An Aussie, an Aussie and an Aussie Walk Into A Bar…

No, it’s not the beginning of a lame joke (although if I tried hard enough I reckon I could find one), it’s the situation in exactly a fortnight and a day’s time. Jess, Rhian and myself will all be attending RT together. Together! In case you haven’t picked up, I’m a little excited by this. Excited enough to give away an ebook copy of the winner’s choice from Jess, RC and my backlistΒ at the end of my week hosting the IH blog. Three books, one winner. Just because I’m excited.

But there is a catch. To be in the draw to win three books from we three Aussies you need to do something for me. Between now and Saturday, I want to hear what YOU think the Aussie, the Aussie and the Aussie should do once they walk into that bar in LA. The sugestion Jess, RC and I deem the most imaginative and possible WINS THE BOOKS! (Y’know what’s really funny? Jess and RC have no bloody clue I’m doing this. Think they’re going to be a touch surprised when they wake up tomorrow morning Down Under time and find this? Mwhahahahahaha)

Anyways, there’s your challenge, boys and girls. Let your imagination run wild (and you never know, we just might actually DO what the winner suggests we do *grin*)

Now, for a little bit of Aussieness, just because…

(The above video won Australia’s premier short film contest this year. Gotta love its sheer fun)

Tomorrow I shall be back with the answer to the age-old question…Hair on chest or no hair on chest. With a sound, logical arguement for my answer (plus some yummy eye-candy as visual aides). See you then πŸ™‚


15 Responses to “An Aussie, an Aussie and an Aussie Walk Into A Bar…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    As an Aussie I just couldn’t stop laughing. I could picture myself walking into said bar with friends. We find sending drinks to unsuspecting strangers creates quite a buzz around the room. We walk out leaving chaos in our wake.

  2. I’m awake now, Lexxie!!!!
    Seriously, I like Mary’s idea. Lets send drink to some stranger men. Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound right……*grin*

  3. shelli rodgers Says:

    lol you guys crack me up! i like the drink to strangers idea. i think you guys should pick the hottest sex scene from one of your books, go to the mic and start reading it to the bar. lol imagine the reaction to that one. and you can always use the expierince(sorry cant think this morning) in one of your future books.

    • OMG, could you imagine it! Oh, I’d love to do this, if for no other reason than to see the blush that would engulf Jess’s face πŸ™‚

      • ARGH!
        Only just seen this post and am already blushing scarlet.
        Oh, my God.
        I AM NOT READING!!!!

        Still blush every time I think of that poor man in the hotel lounge at RWAus conference last year, and how he had to listen to us plotting out a menage scene in GREAT detail.

      • shelli rodgers Says:

        you would for sure get a rise from the men! lol i wish i owned a bar, i would love for you guys to that. very entertaining

  4. Courtney S Says:

    I think it’s funny (& it ALWAYS gets a reaction) when I end up standing next to a guy at the bar as I order a Blow Job shot (shot glass w/ Kaluah, Bailey’s, & topped w/ whipped cream). The guy ALWAYS turns to look when I tell the bartender “Can I get a Blow Job?” LOL

    It’s definitely good for a laugh. If you really feel daring, drink it (& leaving nothing in the shot glass) without using your hands.

  5. I think you should take that hottest sex scene and start enacting it verbally, sort of When Harry Met Sally like, if that makes sense?

  6. Oh I love all the previous comments above πŸ™‚ They ALL sound like such fun things for all three of you to do. It is LA after all and CRAZY things happen there….LOL. Why do you think I avoid it?! I would make exception to see all of you though, especially plotting a menage scene *grin*

  7. LOL, Lexxie!!! Hmm… really? So the three of you walk into a bar together? In LA? I imagine that depending on where you end up, those LA folks have seen a lot! Would you consider a karaoke bar? The three of you can perform Men at Work’s Down Under–I’ll bet you’d bring down the house πŸ˜‰ Or, how about something like this?

    All right, seriously? Chat up the bartenders and get them to spill the skinny on the neighborhood. Feel free to buy interesting patrons drinks in the interest of furthering your research… Talk and laugh until the bar closes, and stumble back to your hotel to enjoy breakfast mimosas.

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