Serial Writer – Part One

Ah, you knew this one was coming, didn’t you?

So here’s the bold truth. I am a serial writer. I can’t seem to help it. It’s become an obsession with me. I cannot simply complete a book and move on. I feel compelled to write the next book too.

For me it’s not about following the same characters through different books. It’s more about those secondary characters who appear in the first book. The minute they make their presence felt, I know I’m in trouble. If that character appeals to me in any way, he or she has to have his or her own story.

The first time this occurred was while writing my first book Photo Opportunity. Daniel Tanner (the hero) spent a lot of time with his younger sister, Lexi. Without even realizing it, Lexi pretty soon became an important character in her own right, and I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt she needed a happy ending. Ask Adam was born.

Then came my next book, Only Tyler. That one was a little different tho, as I knew before I even began writing that Steve would have his own story. Right from the start he was too important and too special to me to go unnoticed. (Funny thing about Steve tho… as much as I loved him – and he is still the character who holds the biggest piece of my heart – Steve’s Story is the least liked among readers.)

A Question of Trust came next, as part of the Menage and More Anthology. Seriously? That shouldn’t have had a sequel. It was part of an anthology. Enough! Right? But how could I leave Gabe without his happy ending? Within a week of finishing AQOT, I began writing A Question of Love. Yep, it took a while to finish, but I did it. And I’m satisfied to report that Gabe and Tina are still really, really happy together.)

Okay, so knowing how I feel about secondary characters and sequels, how do you feel?

Are there any books you’ve read that you’ve finished and thought… Dear God! I need to read the sequel. Please, tell me there is a sequel!

Are there any secondary characters you’ve fallen in love with, and just want their story?

Let me know. I’d love to hear about them.


Oh, one PS…
After yesterday’s post, I promised to post a love scene from a TV series you loved.
So here you go. This is Janette’s choice, from Days of our Lives. Enjoy!

13 Responses to “Serial Writer – Part One”

  1. Marika WEber Says:

    I love serials. I”m like you, sometimes the secondary characters just scream to me for the own story. I’m glad that you write them because some writers just don’t. I’m curious about Steve, though. I have Tyler’s and Steve’s stories on the Nook to read (sorry I haven’t read them) but don’t people like him? Is it because he’s too bitter because he lost the girl to Tyler? (I do know the basics of Tyler’s story). Sorry, just asking…………..

    Thanks for post.

    • Ah., Marika, never apologize for asking.

      I think the problem with Steve’s Story is that overall, it is an incredibly sad book. Yep, there are a few ‘fun’ scenes, and there is a happy ending, and but it’s not your run of the mill happy ending.
      It’s just one of those books readers seem to either love or hate.

  2. I love that you did sequels on your books. When I read the 1st book I’m excited and devour it, when I see book 2 I do a jig lol. I hardly read standalones, JD Robb’s IN Death series comes to mind, so does Kate Douglas’s Wolf Tales series. Guess I’m like you but I’m a serial reader 😀

  3. I love seriels…I never want to leave the characters…they are like my best friends …or I’m the star of the show and they are around me…lol
    I do lots and lots of series:) and I have to say that I’m surprised you stop at two…

  4. I like to read serials too cuz secondary characters get their own story as well as catching up with old ones too. That is why I like to read Cattle Valley series by Carol Lynne. She always has new characters move into town and then will try their story…22 books so far, I believe. I guess I’m one of the few who liked Steve’s story. It was a poignant story that really made my heart ache and I cried knowing Steve & Penelope had an uncertain future. I can’t wait for your next series.

  5. Jess, I love a good serial and yours are all fantastic!!! They are all read several times.

    The first series that comes to mind is the Men of August series by Lora Leigh. After that there are way too many to enumerate.


  6. All I’m going to say is I Love Series!!! Opps I also wanted to say I just bought Winter Fire today, so once again I own all your books, I like to dance around saying I own Jess Dee, I own Jess Dee!!!!! Some characters that I canna wait to hopefully read about from KMM’s Fever series, Dani, Christian Ryoden and some of the other of those guys, heck I even want a peak now and then of the Dreamy Eyed Guy.

    • LOL, feel free to dance as much as you like!

      And I cannot wait for the new KMM series either. Can-not-wait.
      I hope she focuses on all of the characters you mentioned.

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