I’m Back… Run While You Still Can!

Well they tell me it is my time at the reins again still not sure how that happened but here I am back to torture you for another week.

Sticking with the theme of last time I thought I’d share some of my favorite song with you this week, next to listening to audio books while I’m working, music  bring me lots of enjoyment. I have been told I have an eclectic taste in music I blame that on my parents they listened to everything from Johnny Cash, ABBA The Carpenters, Journey and Foreigner. I loved playing in my dads 8 track tape collection… Yes I know I’m dating myself.  But, there you have it I come from a time when I not only know what an 8 Track tape is but I know how to use it 😉 . One of my favorite childhood memories is nap time listening to 8 track tapes of Johnny Cash and John Denver.

Tomorrow being Monday I will be back with some of my favorite songs that always perk me up when I’m feeling bad after all it is Monday and we can always use a little pick me up on Monday’s.

But Today I am going to leave you with a little Prayer…

I know I know shame on me but I can’t help but love this song, wonderful song on those days your feeling particularly vicious.

I’m feeling generous this week so stop by every day this week leave a comment be entered in a contest to win a download of your choice from your favorite International Heat Author current or back list winners choice.

Have A Great Sunday! I’ll be spending the day with our granddaughter she is turning 8 today!

8 Responses to “I’m Back… Run While You Still Can!”

  1. Marika Weber Says:

    Hey I’m old enough to remember actually buying 8 track tapes. Loved the song and Jamie Pressley rocks. I still miss My Name iis Earl. Great video.

  2. Mary Preston Says:

    Thanks for a short trip down memory lane. I remember well.

  3. Susan R Says:

    MY first car still had an 8 track player in it!! I remember the tapes always used to get eaten!! 🙂

    THanks for the memories!

  4. Courtney S Says:

    I had a friend when I was a kid whose dad had an 8 track. We used to play w/ it & laugh cuz it wasn’t like our cassettes. Then I discovered records! LOL

  5. I to remember 8 track tapes and between my mom, dad, and hubby when I ment him. I have at one time listened to just about every kind of music there is and love some of all but not opera lol. I love that song. I need send that to a friend of mine that just went through a divorce and I totally understand it too my 25th anniversary will be next weekend.

  6. I still have some 8 tracks in the attic, sounds like it is time to clean out, huh?

  7. I love that song too.

  8. StacieDM Says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

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