Happy Mother’s Day

Ah, now there’s a nice way to start my week at the international Heat Blog. With a wish for every mother out there:

Happy Mother’s Day.

For many, your day is just beginning. For me, the day is coming to an end. But I can’t complain. I’ve had a really good day. From morning all the way through to night.

It began early, as any day does for anyone who has kids under ten. We were woken by a little head peaking through the door – over and over and over – until the owner of the little head was sure I was awake. And then I was smothered in the sweetest hugs and kisses from Mr 6. He’d made me a present at school, and been fairly busting to give it to me the entire weekend. How he made it through til Sunday morning I’ll never know, but I have to give him credit, he did it! Suffice it to say he was delighted to hand over two handmade chokkies he’d made alongside his entire class. Honestly, it’s one of the sweetest gifts I’ve ever received. Will I eat it? Hmm, you tell me. Ever seen the hands of a six year old? Ever seen where those hands have been? Ever seen how often those hands are washed? I love Mr 6 to distraction. His pressie means the world to me. But I’m just not that good a mother that I will ever eat it.

Following the chokkies came the brought-by-dad-given-by-kids pressies. And oh my. What a surprise. I got exactly what I’d hinted at wanting for oh, the last three odd weeks. The entire first season of Glee, and half the second season. (Yep, it would have been more, but apparently that’s all that’s available here.) I also got a cool jewelery stand on which I can hang all my necklaces. (Hmm, how did DH know that was the exact one I wanted? Could it be he actually took note when I pointed to it and said, “oooh, that’s what I want for Mother’s Day”?)

Now today has been a bittersweet day for me. While it was the first mother’s day in my whole life that was all about me, it was also the first mother’s day I’ve had to face without my own mother. It just didn’t feel right. And I confess, I may have shed a tear or two over the fact. But just around the corner from our house, the City Council were planting trees in honor and in memory of mothers who had died. Everyone was invited to plant a tree. What better way to remember my mom? Off we went, the whole family: Me, DH, Mr 9, Mr 6 and Luigi the dog.

Turns out the trees were more like bushes and shrubs, but that suited us just fine. We each planted one. And then Mr 6 and Mr 9 took it upon themselves to plant another ten or so…each. It would all have been wonderful, if not for Luigi the dog. Never one to be excluded from the festivities, he headed straight to a tray full of seedlings/saplings, lifted his leg and peed all over them. A lovely man pulled me aside explaining that dog urine is poisonous to these specific seedlings, and unfortunately Luigi had doomed the entire lot to sure death. (Bless him.)

We can only hope that the surplus of trees planted by the kids made up for the untimely demise of the poor seedlings.

No mother’s day would be complete without a meal out. It was yummy, and followed by an afternoon nap…perfect.

All in all it was a lovely, lovely mother’s day.

I hope, for those of you who celebrate, you have a wonderful day as well.


9 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. Maria D. Says:

    Sounds like you had a great day Jess! Gotta say I think Luigi is hillarious.
    Happy Late Mother’s Day!

  2. Phuong P. Says:

    Glad you had an overall nice Mother’s Day. Looks like Luigi made his participation known πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like a great day. We just got home from breakfast….approx. 20 people, 4 generations. I love getting the family together. Now, I’ll relax for a bit than laundry calls.

  4. Happy Mothers Day back Jess, sorry to hear about your mum. My kids gave me a locet with little loose birthstones in it for each of them and my grandkids.

    • Sorry, Zina, having trouble imagining you’re a mother AND grandmother!
      Sounds like a gorgeous pressie. Bet you’ll treasure it.

  5. Marika Weber Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day the day after. Sorry it hear about your mom. May 8th would have been my grandmother’s 97th birthday. She died two years ago and its still fresh. It was hot in Texas for Mother’s day. I can totally understand not eating the cookies. My 5 yr old son made me a cake at school and it wasn’t too bad. Lots and lots of sprinkles. LOL!

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