RT-Day 2

So here I am a day late and a dollar short! Yesterday was an INCREDIBLE day and by the time I got back to the room, I was too tired to blog. This morning’s will be quick, I’m afraid as we’re about to dash out the door. Tuesday was awesome!

Lovely breakfast, yummy lunch, FANTASTIC dinner at Daily Grill – recommended by Lila. IH gals all ate with my EC editor and EC author Kristin Daniels (that gal is too much fun! Love her). Last night was EC’s Bollywood party. OMG–I have never seen such beautiful decorations. They had a Bollywood dance troupe that was so good!

I had pics to post, but my computer is being mean and won’t let me open them!

Off for a very busy second day!

3 Responses to “RT-Day 2”

  1. You keep having fun and we’ll wait until you get back for all the details, just remember them!

  2. Awesome, Mari! Glad you arrived safely and are already showing LA how it’s done! 🙂

  3. Mary Preston Says:

    I hear Bollywood Party & my mind goes wild with images. I wish! I wish!!

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