On the eleventh day of Christmas, My True Love

“A Bluetooth lazer keyboard? So fucking cool!” Kade said, eyes lighting up.

“And a USB port that looks like Darth Vader’s Helmet. Sweet!” Sam said, sitting up.

She felt their attention shift from sex to technology. “Uh, that not what I meant for you to open. Those are your actual presents. Give those back.”

“No, you gave us toys now let us play with them,” Kade said, sliding out from under her.

“If you open up your laptop…” she said straddling Sam to hold him down. The situation was devolving rapidly. Kade’s cute ass disappeared from the bedroom. This was the problem with dating super-rich sex-freaks—they’d made their billions in the computer tech industry and developed sex-freakery due to a lack of boob contact in their early 20’s. The problem was if you let them too anything with wires…

“Next year, wrap the damn sex toys in a different color wrapping paper so you don’t mix them up,” she muttered to herself.

Figuring Sam was happy—he was unpacking the toys—she jumped off him and frantically searched for the correct presents. Kade wandered back in balancing his slick black laptop on one arm, his already unpacked mini-projector keyboard in the other hand.

“Kiara beautiful, this is great; I’ve already got the program uploading,” he said.

“Let me see,” Sam demanded, looking up from his own box.

“Boys! I’m glad you like them, but that’s not actually what I wanted you to open,” she said, finding the correct boxes. She hopped back on the bed, once more straddling Sam.

“But, toys…” Sam said, holding up the Darth Vader head.

“I know,” she cooed, sticking out her chest so her breasts brushed his chest, grabbing the present with her other hand. As her nipples made contact he let go. Success!

She kissed Sam’s cheek, the corner of his mouth.

“Not without me,” Kade said.

Out of the corner of her eye Kiara saw him put the laptop down. When he rejoined them on the bed she handed the boys their (correct) presents. They once more ripped into the wrapping paper. This time she knew right away from the velvet boxes that they were the correct presents.

In tandem they lifted the lids.


Kade was the first to lift the gift out. It was a glass dildo, the exact length and girth as Kade’s own cock.

“I had them custom made,” she said quietly. The air was growing thick, her words seemed to shimmer and hang. “They’re replicas of your cocks.”

Sam lifted his out. Inside each glass dildo were swirls of sparkling gold, red and silver.

“What are these for?” Kade asked, fingering the straps. Each dildo was fitted with straps that extended from the base. The two foot straps ended with loops—handles.

“I wanted something that would make us a unit, a way for you to be able to fuck each other…while still fucking me.”

“Greedy,” Kade said, grabbing her by the waist and kissing her neck. “Have I told you how much I like that about you?”

“How much we like that about you?” Sam added taking her hand and kissed up her arm.

“So if I’ve got this right,” Kade said, eyeing her, the dildos, and then Sam. “We could fuck you, put then dildos up each other’s ass, and then use the straps to fuck each other’s asses, while fucking you?”

“That was my plan,” she said breathily.

Kade tumbled her onto her back. “Are you too sore to try this tonight?”

“She’d better not be,” Sam said from behind Kade, “and you’d better not be either.”

Kade’s only warning was Kiara’s eye’s going wide as she saw Sam lubing up his dildo, then Sam grabbed Kade’s hip, thumbed apart his ass cheek and pressed the tip of the dildo against Kade’s anus.

“Fuck, it’s cold,” Kade said, shuddering. He dropped his head to rest against Kiara’s belly. She tangled her fingers in his hair and he kissed his way up to her breast.

Sam shoved the dildo in deeper, Kade suck hard on her nipple and they all moaned.

“This is so hot, watching this dildo go into your tight ass,” Sam said through gritted teeth.

“I want to see,” Kiara demanded, screaming as Kade bit down, the dildo having been shoved another inch into his tight ass.

“It’s all the way in,” Sam said, “my turn.” He dropped down on top of Kiara. Instead of feasting on her nipple he pushed her legs apart and fastened his lips around her clit.

“Ass up,” Kade demanded, slapping the other man’s thigh. Sam adjusted his position and Kiara watched as Kade lubed the dildo and positioned it between the muscled cheeks of Sam’s ass. Sam sucked, licked and nipped her clit as the dildo was shoved home in his ass.

When the dildo was in place Kiara was soaking wet, her hand on her breasts, rolling and pinching her own nipples.

“Let me, darlin’.” Kade said, helping her to sit up so she knelt on the bed between them—Kade in front, Sam at her back. Kade pushed her hands from her breasts, taking her nipples in his fingers to pinch and role the pink tips. Other fingers—slippery with lube—slide between her ass cheeks. A fingertip circled her anus before pushing in.

