Christian and Olliver

So today I was trolling the net, looking for some yummy eye candy to post here at IH. And I accidentally stumbled across the single most exquisitely sexy, romantic kiss I have ever seen.

Admit, you are as rapt by it as I was.

I couldn’t leave it at that. I had to know who these guys were. So I did some exploring and found this video.

Are you now as officially hooked and curious as I am?

After doing even more digging, I discovered Olliver and Christian are characters in a German soapie, called Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love).

Seriously, I have never, ever wanted to learn German, up until this moment.

Give me the aggie people. Tell me about this couple. I want to know EVERYTHING!


(Added the next day, with thanks to Jamie, here are some more links:

Here are the links for Max & Enric and Max & Iago: (mostly Max & Iago)

Here are a few others I follow: (Lucas & Edwin on GTST; I think it’s show in the Netherlands) (Aaron & Jackson on Emmerdale) (Christian & Syed on Eastenders; I had moments of wanting to smack both of these guys) (Deniz & Roman on AWZ another German show; haven’t kept up with this one and not really sure if the ladies at Eskimo Kiss are still keeping up with them)

17 Responses to “Christian and Olliver”

  1. I have been watching this couple on and off for the past year. They have been through a lot to be together and have hit another stumbling block. From Christian being with a woman to his boxing to their current split, nothing has been easy for this pair.

    Ollie was on this show before he hooked up with Christian and was involved with Tom. They broke up because Tom was still in love with his ex, Ulli.

    They used to have a Vlog, but stopped it last year. I can’t remember when but it was a nice tie-in to the show.

    I’m totally with you about wanting to learn German.

  2. WHAT?
    Did you say current split?
    No, Jamie, please. You’re breaking my heart here.

  3. I’m not sure what happened and haven’t had a chance to go back and catch up but the last video I saw they had split up but I’m hoping they can work things out.

    Have you seen Max and Iago? They were on El Cor de la Ciutat a show that was on TV in Spain. The show is no longer on but the relationship between Max and Iago was great. Max’s first boyfriend was Enric and I wasn’t fond of them as a couple. But Max and Iago were hot.

    • jambrea Says:

      I blogged about Max and Iago….I was PULLED into that soap. Couldn’t stop watching. It took me a week to go through them all! LOVED them. I was pissed off with Max for a bit…but it was a great story line.

      I’ve seen some of the German couple, but not the whole story line. 🙂

  4. Susan R Says:

    OMG – I could watch these all night!

  5. Were do I sign up 😉

  6. I keep trying to post the links but for some reason it won’t let me.

  7. Marika Weber Says:

    To know me,is that I like some man touching but not full on m/m but good lord, those two are hawt and I’ve changed my mind. Jambi are you reading this? I don’t need to learn German to get the storyline. LOL! Please post whatever you can get about these two. More, please……

  8. OMG! Christian and Oliver are AWESOME!! Good find Jess!

  9. Mary Preston Says:

    I am curious. YUM!!!!!

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