Serial reader

It’s happened. I have officially become a series junkie. I’ve gone and fallen in love with books that don’t just end after the first story is told.

But why am I telling you this now? Well, a week ago, I received a very special postal delivery. A delivery I’ve been waiting on for months and months and months.

And what was it, you may ask?

The final book in a series I’ve become addicted to, I will answer.

Yes, Karen Marie Moning tortured her readers, leaving us hanging on the cliff hanger to end all cliff hangers. And I know I am not alone when I say I counted the freaking days til the release of this book. KMM did not disappoint. I loved every single page of it. Stayed up the entire night reading coz I could not bear to put it down. But I have to question whether I would have loved it as much if KMM had thrown it at us in one big book. My answer has to be: no. By giving us five books in the series she grew the story and the characters and the depth until I was hankering for more.

Now a while back, lots of you recommended I try the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs.

Yes, it took me a while to finally pick up book one. A month later, I had read all five books (er, hello Adam. If you ever tire of Mercy, I am right here waiting for you), and am desperately waiting the release of the 6th. Damn it, I miss her characters. I wanna know what’s going on in their lives. March 2011 cannot come soon enough as far as I am concerned. Book 6, River Marked, releases then.)

Gena Showalter also managed to hook me and haul me straight in with her Lords of the Underworld.

Is it pathetic of me to say there are now 43 days until Amun’s story, The Darkest Secret releases? (LOL, I haven’t really been counting. Gena is kind enough to keep a counter on her site.)

And how about Ms Showalter’s good friend, Kresley Cole? I’m not sure why it took me so long to open A Hunger Like No Other, but nine books after that one, I’m hankering after the next in the Immortals After Dark Series.

Woot. Guess what? This one releases next month!

And the last one I feel I have to mention is… my all time fave hero… Eric Northman.Yeah, I know I should call it the Sookie Stackhouse series, but since I totally love Eric… Look what releases in May!

So, how about you?

Are there any series you are utterly hooked on? Any you can recommend to me?

Because, baby, I am just dying to get my teeth into an all new series.


25 Responses to “Serial reader”

  1. Thanks entirely to you, Ms Dee, I’ve become addicted to the Fever series (and totally and seriously in lust with Jericho Barrons from said series). I’ve gone without sleep for almost a week reading it! *sigh* Barrons…

    • Gosh, really Lex?
      The ten thousand text messages I’ve received from you perving over Barrons would never have clued me in that you felt this way.

      LOL, wait til you chat to Zina about the series. She’s just as taken as we are!

      • Aye, but Jess got to read her book first thanks to my frozen water lines!!!!1 I love Barrons!!!!!!!!!!I had to stare at my book for almost 3 weeks.

  2. Lorelei James’ the Rough Rider series and Blacktop Cowboys ( I love her cowboys and how the emotions just draw you into her books.)
    Lori Armstrong’s Mercy series (Mercy is one tough woman who has a moral code all her own.)
    Cherise Sinclair’s Masters of the Shadowlands (Didn’t know anything about BDSM until I read her books and now she has me so wrapped up in her characters.)

    I know there are a few more but I’m still drinking my first cup of coffee. The brain hasn’t woke up yet.

    • Soon as the coffee kicks in and your brain wakes up, lemme know the other series you’ve enjoyed.

      So, a serious Lorelei/Lori fan huh?

      • Duh, drink coffee, kick in brain and realize one bookcase is less than 10 feet away!

        Of course, on that case Gena Showalter appears frequently as does Ms Harris. Also appearing are Anya Bast, Lynsey Sands, Christine Feehan, CL Wilson, Jaci Burton, Meljean Brook and Mary Wine. Everyone of these authors have an excellent series taht I follow. Okay, Ms Wilson’s finished and I don’t follow all of Ms Feehan’s as closely as I use to but I definitely read them.

        On the kindle, I have Vivian Arend, Maya Banks, Desire Ok series and quite a few more. I’ve got over 400 books on that baby.

        And yeah, I’m a serious Lorelei/Lori fan. I can’t believe I missed her for so many years!

        Now, you do realize that this is just a small sampling of all the series that I get involved with. Just finished a book in a historical series by Jess Michaels and look forward to some more in Joey Hill’s corporate series. Susan Grant has several good series that I enjoy.

        Can you tell I read a lot?

      • 2nd post on this…

        Can’t believe I forgot Olivia Cunnings and her to die for rock band and Mari Carr…..loved her Wild Irish and can’t wait for her new series to start.

      • Terri, that’s a pretty comprehensive list. Thanx for all the recommendations.

        But Mari Carr…?

        Hmm, nope, never heard of her.

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  4. So glad that you’ve come over to the dark side…

    I love to read books in a series- I feel like you really get to know the characters and as if they become your best friends:)

    • Yeah, Maria, but the problem with that is when you catch up with the current book in the series and then have to wait a year to see your best friend again.

  5. I am following Hell’s Eight series by Sarah McCarty about “yummy” men of the west who form a bond when they were younger when their separate families are killed by Comanches.They become outlaws and find love while hunting down the Comanches. One book comes out each year and I anxiously wait for the next installment. So far only 4 books and 4 more to go to complete series…sigh. Wicked Lovers and Doomsday Brethren by Shayla Black are good too. Wicked Lovers are HOT contemporary romance books while Doomsday Brethren is paranormal. Others are the Breed and Elite Ops series by Lora Leigh, T-Flac series by Cherry Adair, and Wilde series by Janelle Denison. The list can go on forever…LOL.

    • Hmm, why have I not heard of Sarah McCarty? Will have to explore the series in some details.

