Guest blogger – TA Chase

Please welcome my special guest, TA Chase.  TA has a new book releasing on February 13th at Amber Allure.


Lucius Montagne and Ronnie Lake were best friends during high school, and in those two years, they fell in love. But Lucius joined the army and left Ronnie behind to deal with the pain of being alone.

Ten years later, Ronnie works at Cindi’s Cabaret in New Orleans as a female impersonator. He’s come to terms with his love for Lucius and the fact that he likes to dress in women’s clothes. Ronnie’s happy, but he longs to reconnect with Lucius.

Lucius returns to New Orleans and gets a job as a detective on the police force. Finding out Ronnie lives in New Orleans brings all of Lucius’s buried feelings to the surface. He discovers his high school sweetheart is being stalked by a United States senator and protecting the man he loves comes naturally for Lucius. Accepting that Ronnie dresses like a woman is a little more difficult.

Yet love always finds a way to survive, no matter the obstacles in its way.


The lights dimmed even more and Lucius sipped his whiskey as the first act came on.  By the time Ronnie came on, Lucius had two drinks and was enjoying himself. The performers were wonderfully talented, and he understood why Cindi’s had the reputation it did.

When the waiter returned with his second drink, he told Lucius, “Ms. Lake will see you after her set’s finished. Someone will come and get you.”

“Thank you.” He tipped the man another ten.

The waiter shook his head. “I don’t know who you are, man, but I’ve never seen Ronnie’s eyes light up like that. You must have been a good friend of hers.”

“She was a better friend to me than I ever was to her.”

The club went dark and the crowd tensed, anticipation weighing down the air.

“Now, gentlemen and ladies, the singer you’ve all been waiting for…Ms. Veronica Lake.”

Lucius straightened, his breath catching in his chest. For the past two years, since he’d returned to New Orleans, he’d wanted to find Ronnie and talk to him, explain why he did what he did, but he couldn’t find the courage. It seemed wrong that it took Lucius’s job to get him to contact his old friend.

The haunting refrains from ‘Defying Gravity’ echoed through the quiet room as the curtain drew back and Ronnie stepped out onto the stage. Lucius’s cock immediately stood up at attention. Holy shit, the years had been kind to Ronnie and even though his hair and eye color were different, Lucius recognized his friend.

Long blond hair waved over pale white shoulders, and the right side draped over Ronnie’s face in Veronica Lake’s famous peek-a-boo style. Big blue eyes framed with long dark lashes sparkled under the lights. Lush red lips curled into a sultry smile as Ronnie strolled up to the microphone.

The strapless scarlet full length gown fit Ronnie like a glove and Lucius reached down to adjust himself, suddenly longing for more room in his pants. A slit graced the left side of the dress, slicing up to the middle of Ronnie’s thigh, and when he moved, it revealed stiletto heels and the lace of thigh high stockings.

Something has changed within me.

Ronnie’s husky voice rang over the speakers, yet it was so quiet in the club that Ronnie didn’t need the mic. Even though Lucius knew it wasn’t possible, it felt like Ronnie sang right to him. His friend wouldn’t be able to see that far into the back of the club where Lucius sat. But for two years in high school, Lucius was the only one Ronnie would sing for, and listening to Ronnie’s pure voice drew Lucius back all those years to when he first met Ronnie.

Thanks TA for stopping by!

2 Responses to “Guest blogger – TA Chase”

  1. Ohhh, I love stories like this — old loves meet again!!

    billi jean

  2. […] want to say thank you to all my guest bloggers this week, TA Chase, Cari Quinn, and Lena Matthews.  If you didn’t stop by earlier in the week, click on the […]

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