Anne’s Winners!!!


Good day, All!! Sorry I’m just now posting winners from yesterday’s contest. I ended up with no power this morning due to some really crazy rain and high winds. So, since I made you all wait forever, I’ve picked two winners instead of one!


Chele Blades



Email me with your choice of one of my ebooks at: 

You can see a complete list here:

 Thanks so much to everyone for their wonderful comments yesterday!

And for those of you who didn’t win, this guy is here to make it allll better 😉

and this fella wanted to know if any of you ladies needed a shoulder to cry on 😀

Stay tuned tomorrow because I’m going to talk about my favorite alpha males and females in MOVIES!

One Response to “Anne’s Winners!!!”

  1. Chele Blades Says:

    yea for me and thank you again for the chance!!!!

    have to be honest…the guy above helped me also to feel even better…and i will take that shoulder to cling on to as well

    emailed my stuff.

    thank you

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