Can’t buy me love…

But you know what you can buy me? Diamonds, flowers and new computer equipment.

Yes, one of those things is not like the other, but I have often been the recipient of additional RAM or memory, a wireless something, or the promise of a networked wireless printer. Ohhh Ahhh.

Normally this only makes me wanted to kill my soon to be one year husband, but having married a boy who’s a cross between Leonard and Sheldon has it’s uses. One of those times is when you’ve managed to embed you’re latest book with some horrible virus (probably by working on it on too many computers and emailing it hither and yon). I had no idea that my lattest book hadn’t ever reached my editor until I said something witty (in my own mind) about her reading materials. She kindly informed me that she hadn’t gotten anything from me.

When I sent it again nothing happened. Defeated I turned it over only to be informed that I was pulling the electronic equivalent of trying to send someone the bubonic plague Petri dishes…with “OMFG BUBONIC PLAGUE YO” stamped on the envelope.

Huh, no wonder that didn’t work.

Enter freaking out, screaming and crying as we weed through the backups to see which of them is also infected. When we reach a clean one (when telling a med school friend about this they compared it to peeling skin off someone in the burn unit and I uninvited them to dinner for grossness) I set out to rewrite the ending and then re-edit.

And damn me if it isn’t turning into a better book. Drats anyway.

Here’s the blurb for the book that wasn’t (which, incidentally, is called JICTOAT—an acronym of some ridiculousness)

When amateur fetish model and rockabilly princess Adelita “Addie” Sanchez is asked to model for an instructional BDSM book she turns them down, adamant that she’s not a porn star. That changes when she meets the three male dominants behind the project, particularly Lane Therres, who convinces her that she’d be safe in his hands and that the project is more art than porn.

The rules of the photo sessions are clear—there’s no sex, and Addie can call a halt to anything she’s uncomfortable with. What self reliant, strong-willed Addie hadn’t counted on was enjoying giving herself over to the powerful Doms and their ropes, chains and toys. When she okays a break in the rules Lane takes full advantage, and fellow Dom Emory Setter joins in the fun. The last Dom, Master Alton, sees Addie’s growing interest in elements of BDSM as a sign that she’s in need of intensive slave training. When Alton takes it too far Lane changes his Dom leather for shining armor to rescue his rockabilly princess.


5 Responses to “Can’t buy me love…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    Love is all very well & good, but does it come in this seasons colours?

  2. Love the sound of this new book.

    Hey, geek husbands are okay. They fix the stuff we don’t understand.

  3. Terri–they also take something that was working perfectly well and “improve it.” Every time some computer program tells me it needs to update I imagine a happy geek somewhere chortling with glee that he’s improved all these back end things, but the user interface is now crap. (I”M LOOKING AT YOU FIREFOX!)

  4. I would like a geek husband. Where should I look for one?

  5. Lisa,

    Reading erotic romance. Geeks are a bunch of sex freaks. 😉

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