Where Have All The Hairy Heroes Gone?

Being a child of the seventies (I was born in 1971) I spent those impressionably formulative years (ie, my teens) in the Eighties. You know what they means, right? I grew up reading Mills and Boons written in the late Seventies/early Eighties and watched programes like Magnum P.I. These vital sources of sexual education taught me one very very important thing: real men, the kind of men who will sweep you off your feet and arrogant you into a sexual frenzy of panting submissiveness, the kind of men who aren’t ashamed to wear tight short shorts and hibiscus shirts while beating the crap outta some rat-bastard scum have hairy chests.

But of late, I’ve noticed a distinct lack of hair adorning the pectoral and abdominal region of romance heroes. When did this happen? And why? Now, I’m a little guilty of this myself, I have to say. Torrin Kerridon (my tormented warrior hero of The Sun Sword) has a chest devoid of hair, but Nick Blackthorne, my sultry haunted rock star (of Tropical Sin, my September Samhain release) DOES indeed have a fine chest dusted with ink black hair. I have my heroine running her fingers through it and I gotta say, it’s a damn hot scene. And yet, not one we get to read a lot of nowadays.

Who decided hairy chests weren’t sexy anymore? Who decided the heroes had to be waxed within an inch of marble perfection? Who took away the manly virility of the hair chest and condemned it to the porn stars mocked so disrespectfully by parody shows? Who? Who?

I mean, take a look at this…

Is there anything wrong with that? Don’t you just want to stroke your fingertips over his chest and watch those tiny hairs rise to attention? (Along with other things?)

Or what about this?

You can’t tell me you’re not remotely interested in combing your fingers through that (and by that, I’m sure you know what I mean *grin*)

Does one of the sexiest men on the planet have a hairy chest? Let’s take a look, shall we…

Need a better look?

Yes, yes he does.

Need more convincing? Who didn’t want to run their fingers through THIS impressive chest of hair?

Hell, even 007 himself, a man who can seduce any woman any time, has sinfully sexy chest hair…

And here he is, actually doing some of that seduction. Look at that chest!

Let’s not forget the International Man of Mystery…

Does that make you feel horny?

Okay, maybe that last example isn’t a good one, but let me put it to you. Surely this…

Or this…

Is better than this…

Or this…

And on that note (and now that I’ve totally alienated myself from all those on Team Edward) I shall leave you until the ‘morrow.

Who’s that, you say? Rob Morrow? Yeah, he’s got a hair chest too πŸ™‚

(By the way, how many of you have gone back up to look at that piccie of Jake Gyllenhaal? Hmmm? *grin*)

15 Responses to “Where Have All The Hairy Heroes Gone?”

  1. You almost had me. I’d almost changed my opinion of hairy chests…until Magnum.
    Sorry waaaaay to hairy for my liking.

    But the rest. Um….Mmmm. Nice.
    And where did you get that pic of Jake?

  2. Marika Weber Says:

    Tom Selleck was and will always be the best for me. I like a hairy chest and I agree with you, what’s not to like about running your fingers from the top to the bottom?!

  3. Well, aside from losing me at “panting submissiveness” (just no!), I mostly agree.

    Okay maybe not as hairy as Magnum, and citing Austin Powers when he’s a parody of Bond might not have been a good choice, but there IS something to be said for a light dusting of pectoral fuzz.

    Eh, it’s fashion. It’ll pass.

  4. StacieDM Says:

    I am totally with you on chest hair. The right amount is dead sexy.

    • The right amount – not enough to need a comb to keep it controlled, not too little it looks like a few skinny leaches have attached themselves to his chest. πŸ˜‰

  5. I am so miffed that male cover models are suddenly these hairless “women”. Now don’t get me wrong, if a man has to comb his back hair, he might want to manscape a little. That being said, a man should have arm hair, a little chest hair, leg hair, pit hair and YES groin hair. Nothing wrong with a man that takes pride in his body but there is something dead sexy about a man with an arrow of hair pointing to his nether regions! BTW, yes I did look back at the Jake Gyllenhaal picture. I can’t believe he posed nude. I was shocked! Great post, I laughed out loud!!!

    • Oh, Jen, I so agree with you. (And as for Jake – I was half convinced it was a fake when I first found it…so I did a little research and nope, apparently he has no problems getting his gear off. And I have no problems looking at him *grin*)

  6. shelli rodgers Says:

    ok yea i looked more than once at jake. who wouldnt? lol i love a fine dusting of hair and really love a happy trail! if i wanted to be with someone who had a chest as hairless as mine i would be with a woman. lol

  7. shelli rodgers Says:

    thanks again for the eye candy! lol love hugh and both james bonds. im only 32 but sean connery was always a sexy man.

    • Only 32….*sigh* To be ‘only 32’ again….

      I was always one for the older man, I have to admit. When my friends were going crazy over Rob Lowe and Tom Cruise, I was madly in lust with Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck πŸ™‚

  8. Courtney S Says:

    Mmmmmm….Sean Connery! That man could call me just about anything & I would melt at his feet…LOL (Can you just IMAGINE being called a “dirty girl” with that accent?!?)

    Also LOVE me some Ryan Reynolds (a fan since 2 Guys, a Girl, & a Pizza Place), Jake Gyllenhall, & Hugh Jackman!!

    Thanks for the eye candy, Lexxie

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