Serial Contest, Serial Prize

Yep, I promised you this. And I apologize that it’s a little late. I had intended to post it this morning, but unfortunately real life interfered, and I just didn’t have the time.

So, seeing as I’ve spent the week discussing series, I feel it’s only fair to offer a series as a contest prize.

Here’s the deal: There are some awesome authors in International Heat. I mean really awesome! And to celebrate their awesomeness, I am going to give away the first two e-books in a series, written by any IH member. I’m even happy to give away two books from separate series. They can even be from two different authors.  The only catch? They each have to be book one in a series.

Your role in this contest? Check out the authors’ books. Go onto our websites, look at the series we’ve written, and decide for yourself which two books you want.

Not sure where to look? I’ll make it real easy. Below is a list of all of our websites. Click on the links. Check out the sites and the series. Then simply post a comment to this blog telling me which books you would like…and why!

So for eg, you could say: After checking out Jess’s site, I would love to win her A Question Of… series, as she is the most wonderful writer ever to live and I cannot be without her books for one more second.

Er, or you could leave an honest answer. I promise not to hold it against you.


Here’s the list:

1) Mari Carr:

2) Rhian Cahill:

3) Lexxie Couper:

4) Jess Dee:

5) Lila Duboise:

6) Jambrea Jo Jones:

7) JR Patrick:

8) Anne Rainey:

9) Jayne Rylon:

Have fun. Enjoy browsing and good luck!


32 Responses to “Serial Contest, Serial Prize”

  1. Series…I love to hate them! Why, because when they are good, you get sucked in and wait anxiously for the next one…the one after that…until there are no more. Then to feed the need, you move on to yet another one. I cannot begin to describe the number o series I am reading right now and have to wait until late summer, fall and even next year for the next release. It’s not fair. Why authors do you do this to readers???

    So many authors to choose from and if I am the lucky one, please feed my need to continue reading Jess Dee and the gift me with The Circle of Friends series.

    Great post and contest too!

  2. Mina Gerhart Says:

    So many great series to choose from (sigh)
    After checking out your site, Jess, I would love to win your The Tanneer Siblings series, asyou are the most wonderful writer ever to live and I cannot be without your books for one more second (am I laying it on too thick?)

    Mindy 🙂

  3. I would LOVE the first two books in Rhian Cahill’s Coyote Hunger series. I LOVE shifter books, and these sound spectacular!! 🙂

  4. Marika Weber Says:

    I would like the Tanner Siblings from you. I like connecting stories with siblings and I don’t have them to read. Great posts this week.

  5. dreabecraft Says:

    I would love Coyote Home and Coyote Wild. Its one fo the very few series I have yet to read by the IH ladies. SORRY RHIAN!!!


  6. I actually have read a lot of the series …oh god, I have to get a hold of my book purchasing problem ~lol

    I did find these …I would love to read Taking Chloe and Tempting Grace By Anne Rainey. I loved her book Body Rush book and would like to try on this series for size 😉

    Thanks for the awsome giveaway!

  7. I was thinking that I wouldn’t be able to come up with two books by the HW authors that I didn’t have, particularly ones that were in a series, or at least the 1st books in a series. But, I just realized that you said you are writing a sequel to Winter Fire, and I don’t have that one yet, plus I don’t have Jayne’s Driven, although I’ve been meaning to get it. So, I would love to have your Winter Fire, and Jayne’s Driven. I love both you and Jayne’s writing, and I truly can’t live another second without these books; now that I know I was missing two of the books in all the series, I really need them NOW.

    Thanks for the contest Jess!

    • Marika Weber Says:

      You will not be disappointed with Driven. Wow! Once you read that, get Shifting Gears! Read both and they are both awesome.

  8. Jayne Rylon’s Powertools Series caught my attention. The first two books
    Kate’s Crew and Morgan’s Surprise seem to have a great humor to go along with the stories and that is a nice balance.

  9. I would say your books, Jess, because I love your writing but I have them all…LOL. And I have all of the other IH authors’ books as well except Lila DuBois. I just starting reading her book His Wolf Heart and would love to get two books in the Monster in Hollywood series. Thanks for the contest!

  10. I already have at least Book 1 in many of the series from each author. I haven’t tried Anne’s “Vaughn Series” yet. Book One is Touching Lace and Book 2 is Tasting Candy. I want to try this series because there are so many books within it! I haven’t read a really long series in a while. Most of the ones I have been reading lately usually have 3 books tops. Thanks for the great contest!

  11. Oh anything by you Jess I want to read and no I am not sucking up 🙂

    I love series, I love seeing what has happened to past charcters.


