Wet Men!

It’s Monday and it just seems like a good idea to post yummy, sexy, delicious, wet MEN! If you don’t want to drool then quick, look away!

Now, who wants to go for a quick dip in the pool?

Or take a long, hot shower?

Or cool off with a swim in the ocean?  



Stay tuned tomorrow as I’ll be posting a smokin’ hot excerpt of my upcoming (July) release, So Sensitive. Also, later this week I’m giving away a few ebooks!

24 Responses to “Wet Men!”

  1. Oh Ohhh my! I love them. Number 2 is my fav

  2. I really want to go swimming…

  3. *wiping drool off my face*
    Can I be their towel?

  4. NICE! Anne, a few of these guys would make the rain around here much more enjoyable 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Junegirl63 Says:

    Love them all! Thanks:)

  6. Very nice! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Anne Rainey Says:

    Glad I could brighten up the day! 😀

  8. Wendy Tranah Says:

    Wow yum, i can look at them all day.

  9. Shellie Everhart Says:

    Totally made my Monday!!! Was I the only one thinking “Please drop the towel?”

  10. Marika Weber Says:

    Holy God! Can I lick one of them? Please, just one? Thanks for sharing……

  11. Dang Anne…those are some damn fine pics. Licking comes to mind:)

  12. I have a lot of towels in the closet. They can all come over to my place to dry off. 😉

  13. Anne Rainey Says:

    Now that’s a rather brilliant idea! 😉

  14. Now that makes my Tuesday much better. thank you!

  15. Love the pics. here’s a link to my fave wet gauzy guy pics.


    Last pic is my fave.

    you’re welcome LOL.

  16. #4 really flicked my switch! Hot and sexy.

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