Commercials That Make You Wonder Why They Wasted Their Money

Sorry for the late start today I got one and than for some reason I can’t view anything on YouTube today 😦


So for now I will just mention the commercials I dislike  and we’ll see what happens when I get home from the store.


I don’t know about anyone else but the commercial on the top of my dislike list and for the life of me I really do wonder why they wasted their money because had I already not been a convert I would have avoided them all together just on the grounds of the dumbest commercials ever are the sonic commercials that are done more like home videos with the customers sitting in the car discussing what they are going to order usually a husband and wife or two friends. *YIKES* I could run from the room screaming those commercials are so stupid 😦


Secondly were the original Verizon “Can You Hear Me Now” Commercials Why on earth would they waste a 30 second or 1 minute TV promo with a guy walking every step and saying can you hear me now I teasingly tell people that I dropped my Verizon and went to AT&T for the simple reason that Verizon was wasting money that they were charging me for my phone service because of those commercials. I really switched for the better family plan but hey it happened at about that time so it works 😉 lol


Ok Sorry I can’t share commercials today but hopefully when I get back what ever is going on with YouTube will be resolved and hopefully it isn’t just me 😦


Have a great day and again sorry for the delay don’t forget all comments enter you in a contest to win one book from your IH author of choice.


And since I hate leaving a post with no pictures I’ll share some visual candy with you I’m sure you won’t complain to much 😉



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8 Responses to “Commercials That Make You Wonder Why They Wasted Their Money”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    There are some very dodgy commercials around. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? The lovlies are appreciated thank you.

  2. Ok YouTube is once again cooperating here are just a few of my most hated Sonic commercials.

  3. Ok last one I refuse to give these commercials more press than this 😉 lol

  4. Verizon Commercials I don’t dislike these as much as the sonic ones I just think there stupid and a waste of money.

  5. Just so you don’t think I’m picking on Verizon here is another waste of money from AT&T

  6. I have wracked my brain but the ads that make me wonder why they wasted their money just don’t stick to my brain. Love some of the choices above, though.

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