RT 2011 pix

Wow! We are on the go all the time. There isn’t a minute where we’re not rushing off to meet someone or going to a workshop or panel or heading to a party. Last night we were all but physically thrown out of the bar. *grin* This morning is the book signing and while I’m not signing I will be wandering around during the event. And because I’ve got a few minutes to spare I’m sharing some pix of the last few days.

Promo madness

Bollywood sparkle

International Heat authors

Dawn (aka Costume Queen) & Rhian


6 Responses to “RT 2011 pix”

  1. Looks like all of you are having a fab-o time. Thanks for the pix!

  2. Fabulous photos, Rhian! Thanks for thinking of us 😉 Glad you’re having such a terrific time!

  3. Need more pictures!

    And isn’t Jimmy hotter in person?!?! 😀

  4. Mary Preston Says:

    PROMO MADNESS looks like Christmas to me.

  5. lots of love Rhian!! Had a blast with all of you as well xoxoxo

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