Hot guys…

These are subjective of course, but it’s still nice to look at them.

Isn’t Chris Hemsworth pretty?  The new Thor.  Anyone besides me going to see it?

The new face of the Bourne movies, Jeremy Renner.  Not sure how I feel about that franchise, but Jeremy is a cutie.  And he’s aged quite nicely.

Jambrea’s boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds.  Can’t wait for The Green Lantern movie this summer.

Zachary Levi.  This is my favorite picture of him.  I love him in Chuck and he did the voice of Flynn on Tangled.  He’s such a cutie.


And one of the few blond guys I like, Paul Walker.  He’s such a nice guy too.  I saw him on Ellen the other day.  Just a doll.

Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcom Reynolds in Firefly.  Swoon.


And last, but not least, Christian Kane – in his days on Angel as Lindsey.  Yum.

4 Responses to “Hot guys…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I have not yet decided about THOR. That is a lovely line-up.

  2. Courtney S Says:

    LOVE Ryan Reynolds (sorry, Jambi, didn’t know he was your man…lol), Zachary Levi, Vin Diesel,& The Rock, Hugh Jackman, but not necessarily in that order…LOL

  3. Junegirl63 Says:

    I am definitely going to see Thor! That movie is chock full of hotness!
    I will probably see The Green Hornet too…and Paul Walker has aged well too…what’s not to love about fast cars and hot men….yum!

  4. Nice Nice Val.

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