Favorte Movie Alpha Males & Females!

Today I’m sharing some of my personal favorite alphas.

Males and Females!

The Resident Evil movies are my no. 1 favorites. I love Milla! I have all these on DVD and watch them over and over again. She kicks serious ass! Helen Mirren in Red was fabulous. I love that she looks so sophisticated, yet kicks ass. Awesome!

An alpha post wouldn’t be the same without some John Wayne. I think he was pretty fantastic in every movie he ever made.Liam Neeson in Taken surprised me. I didn’t think it would be that great, but boy was I wrong. He did whatever it took to get his daughter back. Who doesn’t love a guy like that?I’m sort of a HUGE fan of Jason Statham. So I think he’s awesome in Death Race and the Transporter movies both. Death esp. because he’s out for vengeance agains his wife’s killers.I”m not a big fan of Angelina. But I will admit she played a great tough gal in Tomb Raider and Salt both.I loved the original Walking Tall, but the version with The Rock was better, in part because he’s ULTRA hot. LOLI can’t wait for this new version of Conan. I never had the hots for Arnold in the original, but this guy…sigh. Drool-worthy for sure!No alpha post would be complete without Indiana Jones. Probably the best movies Harrison Ford ever made.

The queen of kick ass, Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. She makes you want to BE her!kill-bill2_1024

Connery as James Bond. I will forever think he’s delicious. IMO no one does Bond as well as him. Sexy and smooth!


Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. He’s not my typical alpha, but there’s no doubt he belongs on the list. He’s tortured and lost and my heart broke when Maria was killed.bourne2

Charlize Theron in AEon Flux is everything you could want in an alpha female. Hard, cold, but with a great big heart. Loved her in Hancock too!aeon%20flux%20poster%20%20aeon-flux-dvd-poster

Ah, Wolverine. I didn’t mean to save Hugh Jackman for last, but then again…he is the best alphas around. So, it’s fitting that I end here._XMOW_pspPKG_gm_cmyk

Now your turn. Who is your favorite alpha males and females? Who did I miss?

6 Responses to “Favorte Movie Alpha Males & Females!”

  1. Oh yoummy you got some great ones there 🙂

    I have to admit I feel total cougar but Jacob from the Twilight series is total drool worthy for a young shifter he exudes that alpha essence.

    Ryan Reynolds proved himself to be ultra drool worthy too in Origins as the sword wielding cocky sob and then the mutilated man 😦

    Taylor Kitsch? I think he played Gambit and handled that staff

    I love Matt Damon, The Rock. I have to add Nicolas Cage, John Travolta and Sean Connery.

  2. Courtney S Says:

    LOVE Hugh Jackman as Wolverine,
    Sean Connery as Bond,
    Vin Diesel as Riddick & Dom in the F&F movies,
    The Rock in anything (wipes the drool off her chin)

    Demi Moore in GI Jane
    Milla Jovovich in the Resident Evil movies

    • Chele Blades Says:

      I sooo can not wait for the f&f 5 with the rock and Vin Diesel – bringing my bib or drool bucket…cuz you add paul walker and well enough said…

  3. You listed most of my favorites but I love Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly/Serenity– also River in the movie Serenity kicks butt– she’s not really an alpha, but man, is she awesome. Another one is Selene from Underworld– she’s a great female alpha!

  4. I don’t see Aeon Flux to many places anymore but she was a kickass character. Of course, Captain Mal and Zoe from Firefly. I love John McClane in Die Hard. And always, always Wolverine!!!

  5. I like your choices esp. John Wayne, yeah I’m a big fan of his.

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