The Top Five Kisses

I had a little rom-com-a-thon today while doing the ironing. Had to pick only PG movies because little people were about (aka the Demon Princess) but it got me to thinking about the best kisses I’ve seen in the movies. What makes a “best kiss”? There has to be passion, smoldering desire and emotion. And if it’s the last kiss in the film there has to be closure. Oh, and that kiss has to make me horny. It has to make me want to kiss my husband. If it doesn’t do that, it’s not trying hard enough. 😉

So let’s take a look at the Top Five Movie Kisses according to Lexxie.

(Oh, I should warn you – there may be SPOILERS about in this post)

1. The BEST KISS EVER. The last kiss of Bridget Jones’s Diary. And no, this isn’t Best Kiss #1 because of Colin. Well….sorta not.

Look at that kiss. It’s dirty. You know what’s going to happen after this kiss. It’s horny. *sigh* It’s Colin…

2. The MOST TRUTHFUL KISS. The kiss between Margret and Andrew at the end of The Proposal. (Tell me, am I the only one who thinks Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock should be together in real life?)

He’s frustrated by his love for her, she’s determined never to admit she needs him. And then he kisses her and all her barriers are destroyed.

3. The MOST ROMANTIC KISS. The first kiss between Wesley and Buttercup we really get to see in The Princess Bride.

She’s thought him dead and he thought she’d moved on. But when the truth is revealed…so so romantic.

4. The MOST HEARTBREAKING KISS. The kiss between Juliet and Mark in Love Actually.

He loves her. He genuinely loves her. And he knows he can never ever have her. And she kisses him to let him know that very fact.

5.The HORNIEST KISS. That kiss from Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The one that pretty much told the world what was going on…

Visual Viagra, baby. Visual Viagra.


So there’s my Top Five. There are many more kisses that push my buttons to be sure, but these are the ones that always come to mind when I think of movie kisses. (True, I could have filled this list with five Colin Firth kisses, but I managed to control myself….just *wink*) Anyways, what about you guys? Agree with me? Disagree? Think I’m a lunatic? Care to share your favourite movie kiss/kisses?



7 Responses to “The Top Five Kisses”

  1. Never saw Bridget Jones but I agree with all the others! Princess Bride is awesome and well so is Mr and Mrs Smith. I just love them all!!

  2. What about the kiss between Johnny and Baby at the end of Dirty Dancing or Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost (pick any of the kisses with the clay). Odd, I appear to be in Patrick Swayze mode today.

    I agree with the Princess Bride.

  3. Mary Preston Says:

    Mr & Mrs Smith – that scene was incredible. Talk about laying yourself bare to the world .

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