Conference hangover.

I have one! This past weekend I attended the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Sydney. Wow! Every little bit of me hurts including my teeth! LOL We talked and laughed and just generally had a great time. ARRA did a BRILLIANT job of organizing the event and I’ll be signing up for the next one for sure. I got to catch up with author friends, make new author friends and best of all meet readers! Readers whose names and faces are a blur because I was so thrilled that they wanted to chat with me. But what made my weekend was the readers who came up to me to tell me how much they loved the coyotes. I’m still smiling. So while I’m sitting here with my sore feet up and a cuppa at my elbow I’m contemplating doing it all again next week at RT. Considering I feel like I could sleep for a month after two days what am I going to be like after five days! I’m not looking forward to that conference hangover but I can tell you now it’ll be worth every second of the pain. LOL

You know I made sure I had my camera, even took the charger in case the battery died and I didn’t remember to take it out of my bag until Mr.C asked where it was during the awards dinner. *hangs head* But Mr.C, being the hero that he is, ducked up to our room and managed to get some great pix of us during the dinner.

Our table at the awards dinner.

Our table at awards dinner.

Lexxie Couper being her usual animated self.

Jess Dee, Rhian Cahill, Lexxie Couper & Heather Boyd

It was a great weekend and I met such great new friends to share my love of romance with. AND I get to do it all again next week!


5 Responses to “Conference hangover.”

  1. It was a fantastic event! I agree the committee did an amazing job!

  2. I’m glad you had fun last weekend and hope you have just as much at RT. (That’s one confernece that I’d love to go to but is so far above my budget that I’d need to win the lottery to attend.) Anyway, take some pics so those of us that can’t come can see the fun. I hope to see a full report!

  3. Junegirl63 Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time and I’m sure that you will enjoy every minute of RT in Los Angeles:)

  4. Nothing like enjoying yourself at a conference. Live it up in L.A.!

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