Give Me Real Women…Please!

As I browse the magazines and the internet I get really sick of seeing all the underweight models. It’s annoying to see so many size Os. I mean, what is that?! As a mother of two young girls I see how much these ads influence them.

Moms, whether you like to think about it or not young girls are looking at those pictures and they’re wondering why they don’t look the same. They’re staring at themselves in the mirror and seeing bulges, instead of beauty. It makes me so damn angry! I do believe that the fashion industry has a responsibility to our teens. I do think they should be held accountable!

Did you know that 75% of normal weight women think they’re overweight? Model Isabelle Caro died in December due to her struggle with anorexia. She was 28 years old. It happens all the time. Cases of women starving themselves to death. Not too long ago Milan put guidelines into place regulating underweight models and since then the U.S. has well. But we need to do way more than a few guidelines.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather see more ads like this. A real woman with curves.  I mean, I want to know what those jeans are REALLY going to look like when I try them on. And I’m not going to know that by looking at a woman wearing a loose size O.

Of course, this isn’t to say that exercising isn’t a good thing. Eating healthy and being active is definitely good. I do try to teach my daughters that moderation is key. A slice of pie won’t kill you, an entire pie might. But the trend I’m seeing with young girls sucking down energy drinks and calling that their breakfast AND lunch is scary to me. And yes, I do blame the fashion industry to some degree. Peer pressure is also a big factor, of course. But how much peer pressure would there be if more magazines featured REAL women instead of the plastics? You gotta wonder…

15 Responses to “Give Me Real Women…Please!”

  1. This is a debate that will go on into infinity! The fashion industry said they were going to stop with the stick figures, but that lasted a nano second… But on the flip side I say a Ms. Fat Beauty pagent (that was the actual Name) on the news the other day and that wasn’t a good message either.
    Fit and healthy is the best, of course, but we are our own worst critics (I am!) and I’m 5’8 143lb and my husband likes that I’ve gained the weight. He says I’ve gotten softer to hold! LMAO

  2. Anne Rainey Says:

    They actually named it that??? That’s sending the opposite message! Good lord!

    And I’d say 143lbs. at your height is thin, lady! And I agree with you, healthy weight vs unhealthy is really the message I want to send my daughters. However, I do think it’d be nice to see more commercials and ads featuring a variety of sizes, because women come in all shapes, sizes and colors. 😀

  3. I agree with you but I am a size zero. I do not look like those models. I tried to model I was told I was too short and to too chubby. I am 4’11” and I weigh 105. I have had kids. But even when I go shopping and try to put on a pair of jeans I can’t get into them. The size zero has changed over the years. It used to be 24 inch waist not any more it is 21 inches and about 5’7″. I am not that slender or tall. I have a 25 inch waist but now I have a little curve to my hips. I have always worn an extra small top. Until this year I am barely an A so I know my cup size has not changed but I can not even wear some of the tops I have gotten the sleeves are too slim down the arms and just too small around the chest. I have not gained wait and my body has not changed to the point it should make these big differences in my clothes. The sizes they are making are unrealistic and the pictures are the same. I sometimes fall into that I want to look like that state. Then I am reminded I am a women and I am supposed to be curvier and soft. My kids are all boys but my oldest is 10 1/2 he has asked if he was fat and asked if he could diet. I just about died. My kids are so skinny it amazes me they can even stand. I asked him where he got that and he said some of the kids at shcool told him he was fat. He is barely 4’3″ and 65 lbs and eats like a horse. Girls are not the only ones affected any more.

  4. Anne Rainey Says:

    My oldest daughter wears a size 0 so I’m not picking on anyone who is thin by nature. She’s short and has cute curves. My oldest is tall and less curvy, but weighs more. I know she compares herself to her sister sometimes and that bothers me. I want them to be comfortable in their own skin. To know that they are both beautiful in their own way.

    It bothers me the way the media portrays women who aren’t teeny tiny. How many times have we seen a beautiful unknown actress get a big role, then afterwards lose weight, change her hair and makeup, and pretty much get rid of everything that made her unique and refreshing to start with? I wish the movie executives would wake up and smell the coffee.

