Serial Winner!

Yup, my last post for the week, and it’s an important one.

I’m here to tell you who won the prize to the serial contest International Heat ran yesterday.


There were so many super cool comments left, I would love to give you each the prize. Unfortunately, I could only pick one winner.

So…I asked my hubby to choose a number between 1 and 31, and he selected no 22.

The person who left the 22cnd comment won the two books.

And that is… elaing8.

This was her comment:

elaing8 Says:

I love series books. They are the majority of what I read.
I’d pick
Night in Darkness by Jayne Rylon
Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee

CONGRATS elaing8. You’ve won the two books of your choice: Night is Darkest and Photo Opportunity.

Please email me at:

and we can sort out your preferred formats.

And just so you know, Night is Darkest is a brilliant, super hawt book. Jayne’s best, IMHO. But you better have some tissues handy when you read it, coz it will  make you cry.

Congrats again.


One Response to “Serial Winner!”

  1. YAY!!!YAY!!! 🙂
    Thank you so much..Thanks Jess’ hubby for picking my number 🙂
    I have emailed you.

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