Kitchen Design by Heat Wave

Here it is, the kitchen designed by the fabulous heat wave readers.

Yes, I am still missing a range, and yes, I ended up buying two sinks and two faucets because the first set I bought were bad. But this is the counter top that was selected by the Heat Wave readers on my blog.

It’s it beautiful! I think Heat Wave should form a formal design company.




7 Responses to “Kitchen Design by Heat Wave”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I envy you the cupboard space. I never seem to have enough.

  2. Holy Crap, you can haz kitchin!!!! Congrats My LILA!!!

  3. It looks beautiful! Congrats! I see appliances too. So now, are you going to take cooking lessons?????? LOL

  4. Lookin’ good! (Actually, it looks quite a lot like our kitchen, but our cabinet pulls are slightly different, and our cabinets are a touch more “red”

  5. I haven’t really started cooking, but I did unpack all my wedding gifts, including my cuisine art and am deeply into chopping things to DEATH. Now I just wander around looking for stuff to chop up.

  6. Tell, Farm Boy not to make you mad or you might Chop Him Up!! LOL
    Lila it turned out very nice, you did a good job!!!

  7. Patricia Says:

    Love there is so much room

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