Social Media

Well, here you are on a blog…  How many of us use social media?  Has Facebook taken over your life?  Twitter?  Do you Tweet all day?  Do you stalk follow your favorite celebrities/authors?

*raising hand* Guilty as charged.  I never ever thought I’d be one of those people. I can’t say that I’m on Facebook all the time, but I have my Twitter linked to Facebook.  I know.  It still counts. 

I fought like crazy not to get sucked in. I avoided My Space, but I got sucked in there too.  Although I don’t use that at all anymore (I need to delete my page), but I hopped on the Twitter bandwagon.  I love to see what Nathan and Christian are doing (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, see Monday’s post). 

I have a Twitter app on my iPhone.  I have TweetDeck on my PC.  It pings at me when there’s a Tweet.  Hubby hates it!  LOL

Anyway, it’s easy to get sucked in.  And let it take over your life…  So, if you haven’t jumped in yet – don’t! 

If you have, then you can find me on Twitter @valerietibbs. 

2 Responses to “Social Media”

  1. Lol….I have both Facebook and Twitter and I’m really bad about signing in and finding out what’s going on…go for months without updating….lol

  2. Mmm, I’m a hit and run twitter, and facebook is now linked to Goodreads, which is linked to my blog….which is linked to….oh, geesh, I’m confused!!!



    billi jean

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