    My nephews are both big boys (tall, broad shouldered, a little beefy) and have been from the start. Now that they’re getting older, they’ve thinned out some, but they’re never going to be skinny. And yeah, they’ve gotten picked at too. It’s hurtful and it’s frustrating for my brother and SIL, because it’s not as if they do anything different than any other parent. In fact, my nephews are probably more active than the average kid because my brother hunts and so my nephews are outdoors a lot. Either way, they’re handsome young men and I know that someday the ladies are going to see that. In the meantime, I hope they don’t let the idiots of the world tear them down!

    Beauty really does go deeper than the skin. I’d rather spend time with an interesting, funny, slightly abnormal person, than someone constantly concerned about their lipstick and hair…

  5. I know what you mean, my daughter is 10 and she looked at me the other day and said Mommy I am getting fat. I was so upset like who is putting this in your head. She is a tiny little thing, but she is already starting to develop so she has a little bigger butt than other girls in her school and her top fills out a little more so because of this they are teasing her saying she is fat. I showed her a pic of Jennifer Lopez and said does she look fat and she says oh she has a big butt like me, EXACTLY. The media make anyone feel horrible. Marilyn Monroe was a size 12, even at her heaviest she was a 16 and men still adored her what happened to those days.

  6. Anne Rainey Says:

    Ivelisse–I was watching that show “My Wife and Kids” the other day and it was the episode where the wife is upset because she feels fat and unattractive. She gets a makeover and looks like the bomb. Of course, she starts worrying that hubby only likes the new look and not the real her. His response was awesome! Whomever wrote his lines in that scene did a great job. Hell, I was half in the love with the man at the end of that scene. LOL

    Anyway, the point is, sometimes it just takes the right person to show you that you are gorgeous just the way you are, and you did that for your daughter. Good job, mom! You did good! 😀

  7. Anne, you just keep on teaching your daughter that way. My mom also always said, “Everything in moderation.” The older I get, the more I realize her wisdom.

  8. I’m a man, and a father of two boys, both of which may give me a different perspective on this subject. I know that as a man I love curves like you couldn’t believe, and can’t quite grasp why some people find, say, “muffin tops” to be a bad look. I don’t think I’m the only heterosexual man who thinks a woman who won’t hide her love of food to be incredibly sexy. My wife’s sister is the mother of four girls. She made the decision early in their lives that she would never play “games” with food. There was no “eat all your greens or you don’t get dessert”. Dessert was always there. From an outside perspective that seems to have had a strong positive influence on them (their ages range from 22 to 11).

  9. Anne Rainey Says:

    Julie–I have to remind myself to take my own advice though. LOL When I diet I tend to restrict myself too much. It’s usually my husband who reminds me to do it the RIGHT way!

  10. Anne Rainey Says:

    Willsin–Thank you for a male point of view on this! I’ve been very lucky because my husband has always found me attractive, even during pregnancy when I felt like a complete frump. LOL

    As to food, he’d never have been happy married to a woman who pecked and picked at her food, considering his love of cooking. 😉

  11. Yeah, that top picture makes me ill. If I can break a girl over my leg, she’s too freaking skinny. I mean, there’s thin, and then there’s “a slight breeze will knock you over” skinny. I LOVE the second picture. That lady is curvy and beautiful. I’m reminded of some underwear ads that finally started using honest-to-goddess curvy women, and they were gorgeous ads!

    Kudos to all the posters on here: there were some truly great comments, and good to the parents who are working with their kids. I’m rather thankful I don’t have girls yet, but I know the battle is tough regardless of gender.

  12. I have made this same complaint for years! I’ve even worked hard at teaching my son that girls/women too skinny is dangerous for them. He’s a butt guy and likes a girl with curves so I guess I did good there. :0)

  13. Anne Rainey Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you’ve taught your son this, Connie! Way to go!

  14. The first person is sick, doesn’t just look sick… anorexic or bulemic, whatever. But I think that fit and curvy beats overweight by a country mile. 5’8″ 145lb. Not skinny, but not overweight. My sons love “real” women, too, but too heavy is also a health hazzard. I eat whatever I want, I just happen to like healthy food, but if I want dessert, I can just have a few bites, not the whole cake or pie. My two grown sons do most of the cooking in their homes and cook wholesome foods and don’t OD on sugar, either.

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