The End of an Era…

Okay…not really an era! I loved the dramatic sound of that. Actually, it’s just the end of a series. With the release of Any Given Sunday at the beginning of the month, I’m finding myself at odds and ends over what to write next. When I started the Wild Irish series, the prospect of writing seven books revolving around one family seemed like a daunting task. Seven stories later, I find myself hungry to write another series.

I’m chewing around the idea of a shifters series (God, I never thought I’d write those words), but as y’all know–I’m straight contemporary. I’m not going to lie–I get a bit nervous every time I sit down and try to plot them out. I’ve also given some thought to writing romantic suspense, westerns, or maybe a historical series. There’s also a part of me that would love to write a romantic comedy series sort of like Evanovich’s Plum books–stories that revolve around the same heroine (only really dirty!). My Stephanie would totally have a menage relationship with Ranger AND Joe. 🙂 

So…I come to you for help. What genres do you love and why? Can you suggest some books that I could read as great examples of that genre? If you love historical romance, tell me why and give me some titles/authors in that genre to read?

8 Responses to “The End of an Era…”

  1. I’m sad to leave Baltimore….it was so much fun to stomp around a “local” city with a fantastic family.

    Coming next……..I’m positive anything you write will be great. A sexy mystery series would be cool……you could have the female live in MD around the Hancock area and the guys in VA and PA. Just who had legal rights in which state could start some interesting scenes.

    Whatever you can up with, I can’t wait. I’ve been enjoying everything I find of yours.


  2. I was thinking the same, I’m any that you put your hand to will be great. I like to read Sabrina Jefferies, Hannah Howell, Sue-Ellen Welfonder and her alter ego Allie Mackay is really good and those are more contempory but still have my lovely highlanders in them. Veronica Wolff, Karin Tabke, Shayla Black’s Doomsday Brotherhood. There are just so many, Cathryn Fox’s Eternal Pleasure series. How about you try another family, smaller though full of rebels, somewhere else perhaps a well to do family set in Providence, RI where everyone tells me the state gov. has mob connections??? You’re just gonna have to look inside yourself and decide or put some things you want to try into a hat and draw one out!
    Good luck Mari and you’ll do well.

  3. My favorite genre is mystery, so I’d love a sexy, and possibly comedic, mystery from you! But, you’ve proven you could do a hot shifter as well, or at least an excerpt LOL, so that would be awesome as well. Actually, anything you do is going to rock, so you should go with whichever one most excites you. Even if it was a historical, which I dislike and mostly avoid unless it is by one of my absolute favorite authors – which you are, so, I’d read them and no doubt enjoy them. Hugs!

  4. Robin Smith Says:

    Hey Mari,
    I am a die hard shifter fan. There are so many good authors out there that do shifters. I love Kate Douglas’ Chanku wolves series and am sorry that number 12 ends it. Shelley Laurenston/G.A. Aiken doesan awesome job with her Pack and Pride series under Shelley’s name and dragons under G.A., you will love her writing as she uses a great deal of humor. Okay now I have read two new authors who are also great in my mind. Dana Marie Bell’s Halle Puma series is great peppered with humor as well. Alexandra’s Legacy by N.J. Walters is the beginning of a series about werewolves. I could give you so many more but I didn’t want to overwhelm you.


  5. MArika Weber Says:

    I love historicals. Joanne Rock writes a great one so does Christina Dodd. Michelle Willingham writes Irish Medival for Harliequin and they are HOT!! Also Amanda McIntirye write Spice Historicals and you might want to check out Historical UnDone Briefs from Harliequin, too. They are HOT, too and most of the writers that write the briefs write longer ones, too. The briefs are ebooks only and cheap to buy. If you have a Nook, I might be able to “lend” them to you but I”m not sure.

    Yes, I’m a Harlie junkie but their historicals are very good and varied for all different types of tastes and heat levels. Hope this helps.

  6. All your books are great so any genre you decide to write next will be too. I like most genres except historical but would read just because you wrote it. Some authors I like are Shayla Black – Doomsday or Wicked series, Lora Leigh – Breed, Bound Hearts, or Nauti series, and Cherry Adair – TFlac series. These are only a few because I could probably go on forever…LOL.

  7. Heather in FL Says:

    My favorite genre is friends to lovers contemporary. If there’s a little kink, that’s OK. And if you’re not comfortable writing a shifter series, you shouldn’t have to. It’s a trend, yes, but I really just want a great love story. And you do those really well.

  8. OMG…I think you should do a series like Stephanie, but much dirtier…lol

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