Carina Blog Tour!

In celebration of our one year anniversary, I asked as many of our Harlequin team members and Carina Press freelance editors as possible to write a short blog post, talking about what the past year or so has been like for them, working on Carina Press. I deliberately didn’t provide any direction other than that, because I wanted to see what people came up with, in the spirit of Carina’s 1st anniversary. I was so pleased when I saw what they’d all come up with, and had to say (and some of these posts made me just a little teary)! I hope you enjoy the post, and look for your opportunity to win a Carina Press book at the bottom of this post. ~Angela James

 Angela Hill – “The Other Angela,” as she’s known in Carina Press circles – works as the assistant manager of email marketing at Harlequin. Putting together the Carina Press newsletter is the highlight of her workweek. When not at work, she can be found swimming, eating cake and being a mom to a toddler who is just learning how to sleep through the night(!). You can follow her on Twitter.

I vividly remember the day of the Carina Press launch – and that’s saying a lot because the first half of 2010 is mostly a haze of late-night nursing sessions with my then-infant and hurried days at work, interspersed with miserable cross-townTorontocommutes.  

I made a point of coming in extra-early on June 7 to help out with the launch. I was startled to find the office as empty as one of those scenes from a Western where the tumbleweed rolls by. People didn’t start arriving until about 7:45 or 8, and I was in a panic. But they calmly explained that everything was ready to go. Turns out the big panic was in the weeks and months leading up to the launch, and I was blissfully oblivious, my nose deep in newsletter edits. Oops!

Since my very first Carina Press email newsletter deployed (on launch day), it’s been my favorite newsletter to work on – really, it’s my favorite part of my job. Why?

I learn something new every time I work on this email. For example for the launch I was cruising around the site. “What’s BDSM?” I asked. “Do NOT Google that!” came Eleanor’s immediate reply. She followed up with a brief explanation. Oh.

  1. Every time I create a new version of this newsletter, I find at least one more title to add to my TBR pile. And with the magic of an eReader, my TBR pile doesn’t look any bigger, so my husband is happy.
  2. I love writing about books that I love to read. It’s a bit of a chicken/egg thing, I guess (see #2).
  3. The HTML code for this email is so pretty. I realize most of you will never see it, but it is. Almost  all HTML coding for newsletters looks like it was created in 1999, but the Carina code is just laid out so nicely that it makes it especially easy to navigate, edit copy and fix.
  4. When I send out each version of our newsletter to our group to test and ask for feedback, I actually get feedback, because everyone who works on Carina is so engaged and excited. That’s a great work environment.

Okay, I can’t write this post without at least one little email sign-up pitch. So here it is: sign up to receive our email newsletter! You’ll help me be able to keep doing the part of my job that I love most.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

To celebrate Carina’s one year anniversary of publishing books, we’re giving away some prizes. Today, on each of the nineteen blogs our team members are featured on, we’re giving away a download of a Carina Press book to one random winner (that’s nineteen total winners!) All you need to do to be entered to win is comment on this post. You can enter to win on all nineteen posts. In addition, on the Carina Press blog, we’re giving away a grand prize of a Kobo ereader and 12 Carina Press books of the winner’s choice. Visit the Carina Press blog to enter to win, and to see links to all 19 of today’s blog posts.                                           

And a sincere thank you from all of us, to our readers and authors, for making Carina Press’s first year a success!

63 Responses to “Carina Blog Tour!”

  1. Ivelisse Says:

    Lol, its always fun to google BDSM.

  2. I do not have a job at the moment but the one I am aiming for, well then the fav part would be that I am around books

  3. StacieDM Says:

    Hello “Other” Angela! LOL
    I have been a Carina Press newsletter subscriber for a while now. Congratulations on a successful first year!

    I’m currently job hunting so I can’t answer your question. My favorite part of any job is usually the co-workers.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

  4. Angela Hill Says:

    Ivelisse, Eleanor’s my director. I don’t think she wanted that kind of search happening on our work computers! I wouldn’t have wanted to try to explain that to Help Desk. 😛

    Blodeuedd & StacieDM, best of luck on the job hunt!

    Blodeuedd, I hear you! For someone who works to sell books, I buy very few of them myself – so many free books available right here. Absolutely a great perk. Oh, and the people are nice, too.


  5. The list of things that should not be ggogled gets bigger every day.

  6. Angela, I’m grateful someone understands html code and brings us the Carina Press news! Thank you and wishing you and Carina Press even greater success in the next year!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I wish I had such a great job!

  8. CrystalGB Says:

    Happy one year anniversary. Wishing you many more successful years.

  9. wyndwhisper Says:

    congratulations! i hope the next year is even better for you.

  10. Angela Hill Says:

    Thanks, Carol!

