Great Reads

Well, I have read some REALLY great books. And I’ll admit it….I’m a BIG Stalk…er…fan. ROFL! When I read a book that has really pushed my buttons I will email the author. So far most of them have written my back. And let me tell you, I LOVE it when someone emails me. lol

I have favorites and I’ll talk about some of them here. And most of them will be m/m because…that is what I like to read. lol Heck, they might ALL be m/m. I’m not going to lie.

Amy Lane

She makes me cry in almost EVERY book she has ever written that I have read. I think there are only a couple that didn’t make me tear up. But she writes so beautifully that she pulls me in every time. I mean her writing is just….wonderful. She wrote one book that I had to email her and tell her to do some author intervention, but I was denied. lol

Guarding the Vampires Ghost: For four millennia, Shepherd, Angel of Repentance, and Jefischa, Angel of the Fourth Hour of Dark, have worked as a team to provide heavenly assistance to those who call their names. Shepherd’s work has made him dark and dour, but he’s determined to protect Jefischa from all of the terrible pain the mortal world has to offer. Now an accident of divine politics has put Adrian, a twice-dead vampire, in heaven, and angels have been falling to Earth to engage in forbidden activities ever since. Shepherd doesn’t know how, and he doesn’t know why, but he’s heaven-bent on keeping the impressionable Jefischa out of Adrian’s clutches. But how is it that someone who was supposedly not human can teach two angels so much about the best of humanity? And how is it that—as long as he has Jefi by his side—no duty on earth or in heaven is as pleasurable as guarding the vampire’s ghost?

I cried SO hard, but the book was beautiful. So I wrote to Amy only to find out there was a beginning story of Adrian. I knew what would happen, I mean…he is a ghost in this story. lol The series is called the Goddess Series. Vulneable is the first book and it does leave you that way.

The first Amy Lane book I read was Keeping Promise Rock. That is when I fell in love with Amy’s writing. It is such a wonderful book.


Keeping Promise Rock: Carrick Francis has spent most of his life jumping into trouble with both feet. The only thing saving him from prison or worse is his absolute devotion to Deacon Winters. Deacon was Crick’s sanity and salvation during a miserable, abusive childhood, and Crick would do anything to stay with him forever. So when Deacon’s father dies, Crick puts his college plans on hold to help Deacon as Deacon has helped him.

Deacon’s greatest wish is to see Crick escape his memories and the town they grew up in so Crick can enjoy a shining future. But after two years of growing feelings and temptation, the painfully shy Deacon finally succumbs to Crick’s determined advances and admits he sees himself as part of Crick’s life.

It nearly destroys Deacon when he discovers Crick has been waiting for him to push him away, just like Crick’s family did in the past.  When Crick’s knack for volatile decisions lands him far away from home, Deacon is left, shell-shocked and alone, struggling to reforge his heart in a world where love with Crick is a promise, but by no means a certainty.

Now she does have two books that I’ve read that were just feel good books. To find out more about Amy’s books you can go to her website HERE. You really should take a look. If you click the cover it will take you to the books if you are interested in buy in them and I totally recommend that you do, if you haven’t already.

The next author will be Carol Lynne. She has some great series that make you feel like you are a part of them. My favorite series of hers is Cattle Valley. Man, I wish it was a real town. I would LOVE to live there. I’m trying to think of the first book of her I’ve read, but I really can’t remember. I have re read her stuff so many times it all blurs together. She is a must buy for me. I will drop everything to read her books on release day. That is how much I love her books. I have a couple favorites from Cattle Valley.

Physical Therapy: Book five in the Cattle Valley Series

Doctors Sam Browning and Isaac Singer opened the Cattle Valley Medical Clinic when they were both fresh out of medical school. It was the best thing they ever did, other than loving each other for more than twenty-five years. They’ve enjoyed a thriving practice and an even better sex life, but lately routine has started to set in.

With the growth of the town, the doctors decide it’s time for the clinic to hire a physical therapist. They thought hiring Matt Jeffries over the phone and offering him the use of their garage apartment was the smart thing to do. That is until Matt shows up, suitcases in hand. Three months after returning from the war in Iraq, Matt has bigger problems than his attraction to two gorgeous older men. Night sweats and flashbacks are keeping him locked in his own shell.

