What Not to Wear – IH Edition

HELP!!! HELP!!! I’m Jayne Rylon and all my clothes have been stolen and burned. Okay, not really, but I’m pretty sure that if Lila Dubois had her way my wardrobe would be going up in flames. She’s been very vocal about her dislike of my frumpy, old-fashioned outfits. What’s wrong with safety pinning your hems? Apparently, that’s not an acceptable fashion statement to my west coast partner in crime.

So here’s how you can help! I put Lila to work (that’ll teach her to pick on me) and had her select three tops she approves of me wearing. I’m leaving the ultimate choice to our blog readers. I know you won’t steer me wrong. Leave a message with your vote on which I should buy. I promise to debut the winner at the next conference I attend 🙂

Please! I need your advice to keep me from getting picked on by my friends when I show off the next round of pictures from an event. Oh, and on that note, I’ll be posting some of the highlights from the Lori Foster Author Reader Get Together tomorrow!

I’ll leave the voting open until the end of the weekend. So without further ado, your choices are:




Please don’t doom me to #3  😛


35 Responses to “What Not to Wear – IH Edition”

  1. I actually liked #3 but you would need to keep the jacket unbuttoned. So, I vote for #2.

  2. I think #1 is great

  3. I like #1

  4. Susan R Says:

    Definitely number 2!!

  5. Mary Preston Says:

    I like #1 the best.

  6. Kelli Collins Says:

    Well, if I have to choose between these (I thought you said Lila had taste. Lying to me again, Jayne?), definitely #1!

    If I may? Having seen you in a fairy ball dress…I highly recommend anything empire waist, short sleeves (or three-quarter…or sleeveless, they’d all look good on ya) and a V-neck. Oh, and square neckline would look lovely on you too, I think.

    I’m digging on this: http://ow.ly/5euM9 🙂

    • jaynerylon Says:

      ROFL!!! I said Lila thinks she has taste! Oh, thanks on the fairy dress. It was a little more *ahem* revealing than I had planned. If I got one of the sleeves shirts here I’d probably wear it with a half sweater thingy I have to cover up my arms. Especially at work since I have a tattoo. Sadly, I can’t get your link to work for me 😦

  7. Ivelisse Says:

    I am l loving Kelli Collins suggestion since that is not a choice I will go with # 1

  8. Susan C. Says:

    Of these three, I’d go for #1. Which means you probably should not go with that one! LOL I would like to see Kelli’s suggestion, but the link isn’t working for me.

  9. I agree with Kelli’s suggestion!! However if it is only between 1,2 or 3…I’d go with #1. And then put the jacket from #3 over it. Lol! I laughed, but I’m serious. Leave the jacket undone and roll or push up the sleeves. :0)). Don’t forget a pair of kick-ass heels!!

  10. #1 has my vote. Blouse looks really pretty 🙂

  11. Jayne
    Tanks are hard to wear because they don’t always fit correctly, but if you were to pick one I would go with #1.

    I actually like #3 with a pair of dark jeans and some kitten healed shoes it would be cute…I agree do not button it up.

    I can’t see Kelly’s choice, but I feel more comfortable in shirts with sleves.


  12. Don ‘t like 3 but really like 1.

    good luck with this project. I’d doing something similar and darn it, it’s hard work. I swear nothing looks great. can’t I just stay with what I got!

    Have fun shopping.

  13. Do you like your upper arms? I hate sleeveless tops. Jacket in number 3 would swallow you. #2 is icky. #1 is the best of those choices, which all sort of suck. I think I found Kelli’s suggestion on Lane Bryant or at least an example of it. It’s the prettiest, but it has the upper arm issue. What about http://bit.ly/j9aQ47 ?

    • jaynerylon Says:

      This is pretty! And yeah, not a fan of my upper arms but I have a black shrug I could wear with the tanks.

  14. Clicked on the link from Mari and that blouse is definitely the best. I wear LB (have too with boobs like mine) and I would wear this top. Great pick Mari.

  15. I like Mari’s pick the best too….hate my upper arms always wearing a sweater over tanks.

  16. #1 – even though its summer and black can be warm – the print on #2 can be tricky and even though I do like #3, you would have to try it on to make sure YOU liked it….so #1 for me.

  17. I like Mari’s pick and then #1.

  18. Umh…Lila’s choice of tops is all wrong. None of those are good choices for you. I would instead recommend this


    Good Luck!

  19. dreabecraft Says:

    I actually like #3 but I won’t doom you too it lol. I am going to have to go with #1! Knowing you probably would be the most comfortable in that one. I liked the black shirt you wore at loris! Then again I am an ohio gal to and what do they say about birds of a feather… 😉

  20. Mari’s choice is really nice also liking #1

  21. I really like number 1….

  22. Valerie Says:

    I liked #3, but we won’t doom you to that 🙂 So I’m going to go with either Mari or Maria’s choices

  23. Wendy Tranah Says:

    I like # 1 the blouse is really pretty.

  24. jaynerylon Says:

    Sorry to post and run. I was sick for the past 36 hours. Just coming back to the land of the living. 🙂 General consensus so far seems to be number one or Mari’s choice. I like both of those! Of course, I liked #2 the best. Figures since it got the least number of votes so far!

  25. I can’t really see the pattern on number 2 to tell if I really like it. 🙂 So I’d go with number 1. I am not a huge tank top fan myself anymore. I’m notcomfortable enough in my own skin to wear any of that on a daily basis. But Kitty, you say, you were wearing a corset, tutu, fishnets, and spank me panties at RT-TOTALLY different. I didn’t leave the hotel in those (although I probably would have I felt very sexy that day) but on a normal day to day basis I prefer the style shirts Mari picked. 🙂 Ive is my Lila apparently cause she doesn’t like any of my clothes so don’t feel bad. She says I buy everything too big…there’s no pleasing here! 😉

    Love you!

  26. Okay, so, I say one or two. I think both actually. You can never have too many outfits to choose from and you might as well shove some of that promo aside and put ins some ‘I’m-a-sexy-romance-writer-‘ outfits in that bag!!!! I love the idea of one or two with a little lightweight scarf in a bright color. Blue, purple, even pink would look great on you. The scarf would add a hint of color, you know? Now, jeans, yep, go with jeans and maybe even some high heels? If the conference is in the fall – get some of those cute calf high black -no heel if you hate heels – boots. That would look so sharp. Add some silver bracelets or a few long colorful necklaces and you are THERE!!!

    So, ummm, that’s my suggestions. Oh and I shared this blog on facebook and twitter…..


    billi jean

  27. I like #1, but then I like black a lot! As an alternative to Lane Bryant, try Woman Within.com they have great stuff much less cost. I was able to set up a great wardrobe on my limited budget.

  28. I like #3 if you put it over something else. But #1 is really nice. Don’t you hate having to retool your wardrobe?

  29. My vote goes to Mari!! 🙂 I think 1 is cute too but not a ank girl myself either.

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