First Time Bridesmaid

Until Saturday I could lament that I’d never been a bridesmaid. I’d HAD five bridesmaids of my own (six, if you count my brother who stood up with me in addition to my girls). On Saturday one of my dearest friends married a wonderful geek of a man (who, incidentally, caught my garter at my wedding).

I’ve never wanted to kill her more.

Not on Saturday, her actual wedding day. Then I thought she was beautiful and elegant and I was so happy for her.

However, on Friday I wanted to pinch her, really, really hard on some place that wouldn’t show the next day. This friend is the calmest, least demanding person I know…normally. I’m not sure who that was on Friday, living in my friend’s skin, but that bitch was lucky I didn’t strangle her.

In the midst of being FLABBERGASTED by the body-snatching I was happy reflecting on what I must have been like as the bride nearly a year ago.


I am NOT the calmest or least demanding person on the planet. I crazy at the best of times, and my wedding made me both crazier and massively unsure of what I wanted, so I changed my mind basically every minute.

Holy fuck. I’m lucky my friends were still speaking to me after.

At midnight, only 8 hours before I need to be up preparing this friend to be married I called me best friend, the girl who had served as my maid of honor…and apologized. She laughed and laughed, then told me she was so happy we could finally talk about all the crazy things I’d done.

That’s right, my friend waited, continued to put up with my crazy, and supported me thought the million things that have gone nuts in my life since then, all without confronting me about the insane behavior.

That’s true love.

I think in the worlds of romance and erotic romance it’s so easy to lose sight of the fact that that BDSM relationship really WON’T work unless the BFFs of both parties are on board, or that the seemingly quiet librarian whose also a dominatrix will bust out the dominant personality traits when it comes to wedding planning. I’m not campaigning to turn romance or erotic romance into women’s fiction, because then someone would have to die tragically/beautifully/slowly and that’s just not summer reading fun. However, I think it’s good for us to all remember the other true-love relationships we have in our lives, besides the head on the pillow besides yours. Or heads on pillows if that’s your preference.

2 Responses to “First Time Bridesmaid”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I think as a bride you are entitled to be a little nuts. It’s such a big deal. It is YOUR day. YOUR wedding.

  2. Patricia Says:

    hated the dress both times but you do that for friends

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