Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Oh my gosh I love Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday? I have those EVERY WEEK, and only once a year are they celebrated.

I celebrated on Sunday (so I still had the traditional post Mardi Gras at work hangover) as they were supposed to be installing our kitchen today.

I got to make bananas foster (at my friends house–you think I’m stupid? No way I’d flambe in my own house) and they were amazing, especially after I ignored the instructions for the flambe part and just made it go WOOSH. I may have also had a few hurricane by that point.

What are you doing for Fat Tuesday? What are you eating? I’ve heard talk of Penn State Doughnuts cook by grannies enslaved my firemen? I’m hope I’ve got that wrong.

But after the happy question of what you’re eating and drinking is the dreaded one of what are you giving up for lent. If my Irish Farm Boy says he’s giving up sweets, meaning I’ll have to too so I’m not torturing him every time I eat a cookie, I will be seriously displeased.

6 Responses to “Laissez le bon temps rouler!”

  1. dreabecraft Says:

    I am not doing a damn thing sitting at home lol. One day i hope to go to NOLA but its going to have to be way down the road.

  2. Susan R Says:

    Not sure yet what I am giving up. I am goingt o try to be better with my weight watchers effort, and exercise at least 5 times a week. Beyond that, do I really need to give up something? Maybe potatoes, since those are one of my favorite foods. I’ll have to see . . .

    • I dread my weight tracking day the way the fat kid inside me remembers dreading PE. Good for you. I’m going to give up not going to the gym. That’s convoluted enough that I should be able to get out of it fairly easily.

  3. we are giving up junk food. we decided this year we are going to be healthier we have even started the dreaded P90X work outs. But I am determined to look like I am 19 again in a bikini this year.

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