Commercials That Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Today is Monday and since we all hate Monday’s it seemed only appropriate to share these commercials on Monday so that we can all have a few good laughs we need them! I don’t know about the rest of you but I have to take my cat to the vet for his yearly check-up and he takes at least a week to forgive me for this atrocity.  So if I don’t return later today send Search and Rescue I have been attacked by my cat and am probably on the menu for dinner 😉 lol


Today I am trying something new thanks to a comment from Susan I realized that I may not be able to leave my videos in a post but I can leave them via a comment so as soon as this is posted I am going to start adding todays commercial’s via comments and you can view them all on this site and leave comments as you go and never leave the IH page which in my opinion is the ideal way to do this.


For anyone else who wants to share their commercials using this method find your commercial on You Tube below the box you will see a SHARE box click on this box and a short link will pop up copy and paste the link in the comment box and the video should show up.

Remember leaving comments and sharing your favorite laugh out loud commercials enters you in a contest for Winners Choice of ONE free book from his or her choice of our IH authors Winner will be announced Saturday Night 3/19/11


To view today’s commercials  click below on COMMENTS

21 Responses to “Commercials That Make You Laugh Out Loud!”

  1. M&M Commercials are my favorite they never fail to make me laugh

  2. I’m a Coke person but this commercial is Hilarious!!

  3. This M&M Commercial and the Pretzel one are my two favorite M&M Commercials not only do I laugh but I usually get hungry 😉 lol

  4. Ummm…. Did I mention I LOVE M&M Commercials?!?!?

  5. Ok this is the commercial that Jen B. shared the link to yesterday I was going to share it on Saturday but it is just to funny not to share today! It is HILARIOUS!!

    But I must warn you that it is an adultish commercial and probably not safe for work and definitely NOT children and my second warning finish all food or drink before hitting play.


  6. Well that is all I have to share today I really wanted to share my favorite Skittle commercial with the girlfriend who sees a spider screams and the boyfriend gets up to pick the spider up and the spiders starts flipping the boyfriend back and forth but for all my searches on You Tube I could not find it 😦 Oh well hope you all enjoyed my favorite Laugh-Out-Loud Commercials!

    Have a Great Day!!

  7. Mary Preston Says:

    I think everyone loves M&M Commercials. ” Get in the bowl.” “No, you get in the bowl.”

  8. Susan C. Says:

    So funny! Thanks. Now here is my spew worthy, laugh-out-loud commercial. I almost died when I saw it. BE WARNED. THIS ONE IS AS ADULT AS THE ONE ABOVE, PERHAPS MORE!!! *snicker*

  9. Can’t find the link, but that Netflix commercial with Carol talking to the hot guy who’s a prisoner in a dungeon. She gets a good look at him & says “Oh, you’re a little biscuit aren’t you?” And when she asks him about a skinny-dipping scene & he starts to reply she hushes him saying “Show, don’t tell.”
    Cracks me up every time! 🙂

  10. Margaret Says:

    Shoot. I’ve got a couple of my favorites I want to post just for fun.

  11. Margaret Says:

    Tee hee. Still makes me giggle.

  12. StacieDM Says:

    LOVE the Old Spice guy. He really sells it. And with a straight face too! LOL

  13. I always LOL when this commercial comes on

  14. Marika Weber Says:

    OMG! I had never seen the Durex condom ad before! Great spot! Thanks for the spew warning!

  15. Ok. Here is a current ad. I love this one.

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