    And thanks to you and to Mari Carr and all the rest of the Carina Press authors. Without your stories, there would be no Carina Press. It all starts with great editorial.


  11. Angela Hill Says:

    Thanks, lmcgeen, CrystalGB, and wyndwhisper. I’m very lucky to get to do what I do every day…and get paid for it. 🙂
    LOL, Lisa J!

  12. Happy Anniversary and wishing Carina many more to come!

  13. Margaret Says:

    Happy anniversary! I wish my job was as satisfying as yours is. I guess the best part of mine is the people I work with; I’ve met some really cool people who all with they had different jobs. 🙂

  14. First, Happy Anniversary Carina Press!!!!

    I love my job. I’m the postmaster for Loveville, MD. It’s a most Menonite farm community so lots of horses and buggies going up and down the road. The people here are just awesome and now that summer is here, I’ll get lots of fresh fruits and veggies right from their gardens! But one of the best parts of this job are all the brides coming in to get their wedding invitations postmarked with Loveville’s special wedding postmark. They are so happy and exited. I feel so lucky to be part of their special day.

  15. LOL! Congratulations and happy first anniversary, “Other” Angela and Carina Press! What a year it’s been! Looking forward to many wonderful reads to come!

  16. Angela Hill Says:

    Thanks, Amy and Margaret!

    Terri, wow! Your job sounds so picturesque and so much fun! That’s got to be so amazing…especially on a nice day like today (at least it’s nice for me – hope it is for your rounds, too).

    Hi, Fedora. Thanks!


  17. Kathryn Says:

    Congratulations on a great first year!

  18. Renee Rearden Says:

    Happy anniversary Carina Press! Thank you for all your hard work…and I’m so glad you love your job!

    I work in a courthouse, so I think my favorite part of my job is hearing the things people sometimes say. I just never know what’s gonna come out of someone’s mouth!


  19. Susan Laura Says:

    Ha! Always be careful before googling!
    Happy Anniversary Carina Press! A lot of hard work goes into creating these books and I thank you for it!

  20. What *interesting* new things you learn every day… Happy Anniversary!

  21. Yay!! Happy Anniversary!!

  22. Angela Hill Says:

    Hello and thank you, Kathryn, Renee, Susan, ms bookjunkie and Jess!

    ms bookjunkie, you wouldn’t believe the stuff you overhear every day in this office. just the other day I heard someone ask with almost-exasperation, “Does that even count as ‘light bondage’?” Yup, that’s my job. I’m pretty sure very few other people talk about men’s sexy chests as often as we do at work. 🙂


  23. Regina Shiderly Says:

    Happy Anniversary! Carina has had some awesome books this past year, glad I got to read a few!

    My reader has gotten quite a workout from Carina, there are so many good books!

  24. Happy Birthday Carina! Lol Angela…she should have let you google BDSM….It’s an interesting topicl:)

    I love the Carina Newsletter and look forward to it everyweek! It’s so colorful and I love the typeset and how it’s laid out! It’s definitely a very well done newsletter (and lots of other peeps could take lessons from yours).

    Here’s to an even bigger and better 2nd year for both you and Carina!

  25. Angela Hill Says:

    Thanks, Maria! I can’t take any credit for the design. Mostly I just plug in the content, edit it and then do the very basic coding stuff (all the complex code is part of the template). But I’m always thrilled to hear that people enjoy the newsletter.

    You’ll be excited to know we’re going to start sending it every Monday (at least every Monday that I’m capable of), to coincide with the weekly new releases. And there should be a few more changes in the coming months. Stay tuned!

    Hi, Regina. Glad you’re enjoying our books!


  26. Susan R Says:

    Having been a computer programmer, I certainly understand the conecpt of pretty HTML code. 🙂

    Right now the best part of my job is days off and when I leave for the day. The worst job I’ve ever had.

    Thanks for the great contest!!

  27. Chele Blades Says:

    my favorite part of my job is probably just the escape from my own problems into someone else’s like the customers…i work in aviation and for those who do not know pilots can be arrogant but not in the alpha male sorta way…they could learn a few thangs from your books…

    happy anniversary! hope for many more!

  28. I think one would be surprised (read as shocked) if they did get a list of the things writers’ google 😉

    BDSM is just the beginning !!!

    Happy Anniversary to Carina and here’s to more!!!!!

  29. Cathy M Says:

    Congratulations to everyone at Carina Press. Thanks for giving us so many great stories to enjoy.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  30. jayhjay Says:

    Congrats on a great year!

  31. I think i googled BDSM the first time i encountered that on a book. lol I can never remember what the letters stand for bu i know what it is now lol. I am actual a rural mail carrier and my favorite part of my job is the customers on my route. I’ve been on the same small route for 10 years now so i know most of the people on my route by first name. They come out to meet me at the mail box to say hi or ask me a postal question. Love that.