      Will look into your other faves as well. Thanx for the recommendations.

  6. My series are:
    **Troubleshooters by Suzanne Brockman (Navy SEALs need I say more)
    **Cattle Valley by Carol Lynne
    **Ghost Walkers by Christine Feehan
    **Bound Hearts, Elite Ops, & Nauti series by Lora Leigh
    **Breed series by Lara Adrian

  7. Let’s see…. here are some of the series I follow:
    Dark Series/Carpathians by Christine Feehan
    Ghost Walker Series by Christine Feehan
    Dark-Hunter/Dream-Hunter/Were-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon
    Cattle Valley by Carol Lynne
    Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian
    Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
    ANY and all of Dana Marie Bells’ books
    Also, Dirk & Steele Series by Marjorie M. Liu.

    That’s all I can think of at the moment. Personally, I like series that progress with different characters and plots. I really, really recommend Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lara Adrian, & Dana Marie Bell. Those three I will buy sight unseen. Enjoy! šŸ™‚

    • Meg, I LOVE Sherrilyn’s books. Love em. And am looking forward to Nick’s next book too.
      JR ward = one of my all time faves.
      Christine Feehan…for some reason I have never felt compelled to pick up one of her books (go figure).
      Can see I’m gonna have to take a look at Lara Adrian’s Breed series.
      And I love that so many e-authors are listed in all the replies.

  8. Can’t wait for KC’s IAD book just two more days! Gena Showalters Amun. Nalini Singh Snowdancer Shelly Laurenston shifter series and GA aiken dragon series and Cynthia Eden immortals series. Those are the only ones I can think of while in the car. Oh and lorelei james and lora leigh I can do this all day!

  9. Are you really sure you wanted to ask that question? lol In addition to the one’s already listed, most of whom I read and love, I’ll add: Elizabeth Amber, Jessica Andersen, Shannon K. Butcher, Rhyannon Byrd, Bianca D’Arc, Alyssa Day, Christina Dodd, Kate Douglas, Jacquelyn Frank, Laurell K. Hamilton, Emma Holly, Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Angela Knight, Deidre Knight, Annette McCleave, Alexis Morgan, Pamela Palmer, Jaime Rush, Eve Silver, Jessa Slade, Jennifer St. Giles, Lynn Viehl, Shiloh Walker, Diana Whiteside, Eileen Wilks and Anna Windsor. And Cheyenne McCray’s Magic Series.

  10. I love lots of series, and they range all over the place.
    KMM’s Highlander’s and Fever series.
    Have you read
    Nina Bangs: MacKenzie Vampire series, Castle of Dark Dreams series and her Gods of the Night series(dino-seriously)
    Cathrerine Anderson: Commanche series
    Maya Banks :KGI series
    Shayla Black/Shelley Bradley: Doomsday Brethern, Wicked Lovers or Sexy Capers series
    Rhyannon Byrd: Bloodrunner series
    Robyn Carr: Virgin River series set near where I grew up
    Janet Chapman Highlander series and Moonlight Bay series( I love all her books)
    Janet Dailey’s Calder series
    The colton Series written by many writers
    Heather Grotaus: Medievil Warrior series
    Karen Hawkins Highlander series
    Lisa Hendrix: Immortal series
    Jen Holling: McDonell Bride series
    Hannah Howell: Murray Family Series( Highland Bride my favorite)( lova all her book)
    Madeline Hunter: Seducer series
    Larissa Ione: Demonica series
    Alexandra Ivy: Guardians of Eternity series
    Sabrina Jefferies: School for Heiresses and Hellions of Halstead Hall series
    Brenda Joyce: Masters of Time series( Dark Lover!!!!)
    Kathryne Kennedy: Relics of Merlin
    Angela Knight: Time Hunters and Warlord
    Marjorie M Lui: Dirk and Steel series
    Julia London: Highlander Trilogy, Scandalous series
    Alli Mckay: All of her books
    Melissa Meyhue: Daughters of the Glen series
    Monica McCarty: All of her books, 3 series
    Linda Lael Miller: McKettericks series- all of them, Creed series and Stone Creek(westerns)
    Nora Roberts: Key Trilogy(you’ll like these I think) as well as her Gallaghers of Ardmore

    Amanda Scott: she has lots of series that I love including The Secret Clan and a Highlander series of six books that starts with Highland Princess
    Kathryn Smith: Brotherhood of the Blood series
    Karin Tabke: The Blood Swords series
    Caridad Pineiro: The Calling series
    Sue-Ellen Welfonder has a few series and I love them all!!
    Veronica Wolf: Love all her books too!!
    Cindy Gerard has a special ops series and
    Tara Janzen has a great series too.

    Those are my print series and I also like lots of ebook series too.
    Karen Erikson: Playing with Fire or any of her books
    Lorelei James: Rough Riders
    Cat Johnson: Studs in Spurs
    Maya Banks: Anything she writes and Colter’s series
    Mari Carr: Anything she writes as well!
    Nikki Duncan: Sensory Ops
    Jayne Rylon anything that gal writes as well, she and you really melt my butter or chocolate!!!!!
    Melissa Schroeder: Harmless series or anything else
    Beth Williamson: Malloy series
    Thereare many others I like as well like Vivian Arend and Dakota Trace,Deliah Devlin and so many more.
    A sweet gal named Jess is a personal fav. too, I own all her books.
    As you can see I love almost everything if its well written, my tastes are all over the place, I guess you could call me a book worm( I was going to say another word but decided to be nice to myself)
    Happy Valentine’s Day Jess!!!!
    BTW you can shoot me for the long list!!!
    Love ya,

  11. Girl, I love you too Jess!

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