Summer holidays.

There’s nothing better than summer in Sydney. With all those hot beaches and great views *wink* what more could a girl ask for? I’m south of Sydney at the moment in a little tiny place called St. Georges Basin. We’ve got a holiday van there and I love going after Christmas to just laze by the water and read a few books. Okay LOTS of books. *grin* So far I’ve finished the whole Bride Quartet series by Nora Roberts and moved on to a couple of books I’ve been saving for just this lazy occasion. We’re away for a few more days so my posts will be short but I’ll be back to share some Aussie summer with you soon. In the meantime…..

And one more. *grin*

Enjoy the view!


2 Responses to “Summer holidays.”

  1. Robin Smith Says:

    Oh God,
    I think I hate you Rhian, I’m suffering from whatever virus is running through the airways and now I see beautiful skies and hunky men. I hate you, I have maybe 5-6 inches of snow in my little mountain town of Gallitzin, PA. I hate winter regardless of flu shots I end up with whatever is out there. I think I wanna be an Aussie girl instead of a mountain goat.


  2. Aye, I’m sitting in about 5 inches of snow too and we’re supossed to get more up to Weds. If the guys at the beach really look like that no wonder my Stephanie wants to go back. Enjoy your vaca!!!!

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