Welcome to Lila’s Week and Ebook Week!

Welcome one and all to the official start of “Read an E-book Week,” which just happens to coincide with my week manning the controls of the IH blog.

Around here “Read an Ebook Week” is a little unnecessary. We should probably have a week called  “No, seriously, put your ereader down and take a walk, you damn vampire. No, don’t take it with you, what do you think this is, a Kindle commercial?”

Huh. That title’s a bit long. No wonder I always spend months in edits.

If you have no idea what Read an E-book Week is you can check out the official site here. The important part about it is that Samhain Publishing, one of the major romance ebook houses, is a key sponsor. Damn right they are. This whole ebook thing would have gone NO WHERE without some bodice ripping, multiple hot guys falling for plain jane, werewolf alpha I-must-mate-with you romances. Quite a few of the castles in romancelandia–

–short side trip in crazy Lila world. I like to imagine ebook Romancelandia as a magical kingdom. Each of the publishers has a big-ass castle and the owners are these super fierce warlords (warladies?) who keep ripping down chucks of the castle to build it again. “Build it again, taller, higher! I want to touch the clouds, pull down the stars,” they scream, holding aloft crystal swords/laptops.

There are smaller castles, built for war. Those are the scary blogs and review sites. Across rolling hills are manner houses and posh penthouse condos (just go with it) that house lovely people sipping tea and cosmos. This is where my friends like Reviews at Ebook Addict live.

Then there are small villages. They’re pretty little outposts that look quaint and charming, with fat sheep grazing around cottages. Little do you know that EVERY SINGLE BUILDING IS A THEME BAR! WOOHOO! You’ve got your western bar, your vampire bar, a fetish bar, a fantasy bar, a bar where we’re holding my favorite non-romance writers hostage. Jim Butcher is in serious trouble. Sadly, I think his wife could kick my ass, at least her heroines all could.

Where was I?

Oh yes, so the happy villages/clusters of bars are the yahoo groups and blogs (like this one!) where readers and authors frolic. Usually this frolicking is calm and orderly, with the moderators acting like 1990’s LAPD (okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Maybe I should just follow the rules–sorry Maria) to maintain that order.

And then something like Read an Ebook Week comes along and all hell breaks lose. The sheep are in the penthouse drinking cosmos with T, the editors stopped working on the castles and are assaulting busboys in the bars, my Farm Boy has added rocked launch codes into the document and I use to track my books and the whole place has gone nuts!

What happened to cause such chaos? A whole lotta awesome.

Samhain is hosting a week long party on their Cafe and giving away a Kindle


Read an Ebook Week is giving away several ereaders



Read an Ebook Week concludes with the release of my latest book Red Ribbon!

Okay, okay, enough of the side eye everyone. Jeeze. The timing is coincidental, my release isn’t an official function of Read an Ebook Week. (Or is it?)

So, go forth, leave the village bar where I mentally keep you and wreak havoc by participating in Ebook week. I’ll be holding down the fort here on the IH blog and will do my best to keep everyone informed of what’s happening both in Ebook Week…and in the fantasy world in my head.


6 Responses to “Welcome to Lila’s Week and Ebook Week!”

  1. Wait a minute!!! Or two, or three! I don’t want to live in a war castle. I want to visit the travern and party. I want to frolic. Darn……they didn’t tell me that I had to maintain a warrior persona when I agreed to review. I thought I gave that up when I left the Army! But didn’t you say that it was R&R week, this week? Does that mean I get to party?

    reviewer for Night Owl Romance and should be writing a review instead of playing but playing is so much more fun.

    • I always thought Night Owl was more of an all night coffee shop stocked with super comfy couches and a nice bar–inside a castle. GO BACK TO YOUR CASTLE TERRI! 😉

  2. StacieDM Says:

    Great post Lila. Congrats on the new release later this week. I ADORE your cover for Red Ribbon. It is beyond gorgeous!

  3. Love the description of Romancelandia. Very fitting. However, I want to be a bar with chocolate martinis please! They are my fav and it’s the best of both worlds – alcohol and chocolate, right?
    Congrats on the blog and the upcoming release!

  4. Kelly Thrash Says:

    Love it : I was laughing my ass off the whole time (if only you really could laugh your ass off I would be so skinny!!!) sorry side note! 🙂 nyway that’s so true as if I need encouragement to pick up my Kindle. SHe gets so lonley if I don’t pet her several times a day. She’s very very needy. That’s ok with me though I don’t mind.

  5. Lila, this week is going to be all kinds of awesome if it concludes with the release of your new book! Woohooo!

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