Can two doctors offer the physical therapist a little therapy of their own?

There is one part in here that really got to me. It is when Matt goes to visit someone from his past. Great scene. And I am not much for threesomes, but Carol is REALLY great at them. It is like she just understands the dynamics and she can make them believable!


Eye of the Beholder: Book eleven in the Cattle Valley series.

For a year, Bo Lawson has tried to get closer to his boss, Backbreaker Ranch foreman Rance Benning, but the stubborn ex-rodeo champion refuses to be swayed. Bo can’t understand Rance’s aversion to being alone with him. Could it be Bo’s HIV status?

Rance noticed Bo the first day he laid eyes on him at Brynn’s Bakery. Since that time, he’s done anything and everything to stay away from the dangerous-looking gardener with the chiseled six-pack and tight-fitting jeans. Rance has seen what pity in a lover’s eyes looks like, and he doesn’t plan on ever putting himself in that position again.

When one of the ranch’s prize bucking bulls breaks through the fence and disappears, Rance and Bo are thrust together to help find the one ton money-maker. Although Bo sees their forced time alone as an opportunity, Rance sees it as torture. Every minute with Bo threatens the secret Rance won’t tell anyone, least of all this dangerously sexy man.

Something else that Carol does well is writing topics that most authors would not touch. Have I mentioned that I love her! lol Carol is also someone I’ve meet and she is just as great in person. I can’t wait to really get to talk to her later this year when I meet up with her at the GayRomLit convention!

I also really loved her book Recipe for Love. Of course I could go on and on about Carol. I really could. She has one that she is getting ready to write that I know is going to be wonderful. I can’t wait for it.  It is called Hawk’s Landing. You can check out her site HERE. If you haven’t tried Carol you really need to!

Okay, I was going to go on and on, and I really could, but this post is getting long so tomorrow I will do a post on two of my other favorite authors! Have a great Monday and tell me a little about your favorite authors!



6 Responses to “Great Reads”

  1. I can remember the first time I wrote an author. I was scared to death and sure I’d never hear back. I found this book, Twlight before Christmas by Christine Feehan, in the MWR tent. Now, there aren’t many romances or things like that in an MWR tent in Kuwait or even Iraq. People who send books think guys and murder/adventure. So, I pick up this book and soon forget that I’m in the middle of a tent city with sand all around. I almost missed eating until my detachment SGT came and found me! After that, I had to write her and let her know how much this book meant…..even if I never heard back. Well, surprise, surprise! I heard back! I got a great email back and I was so thrilled. I took that book home with me and a couple of months later I saw Ms Feehan was doing a book signing at Nora Robert’s husband’s bookstore in Boonsboro, MD which isn’t that far from me. I took that ratty book, marked MWR with me for her to sign and found that she was just as nice in person as she was in email.

    Since then a couple of things have happened. I’ve emailed more authors when their books have touched me in some ways. Sometimes I hear back, sometimes I don’t. But I have made some awesome friends with a few like CL Wilson and Lorelei James/Lori Armstrong. The other is a couple of years ago I started reviewing books and have been introduced to some fantastic authors I would have never picked up like Maya Banks and Mary Wine. (Both of whom are awesome in person too!)


    • I have met Maya Banks and she really is pretty cool! It is awesome when you get a note back. I…um…tend to gush. heehee

  2. Courtney S Says:

    I LOVE the Cattle Valley series!
    On the subject of gushing, I have to tell you that Stealing Michael was SOOOO good! It made me cry a little.

    • Woohooo! That is AWESOME news. um…the gushing, not the crying…well…maybe not the crying. ROFL! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

      And Carol Lynne is one of my idols! 🙂

  3. Great blog!
    I agree with your statement. Most authors are very accessible and do enjoy hearing good things about their books.
    I’ve never read the Cattle Valley books, but reading your gushing reviews, I’m going to pick up a few. Thanks Jambi!
    BTW, no hot men pics today? What’s up with that? 😦
    LOL Keep up the great work!

    • You should! They don’t have to be read in order, but it is MUCH better if you do because of how she introduces the characters. 🙂

      And….I thought the covers counted. lol Hmmm…might have to go add something to my other post. lol

      Thanks Kim.

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