When times get tough…

Aussie’s band together and prove to the world why we’re a great nation.

The stories coming out of our floor zones today are heartbreaking and heartwarming. We’re hearing of a 13 yo boy telling rescuers to take his 10yo brother first and then being washed to his death before they could return for him, parents madly pushing their kids onto a house roof only to lose their footing in the raging water and being washed away, strangers helping a family remove important belongings from a house about to be swallowed by water and shop owners opening their doors and giving away food. While we sit and wait to see just how high the water will go many of our cherished locations are being destroyed and yet in among all of that we’re seeing the Aussie spirit rise to the top of it all. Yes, this is tragic and will continue to be but as individuals, communities, cities and a nation we’ll rebuild and forge our way into the future.

It’s the Aussie way.

3 Responses to “When times get tough…”

  1. Mary Preston Says:

    It IS the Aussie way. Each tragic story is counter balanced by one of mate-ship, of assisting neighbours & strangers, of everyone helping out as much as they can. We are resilient & strong in adversity. Damn it we are AUSTRALIAN. You knock us down & we just come back up fighting.

  2. Thats true Mary and RC, that’s how Austrailia was formed in my mind with good strong and resilient people.

  3. Tragedy and triumph really do go hand in hand. All hopes and prayers headed that way to the people.

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