Banana Flavored Lube

Okay, the post title is Jayne’s fault. A box of lube recommended by Star showed up on our door step. I was into stealing some until I saw the banana flavored. For some reason making an actual phallus taste like something phallus shaped seems like phallus overkill!

I’m keeping this light since I know we’re all jonesing for free ebooks and free ereaders in the various read an ebook week parties.

Let’s talk about one of the secret reasons we love ebooks. We don’t like to admit to this reason because we all want to pretend that we’re secure confident women who defend the honor of the romance genre whenever someone makes a snide remark: the covers.

When you’re reading an ebook no one knows the cover of the book looks like any of these:

There are times when you’ll proudly say “I’m reading and erotic romance,” but there are other times you want to LIE THOUGH YOUR TEETH and say you’re reading Water for Elephants, Evan Boland’s latest collection of poems or Into the Air.

In the happy privacy of the internet, our computers or our ereaders we can enjoy the man candy covers like

My Fair Monster’s

or  the sexuality of Red Ribbon’s.

So, go forth, read and ebook and bask in the cover where the bodices have already been ripped–aw hell, no one was wearing a bodice to begin with.

12 Responses to “Banana Flavored Lube”

  1. Courtney S Says:

    I proudly tell people that I read “trashy romance novels”, smut, or stuff that has no redeeming social value…LOL (You’re right about the cover part though. ;p)

    • Good for you! Depending on my mood I’ll do that too, but sometimes I like telling people I’m reading something really highbrow when reading smut. Like wearing nothing under a conservative business suit.

  2. Darn, I thought we were going to get to play in the castles some more. Can you tell I love to read fantasy novels as much as romance? Or maybe it’s the history teacher coming out?

    Okay, I have no problem telling most people that I read and review erotic romance. I never mention it when dealing with my Amish customers at work. Yeah, I have a real job in a very conservative community that isn’t exposed to things like ebooks. I think I like it when ARCs come with a plain cover… need to shock the bishop who likes me!

    • I’m with you on the fantasy love. That’s why my first books were all High Fantasy with erotic elements.

      GOOD CALL on leaving that out of your conversations with the Amish. I just can’t see that going well. It’s nice to have the option of drooling on the cover (not literally with an ereader).

  3. It is nice not to have my boss stop at my desk and give me the “look” when he sees the cover. The downside, someone always asks what my reader is and wants to see it when I’m at a racy part of the book and they turn a bit red in the face when they read the scene.

    • Ah yes, there’s always that awkward “Should I scroll forward and hope they leave the bedroom? Wait, it could get kinkier! Ah well, just pass it over.”

  4. Banana lube GROSS!!!!

    I love my erotic romance. And I dont care who knows! I work with 70 truck drivers and they have all seen me reading them on my reader and in paperback. Some are curious and some are just appalled.

    • Fake banana flavoring just isn’t one of the one’s they’ve perfected, but I bet boys like it for the very reasons I think it’s ridiculous. Phallus fruit, my phallus–done.

      This is how I imagine boy’s minds work.

  5. OMW I forgot how much I enjoy this blog. Such interesting topics.
    If you know me you know I love my covers, but I love my reader so I can safely sit in the pick-up line without getting kicked out.
    Let just say that my nurses that treat me every week, always ask me,”Whatcha reading Deb, and is there any hot monkey sex?” LOL!

    • I’m happy to remind you how random the IH blog can be. I like making literature snuggle up with hot mokey sex books in my kindle. I can only assume my own books are in there scaring the crap out of the NYTs bestselling women’s fiction books. I’m so into that… Makes me smile. 😀

  6. I like reading my ebooks and any other eroticromance boom I can get my hands on. Only when I read a hard copy version my 17 year takes it and starts reading excerpts to my husband and states ” Do you know what your wife is reading”? Oh but I love reading them and hate to put them down!

  7. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I have a couple of friends who ask what I’m reading, and on any given day I can honestly reply ” hot sexy guys doing someone” I have most of Lila’s books on the reader, and many are next to ‘less incendiary’ titles. I don’t really care much anymore if folks see my covers, since I’m old, but I don’t like to upset folks so the reader is handy.

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