking forward to reading it 🙂

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