Blame It On Joyee Flynn and Stormy Glenn

Ok I can’t blame it all on them when I agreed to switch places I forgot all about this being payday week which is always hectic around here top it off with last day of school on Monday, doctor appointment on Tuesday, shopping on Wednesday and than 3 awesome books came out Tuesday don’t know how many of you read Joyee Flynn and Stormy Glenn but if you don’t there is this great new series at Siren Publishing.Β  Joyee Flynn, Stormy Glenn and Gabriele Evans each have a book in the Midnight Matings series emotional, funny, romantic and erotic. I finished Joyee and Stormy’s during and between all the running around this week and am currently reading Gabrielle’s now. I haven’t wanted to put the books down so it has lead to some very late nights followed by very early mornings and long days running what feels like non-stop, but boy are they worth the lack of sleep even if I am a bit cranky with the rest of the family but they’ll survive. So if you can forgive me for being absent yesterday we didn’t get back from all our errands until yesterday evening and I was tired 😦

Today’s favorite songs are going to bring back some memories and I’m sure are going to date more than just myself. Most of these aren’t going to have music video’s and they came out before the MTV era *gasp*

One of my favorite even today is Rainbow Connection not the one sung by The Carpenters all though they did a great job, but I’m in love with the little green guy Kermit The Frog nobody sings it like him!!



Anybody remember Smoking In the Boys Room either Brownsville Station or Motley Crue.Β  Personally I like Motley Crue’s best they were one of my favorite bands as a teenager.



How about Sister Christian by Night Ranger?



My favorite nap-time music was Johnny Cash I love everything by him but I love A Boy Named Sue it never fails to make me laugh I don’t care how many times I hear and I’ve heard it a lot.



Ok I might not make myself popular but I like Barry Manilow, Mandy, I Write The Songs, Copacabana those are some great songs!



Ok one last song I just can’t help myself I love the oldies and as you have seen probably not what would be considered traditional oldies but I love music of all kinds.

Puff The Magic Dragon Peter, Paul and Mary had some great music out in their time but my favorite of theirs has and always will be Puff The Magic Dragon!



Hope everyone has enjoyed my trip down memory lane I could go all day with favorite oldies but I’ll spare you and stop here πŸ˜‰

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22 Responses to “Blame It On Joyee Flynn and Stormy Glenn”

  1. Oh wow, those songs are awesome songs. You had me humming, “Sister Christian, oh the time has come, and you know your the only one to say…Okay….OMW I so love that song.
    As for Joyee, Stormy and Gabby’s series its on my TBR. They do look amazing.

  2. Cathy M Says:

    Talk about a trip down memory lane, these are all songs I grew up with, and had me remembering some very special moments.

    I already have Joyee and Stormy’s new releases on my wish list.

  3. I love Puff…..I loved it in the 60s and I love it now….as no, I’m not 60, yet.

  4. elaing8 Says:

    oh the memories with Motley Crue’s
    I went and read about those three books and they all sound great and have been added to my wishlist.

  5. Susan R Says:

    OMG – I remember Smokin in the Boys Room from HS!! And Puff the Magic Dragon has always been a favorite! I had the VCR tape of the movie, but sent it to a child who needed it more than I did. Wonder if I can get a copy on DVD?!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! (does it make me old if I remember all of these??!!!)

  6. It makes us young and intelligent with good taste – Check Amazon or eBay you can find anything their πŸ˜‰ lol

  7. OMG – Thanks for bringing a smile after a long day at work. Glad to meet someone who thinks the same about Kermit. Love the others as well, Johnny Cash was a huge favorite of my dads. I just started Joyee’s book and can’t wait to read the other two, hoping tomorrow is a slow day at work. πŸ™‚

    • I think Joyee’s is my favorite for the first round but Stormy’s well she gave me everything I wanted and than some!! I’d scream it from the rooftops but I don’t want to ruin anything so I’ll just say read faster πŸ˜‰ lol

  8. Now I want to go watch The Muppet Movie. I haven’t watched it in a few years.

  9. Courtney S Says:

    LOVE the Crue (actually went to Crue Fest 2 last year & ROCKED OUT)!!!!

    I’m a TOTAL “Stormy Slut” & “Flynn Fanatic”!!! I’ve Joyee’s book in the series, but have to wait til payday to get the rest (As well as the 2 new releases they have that aren’t part of this series…lol). I’m really liking the Midnight Matings series so far & the blurbs really sparked my interest.

    • I always wanted to go to a Crue concert as a kid but never got lucky enough – I did go to a Kiss concert once but it was one when they were out of make-up sadly they just weren’t the same – I felt jipped 😦

  10. Mary Preston Says:

    I will now have Kermit in my head singing all afternoon. I can even picture him in the swamp as he sings. Green is great.

    • I was singing it all afternoon too – of course I was doing it in defense of my daughter she had some other song stuck in her head and felt the need to sing it every time she was around me so I returned the favor…. she ran running – I’m evil

  11. OMG I love all those songs, the older version of Smokin In the Boys room, haven’t heard Motely Crues and I love Kermitt and Manilow and Puff the Magic Dragon, I still sometimes sing the chores. Thanks for the wonderful trip.

  12. My iPod has most of these songs. There are a couple I had to buy is Only Women Bleed by Alice Cooper and Jamie’s Crying by Van Halen.

  13. StacieDM Says:

    I love all of those songs. I remember having the Muppet Movie soundtrack on 8-track (yes I’m that old). I have a few of the songs on my ipod including The Rainbow Connection. For some reason that version makes me tear up.

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