Welcome to JambiLand—Um Week

heehee I don’t blog enough so I’m happy (okay not REALLY happy, but okay with) blogging here. ROFL! I’ll take it nice and easy today and share some nice pictures on a lazy Sunday.

Most Sundays I like to say in my PJs and do—well—nothing. lol Of course it doesn’t always work that way. So, on to Picture Sunday.

My new boyfriend. Okay, not really, but isn’t Angelo super hot. And he is very nice as well. I enjoyed meeting him. Maybe next time I’ll get up more of a never and talk to him more, but well, I don’t do well talking to stranger. Damn…sometimes I hate being shy! lol Now, those of you who know me on line are probably laughing at the shy statement, but it is VERY true. I am socially ackward. Ask Valerie or Mari or Jayne or Rae. lol

Ignore my crazy eyes. lol I mean…he is TOUCHING me. ROFL! He has a great smile and awesome eyes. He would stop when anyone asked to have their picture taken with him. So nice.

Okay, this is the last Angelo picture. *sigh* But he is just dreamy. And…he is even better in person.

Yeah haw! I’m in a cowboy kinda mood. I started to read the anthology I’m in called Saddle Up ‘N Ride. Talk about some yummy cowboys! Hotness! I am loving every story so far and can’t wait to finish it.

Okay, everyone have a great Sunday! Woot!

2 Responses to “Welcome to JambiLand—Um Week”

  1. Loved the pics. Seeing you with Angelo brought back good memories.

    • 😀 It really does. I’ll be sad to miss going again this year. You guys will have to get me some good pictures of Angelo. Or a vid of him….saying my name. ROFL!

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