My favorite TV shows

Continuing on with yesterday’s post, I wanted to share my favorite TV shows.

Number one – Castle.  Duh.  Hello?  Nathan Fillion.  Do you really need another reason to watch? Look at this face.

Lucky, lucky woman.

Number two – Hawaii 5-O.  The show is really good.  I didn’t think they’d be able to really work this new version so that it was as good or better than the original.  If you don’t know about the original, well… pffft on you.  The main reason to watch?  Alex O’Laughlin.  Yes, Mick from Moonlight.  He’s so sexy.  And if you catch him in an interview, that Aussie accent is so hawt.  Yummy.

Reason #2 to watch.  Scott Caan.  Holy moly.

Need I say more?  No?  Good.  Go watch. 

Third favorite show is Leverage.  Yes. Christian Kane.  Holy hotness, Batman.  I’m really not a big fan of long hair on guys.  But for Christian I will make an exception.  Wouldn’t you?

And he sings too!  Yes, he has his own playlist on my iPod.

And last, but not least, has nothing to do with hot guys.  Really.  It’s a new show with Dana Delaney.  Body of Proof.  Really good show. It also stars Jeri Ryan (for you sci-fi geeks, she was Seven of Nine on Star Trek Voyager.  And, coincidentally, she was on Leverage too). 

Dana also starred on Castle.  Heh.

So, what’s your favorite TV show or shows this season?

7 Responses to “My favorite TV shows”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    You know there is nothing much on right now. As a fellow Australian I have to say in Alex O’Laughlin we know how to breed them down here.

  2. I watch very little tv. The only show I try to make time for is Amazing Race. Unfortunately, the team I was rooting for was eliminated this past week.

  3. Marika Weber Says:

    Caste for Nathan, plus he show rocks, 5-O for both Alex and Tweeter plus it really is a great show, Chuck for Zac and Captain Awesome plus its just a fun show, CSI for George Eads, Deadliest Catch for the Hillstrand brothers, and Income Property with Scott McGillivray…………

  4. I’m liking Nikita. Two kick butt women and then throw in some hot guys, what’s not to love.

  5. Terri – I live for TV. I have no other life. 😉

    Marika – love Chuck too. Zachary Levi is a cutie patootie.

    Lisa – I haven’t watched Nikita regularly. I catch it sometimes after the Vampire Diaries. OMG! I forgot Ian Sommerhalder. Jeez. He’s so hot too.


    Thanks for stopping by everyone! 😀

  6. You guys will laugh but since I mostly watch Disney, it would be Phineus and Ferb. I know I am sad.

  7. Junegirl63 Says:

    I watch Body of Proof – love Dana- she’s a great actress

    I also watch Game of Thrones on HBO- Sean Bean…that’s all I need to say…

    Of course Hawaii Five O …that’s pretty much it for now

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