  12. Kelly Thrash Says:

    I LOVE series books! : ) This was so hard! I’ve read several series from most of you wonderful authors! 🙂 I want all of the ones I haven’t read! lol Ok I think I have picked…I would like Come Monday and Ruby Tuesday by Mari Carr.
    BTW you are awesome and I have read all but one of your series so far! 😉


    • Kelly, good choice! You will love the Wild Irish series by Mari. Bet after reading these two, you’ll be jones’n for the rest of them!

  13. Ok Jess,
    Do you know how hard it was to find one of you that I already didn’t own most of your books! Lila is the winner for me though. I have the 3rd book in her Monsters in Hollywood series but not the first two..
    Lights, Camera… Monsters and My Fair Monster.
    Now I adore Miss Lila and she doesna even mind when I give her advice about to glue or not to glue her baseboards.

  14. This was hard because I just have way to many books…lol
    The only ones I can find that I don”t have from the Heat Wavers that are first in the series are:
    Photo Opportunity by you
    Zinah”s:Book one by Lila Dubois


  15. jennifer mathis Says:

    I would pick Rhian Cahill’s Coyote Hunger series because they have been on my TbB list forever but I haven’t managed to get them 😦

  16. This is so fun, and I hadn’t realized just how many books by you fablous author’s already grace my favorite’s shelf. I went with friends to lovers storylines, one of my favorite tropes, and picked Mari Carr’s Black and White Collection titles, Erotic Research and Tequilla Truth.

  17. Hi!

    I was really torn between Rhian Cahill’s Coyote Hunger series and your Tanner Sibling series. So, my choice would be the first one in each. Both series sound great.

  18. Hey Jess, I’m blessed to have most of the IH ladies series. But I don’t have Lila’s monster’s in hollywood books. I really want to read those, I like monsters, lol.

  19. Ah… I LOVE a series, but I do hate the wait in between books 🙂 Those of you who haven’t tried Anne’s Vaughns, those are excellent! I do have quite a few of you IHers’ series… each is terrific, and I sure hope more is coming for some of these!

  20. I love series books.They are the majority of what I read.
    I’d pick
    Night in Darkness by Jayne Rylon
    Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee

    • I forgot to say why..for Night in Darkness..I have book 2 so I would love to win book 1
      Photo Opportunity I read some great reviews for and have had it on my TBR list for awhile now.

  21. How wonderful! I would love to read Rhian’s Coyote Hunger series. They have been on my Want List for a long time and this would be the perfect time to read them.
    Thanks, Donna

  22. Night in Darkness by Jayne Rylon and Photo Opportunity by Jess Dee!!
    Oh because I have heard great things about these series! Please count me in!!! This is an awesome giveaway! And thanks for introducing me to some new to me authors!

  23. Gabrielle Jones Says:

    Series you gotta love em but you also gotta hate em! For me if I really get into a series when I’m done with the first book I have this urgency to look up the next book in the series and then I have to wait, wait, and wait some more before I can get the next book!

    That doesn’t stop me from reading them though! As for my picks? I would absolutely love to read the first book in Lila Dubois Monsters In Hollywood series, I’ve really been wanting to read this series almost since I first saw the the cover for the first book it just sounded so intriguing to me! Needless to say I’ve wanted to read this series for a very long time.

    I’m also fairly intrigued by Ann Rainey’s Cape May series I just found the summary intriguing, I’ve kind of been wanting to read something by her for a long while and I figured this would be my chance! Plus I can never pass up the chance to read anything by a semi new to me author!

  24. Hey Jess! Great idea on the competition! My choices are I know its not totally in the rules.. but I already have book two! Mari Carr’s Black & White Collection Erotic Research and Rough Cut

    I love series as well, and the pain in the ass thing is waiting sooo long! One of my favourite series only releases 1 book a year! Its torture!!

  25. My two picks would be Coyote Home by Rhian, because I’ve been wanting to read these shifters, and Photo Opportunity, because somehow I have Ask Adam but not Photo Op.

  26. Jeepers, you don’t make this easy, do you!? Ok, I would love to have Jane Rylon’s Power Tools. I don’t own any of them yet but they are on my wishlist. But, I have books from almost all of the authors on my wishlist so pretty much any of them would be great! I am a total series lover. If I start a series, I must finish a series. I love revisiting old characters.

  27. I would love to read Kat and Mouse by Lexxie Couper and Highest Bidder by Lexxie Couper.

    thanks for the wonderful contest.

  28. I really liked Mari Carr’s Irish series. I liked the idea of family and working the family business. I liked the variety of ways each found their partners.

  29. Thanx for all your comments (and oh so genuine compliments, ROFLMAO).
    Check the next post.
    You’ll find the winner’s name there!


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