Work in Process

Most author have TONS of these. lol I have a few myself. I thought I would tell you how one came about today.

There I was, minding my own business, when Drea decided to post a joke on the Heat Wave group. I liked it and laughed. Then what did that sneaky Drea do, but say “This would make a great Gay for You story.” OMG! She went there. She had to say it. I’m sitting at my computer staring at the screen. And staring. And staring. Then…I had to open a word document. Damn it, Drea! lol I didn’t want to lose the joke so I wrote down the first part of the story. Worst. Time. EVER! lol I have deadlines. I can’t have a new story rolling around in my head.

So today I will share the pictures of my new characters.


This is Rayne Kell. He goes by Ray and is a biker. So don’t picture him with the cowboy hat. lol

This is Charles Sylvester Piper, III. He goes by Piper.

I’m hoping to start writing it in…JULY! lol I might do some here and there until then, but I really want to tell this story.

Don’t forget to go to Wed’s post and enter to win one of my ebooks! I’ll announce a winner tomorrow.


One Response to “Work in Process”

  1. It’s Peter Piper! Yeah, you put him on here!!!! Is he picking a peck?????? I am SOOOOOOOO going to love this story!!!!!! I might have to get all forms of it just because LOL
    Have a great weekend Jambi! I’ve so enjoyed your posts this week!!!!!

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