“Oh, oh yes,” she moaned, pressing her forehead into Kade’s shoulder. Then the finger was gone and something much wider, and warmer, was there.

Sam slid his cock into her ass, filling her, stretching her. Kade pushed her back so that though she was still upright on her knees she was resting against Sam’s chest.

Kade delved his fingers into her pussy, rubbing her clit, testing how tight she was with the cock already in her.

“Feel how wet she is,” Kade said to the other man. Sam’s finger’s joined his in her pussy, bumping over her clit, rubbing the lips, dipping into her. “Lift her up a bit so I can enter her.”

Sam wrapped his hands around her waist and leaned back. Kade captured her lips in a kiss as he pressed is cock into her tight passage.

She moaned and whimpered ad Kade’s cock entered her, stretched her. She could feel each ridge and bump, could feel Sam cock twitching in her ass as he too was stimulated. Once Kade was fully seated within her, Sam lifted her arms behind her head, telling her to hold onto him. The position lifted her breasts, and with each breath her nipples danced against Kade’s chest.

“Now, it’s time to try out these presents,” Kade said.

Grabbing the straps attached that lay draped over Kiara’s legs he gave them a tug. Sam jerked forward.

“Shit. It’s like you’re behind me, fucking me,” Sam panted. “My turn.”

He picked up the straps to the dildo he’d placed in Kade’s ass and gave two sharp tugs.

Kade surged forward with a cry of pleasure. His cock drove into Kiara, which drove her back onto Sam’s cock.

The quick double penetration wrung a scream of pleasure from Kiara.

“Oh yes,” Kade said. “This is a very good gift.”

In unison the men tugged, fucking each other as they fucked her. Kiara had never felt so full, so enveloped. The sound of their breath, the scent of the sweat, the sight of Kade’s heavy lidded eyes and the feel of Sam’s lips on her neck, were sweet pleasure.

The raw force of the heavy, thick cock tunneling into her, the rough way they used the dildos to fuck each other and the primal grunts and shouts of mounting satisfaction were a much darker pleasure.

Those pleasures, sweet and dark together, twisted and twinned to become something intense and primal that formed in her belly, twisting and building. It wound it’s way up her body, making her muscles tremble as she was bounced between their sweaty chests.

“I’m going…going to…” she gasped.

“You’re going to come. We’re all going to come.” Kade gasped.  He captured her lips for a brutal kiss. He released her lips, but then Sam was there, kissed her with the same savagery flavored slightly differently. Then they were kissing each other as she raked chests, arms and sides with greedy fingers.

“Fuck me, finish me, fuck, yes, fuck each other. Fuck him, make him come, make him come for me.”

Her words drove them, their big bodies overwhelming in their power and ferocity, a storm formed of slick bodies that moved in tandem rising, falling, thrusting, gliding. Hands and mouths were everywhere, seeking only to pleasure the partners.

She came first, as they demanded, as they wanted. That dark thing inside her burst and unfurled in a dance of silver light as beautiful as the magic her two loves had created for her. Within seconds of each other they came.

They came apart gingerly, divesting themselves of the toys and cleaning up, unsure of how to be separate people after so thoroughly joining. They slid back the sheet and curled around one another, content.

“You know,” Kiara said, “you never told me if you liked your presents…”

13 Responses to “On the eleventh day of Christmas, My True Love”

  1. Lindsey Ekland Says:

    A fitting conclusion to this erotic yarn. Great Christmas gift, and now to go hang the stockings with care and dream of sweet hunks, while snug in my bed.

  2. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I had to peek this morning, and now this will be in my head all day. WOW, what a great days reading.

  3. I liked thier presents!! Damn! Fantastic job Lila.

  4. oh wow. i want toys like that.

  5. Rhonda Wolf Says:

    Damn, Lila, that was one hot installment! LOVED IT!!!!!

  6. holy heck that was hot .. WOW!! Great job. Where do I get myself a Kade and a Sam 🙂

  7. Wow, that was awesome. (I really need to stop reading these posts at work!)

  8. Fantastic installment, Lila!

  9. YUMMY, Lila! Woohoo!

  10. Goodness Lila! Super hot! Uhm were do I get me some of thiat, Sam…Kade….the toys LOL

  11. Loved the installment Lila!


  12. Marika Weber Says:

    Wow! Had to wait until I got home to read this one. He He! Couldn’t read it at work. Great story!

  13. What a great installment. Spot on, Lila.

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