    Lisa B
    modokker at yahoo dot com

  32. Happy Anniversary! Wow that year went quickly. Here’s hoping for many more!

  33. Thanks to everyone at Carina Press for a great year of awesome reads! And I’m impressed with anyone good at computer code. I’m still meddling through. And the best part of work is when co-workers can get together in casual settings.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  34. Happy First Anniversary to Carina.

  35. Karen C Says:

    Congratulations on Carina’s first year anniversary. I love newsletters – think I was signed up already, but went ahead and signed up, just to be sure! Loved your post as it had me chuckling quite a bit and so now I will think of you when I read the newsletter -cool. ‘Cause you know I’ll relate that to googling BDSM! Wishing all of you continued success!

  36. Karen C Says:

    Forgot – what’s the favorite part of my job?? Being retired!!

  37. Happy Birthday Carina! Hoping for the company’s future success!

  38. Tracey D Says:

    Congratulations for such a grand and successful year.

    Thanks to Carina Press, I’ve discovered many new authors.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  39. Add me to the list of admirers of the newsletter. 🙂 Even if the complex stuff is template, you do a great job laying in the content.

  40. Thanks for a great and enlightening post!
    Congratulations and Happy Anniversary to Carina and all the wonderful authors!

  41. Katey G Says:

    Congratulations for an amazing 1st year of Carina Press! Keep up the awesome things you guys shared to us, your readers. Well, favorite part of my job is being with my patients. I’m a pedia intensive care nurse so I tend to spend all my work hours with very sick children. I love the feeling when after you care for them through the critical stages of being sick, you then get to see them go home with their family, alive and full of energy. Twice I’ve been engaged to 2 adorable little princes. 😀

  42. Julie Witt Says:

    Happy, happy anniversary, Carina Press! I wish you many, many wonderful years to come 🙂

  43. June M. Says:

    Congrats on the first year and wishing for you to have an even better next year.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  44. Thanks for doing such a great job, Angela! It’s such a pleasure working with all the fun and wonderful people at Carina. Happy Anniversary to us!! 🙂

  45. Jeez, I forgot to add that you do a WONDERFUL job with the newsletter, Angela. I always look forward to it!! For any of you who haven’t signed up yet .. Go. Do. It. LOL!

  46. I always have to google what I’m told not to google! Happy anniversary Carina Press. I look forward to many more great stories in the years to come!

  47. Emily Oakley Says:

    Yay for a year down!! One of the best parts about my job is that I get to work with my family (family business) and instead of squabbling like a hundred irate chickens fighting for one kernel of corn we actually get along! Again, congratulations to one year down and many more to come!! 🙂

  48. i love the newsletter! thanks for doing such a great job 🙂

  49. Angela Hill Says:

    Wow, you go away for a few hours and then…bam! Too many posts for me to be able to recognize everyone individually. So I’ll just say a very hearty “Thank you!” to everyone who gave me such a *warm* welcome here on International Heat. (Get it? “Warm”? “Heat”? Yeah, I know it’s bad…) But seriously now, thank you so much!

  50. Mary Preston Says:

    Thank you for the sign up link. Saves chasing around for it.

  51. PhyllisC Says:

    Congrats on the first year and here’s to many more to come.

  52. I love International Heat. I check the site daily. I think I receive the newsletter. I will sign up again just in case. Happy Anniversary Carina Press!

  53. polly20 Says:

    I teach HTML/CSS and I love it when students meet it for the first time – and – whee – they have made their own webpage. Also love it when it’s run through the W3C validator and that lovely green line pops up.

    Keep up the good work.

  54. Katherine Says:

    Congrats to the team at Carina on your first anniversary!

    I subscribe to the newsletter and read it every week – it is great and a very clean layout.

  55. Congrats on one year!

  56. My favorite part of my job is the personal contact with our employees. Congratulations Carina Press.

  57. Lindsey E Says:

    Right now the best part of my job is going home at the end of the day. I think that means I need to go look for a new one.

  58. Happy Anniversary!

    We have you to thank for the pretty emails? Thank you!

  59. I love reading how invested and passionate the whole Carina Team is, must be wonderful working in such a work environment! 🙂

    Thanks to you this last year I have discovered so many wonderful new authors, series, books and many have become favourites of mine, THANK YOU!

    Congratulations to the whole Carina team and Happy 1st anniversary, here’s to many more! 🙂

    stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

  60. ps. I always love receiving your newsletters and then checking out the highlighted books, blog posts, so THANK YOU Angela!

  61. Happy Anniversary!

    Don’t have to pitch me on the newsletter, already get them 🙂


  62. Happy 1st anniversary. Signed up for your newsletter today.

  63. I won – thank you! Great party, too. Continued success~~

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