First day at RT 2011

After hours and hours spent in Monday we’re finally coming to the end. I’ve lost track of the number of hours we’ve traveled and stayed awake for but it’s now after midnight and while Jess and Sami have managed to crash Lexxie and I have been stuck in that scary place between sleep and exhausted-wakefulness. But we haven’t  been left alone. Three wonderful readers found us down in the lobby bar.

Dawn, Rhian, Ivelisse and Kelly

I let Lexxie loose with my camera but we couldn’t leave her out.

Dawn, Rhian, Ivelisse, Kelly and Lexxie

Dawn is a genius with material and thread. I can’t wait for the balls so we can post pix of all the great costumes she’s made.

Tomorrow Farm Boy is coming to collect us and taking us shopping! Good thing too, it appears as though I may not have packed enough clothes…..

I’ll blog with pix of our shopping trip tomorrow.


7 Responses to “First day at RT 2011”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the costumes for the balls. Have fun!! You can sleep some other time.

  2. Junegirl63 Says:

    Looks like everyone is having a good time so far!

  3. Kelly Thrash Says:

    We had a blast hanging out with y’all!!!! 🙂

  4. Look at those gorgeous smiles!! Thanks for sharing the photos, and can’t wait to hear more about the fun you’re having! 🙂

  5. I knew I should have given you more Sangria…

  6. KittyKelly's Mom Says:

    Look at my girls having fun!

  7. thanks for the promo – lol and I will so let you know if I plan on making it to RT 12′ with costumes 🙂

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